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Westin Heavenly Mattress
Simmons Heavenly Bed Hotel Mattress

With a Westin Heavenly Bed from Simmons you can own the same luxurious bed that you slept on during your stay at a Westin Hotel.

At the Westin Hotel website you can order Simmons mattress sets including a Heavenly mattress or the entire Simmons Heavenly Bed set with all the same pillows and duvets that you enjoyed during your Westin Hotel stay.

The full Simmons Heavenly Bed package includes a mattress, box spring, two feather pillows, two hypoallergenic pillows, a boudoir pillow, a duvet, a down blanket, a bed skirt, three different sheets, and pillowcases.

However, you can also order a single piece or any combination of pieces. For the purposes of this article we will primarily be discussing the mattress and box spring.

Basic Features of a Westin Heavenly Bed

Take a test drive - because Westin Heavenly beds are found at Westin and Sherwood Hotels, book yourself a night away from home to sleep on a bed before buying it. It is a much better option than lying on a showroom bed for ten minutes.

Sizes - The Simmons Heavenly Bed comes in twin, full, queen, king, and California king.

Prices - You can find a queen sized mattress and box spring set for about $1650. A twin is about $1200 and a California king is close to $1800.

Where to find it - you can purchase a Simmons Heavenly Bed through the Westin Hotel website or look for select mattress showrooms that offer this bed for sale.

Special Features of the Simmons Westin Heavenly Bed

Pocket coils - The Simmons Heavenly Bed Mattress from Westin at Home is an excellent innerspring mattress. It features Simmons' unique pocket coil system.

Instead of having two hundred coils that connect at the top and the bottom, it has over eight hundred small coils that connect on the sides through their individual cotton pockets.

The advantage of a pocket coil system is that motion transfer from one sleeping partner to the next is minimized. You can get up in the morning without waking your partner.

The disadvantage of a pocket coil system is that it will wear down faster than other systems creating dips and hollows in your bed as the cotton wears away.

Pillow top - The Westin Heavenly Bed adds to its opulent feel with a pillow top sleeping surface. A Simmons pillow top mattress has an extra layer of plush cushioning that is stitched onto the firm surface of the mattress.

It is usually between one and four inches thick and has the same give as a firm pillow.

On the Simmons Heavenly Bed the pillow top is only stitched down in a few places. This has led some consumers to complain that the pillow top surface bunches and slides at night, creating a lumpy sleeping surface. Not all consumers have voiced this complaint however.

Overall Look at the Simmons Heavenly Bed

Overall, a Westin Heavenly Bed from Simmons is a good value for the money spent. Most consumers reported loving their beds.

The small number of Simmons mattress complaints we found usually stated that the problems began after one or two years of use. Compared to the prices of some other high end beds, it is definitely worth the time to check out the Simmons Heavenly Bed.

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