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Sleepy's Mattress Reviews
Sleepys Mattresses Provide a Wealth of Sleeping Choices

Sleepy's Mattress showroom and website can be great resources for finding the best mattress for you.

If you live in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic you might be able to find a showroom, otherwise visit their website.

There are essentially two ways that you can learn about and shop for mattresses.

You can either browse manufacturer's websites or you can visit a mattress retailer.

Sleepy's is a mattress retailer that you might want to consult.

Why Consult with Sleepy's Mattress?

There are many reasons that you might want to consider consulting with Sleepy's on your next mattress purchase.

For starters, the company has been in business for over fifty years. They operate over 700 stores throughout the East Coast.

Because of their size and longevity you can see that they have a good reputation with their customers and are not lacking for business.

Similarly, consumers who have purchased from Sleepy's have been happy with their customer service policies.

You might also consider buying a Sleepy's mattress because of the wide variety of brands that they stock. In their showroom you can see all the major mattress brands: Sealy, Simmons, Serta, and many other smaller brands as well.

Sleepy's also have both mattresses and bedding accessories. You can look for frames, day beds, pillows, sheets, and more on their showroom floor. They will deliver your purchases from one of their seven distribution centers.

Services Offered by Sleepy's Mattress

At this store they know that buying a Sleepy's mattress is a major purchase that needs a lot of research and testing. On the showroom floor you are invited to lie on any of their beds for as long as you want.

Regardless, you need at least ten or fifteen minutes to really get the "feel" of a bed.

On their website, Sleepy's Mattress company also works hard to help you find your perfect bed. For instance, they have two short quizzes that you can take to help determine which kind of mattress you might prefer.

One is an overall sleep profile and the other one is about your body and how it responds to sleep. From these quizzes, the website then makes recommendations.

There are also a host of customer mattress reviews on the Sleepy's website. There you might find a promotion that enters you into a prize drawing if you review your new Sleepy's mattress.

The best service offered by Sleepy's mattress is putting all the information that you might want to know about bedding in a single place. This makes answering your questions about mattresses easier than you might think.

A Taste of What You'll Find at Sleepy's Mattress Showroom

There are sixteen different mattress brands available at a Sleepy's showroom. You'll find anything from bargain priced Sleepy's Direct mattresses to TempurPedic mattresses and everything in between.

There are inner spring, latex, and memory foam mattresses of all styles and sizes.

If you are looking for a new sleeping system, you should check out the offerings of Sleepy's mattresses. Because of their selection, price guarantee, and high reputation you should be able to find the right mattress for you.

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Your Sleepy's Mattress Reviews

Sleepy's Brand Full Sized Imperial Plush Mattress - 4.5 Stars

by Bethany K.
(Brookline, MA)

About a year ago, I recently purchased a mattress from Sleepy's, The Mattress Professionals. I bought a full sized Imperial Plush, Sleepy's brand mattress, box springs, and bed frame.

For all three of those things plus delivery, I paid five hundred dollars. I think it was all definitely worth the price. The delivery was prompt. The delivery men were efficient and polite.

The model I purchased is no longer available from the manufacturer, but I would definitely buy it again if I could. In fact, I will most likely buy my next mattress there. The quality of the material is outstanding and comfortable. The mattress is well made, supportive and comfortable.

I love the way that my Sleepy's mattress is not too soft, but at the same time not too firm. It truly was a medium support mattress. I have used this mattress for the last eleven months. It has held its shape and density. In all that time the material has not broken down, and I have not noticed any divots or grooves in the places I sleep each night.

The integrity of the mattress has not be ruined or damaged. It has been "broken-in" just right. The only problem I have encountered is that the mattress is not the exact size as the box springs. So aesthetically, they don't match up. This can be covered by a good bed sham, so it's really not a big deal.

Sleepy's Direct Blake Mattress

by Patrick L.
(Huntington, NY)

I bought this Sleepy's Direct Blake mattress from a Sleepy's in my hometown area. I must say this is one of the worst mattress I have ever slept on.

I have literally slept on the floor instead of on the bed, just because of the horrid spring quality. Whether you like a soft sleep or a more supportive mattress this will fail you in both respects. The price was the only good thing about this purchase at only $140 I would say it's a steal but that is way too high for such a piece of garbage.

The first night I bought it the springs felt extremely bad, but I thought as with all mattresses, it needed to be worked in, or slept in as was the case. However, to my dismay the bed was still uncomfortable after 2 weeks of steady sleeping. I began to feel that I had to complain to customer service, thinking that I had gotten a lemon.

But of course, as with everything, the fine print got me in the end and it turns out I had over stayed the return period so I was stuck with my Blake for an uncomfortable month before being able to scrape up the money for a different mattress. I would definitely not buy this mattress again because of the horrible experience I had with it. I will also not be buying mattresses from Sleepys mattress again either because of their hard to understand policies and nuances.

The quality of the mattress material was good but the springs inside felt as if they were sharpened and cause me to have back pain even though before sleeping on this mattress I never had a problem of that sort. With all the problems mentioned above, I would give this mattress 1 of 5 stars and would not recommend this to anyone.

We Could Not Sleep On Our Sleepy's Brand Mattress

by Stephanie R.

I went with my husband to purchase our very first bed together. We get to the store and there was so much to choose from. Finally after sitting and laying on a dozen or more beds we were tired of being in the store so we finally chose the one that we both thought was affordable. It was soft enough for myself but firm enough for his back.

We went to the salesman and said "we'll take this one". We went up to the counter and purchase our new Sleepy's mattress for $200.00 plus tax and delivery. After two days, finally we had our bed at home with us. For the first 3 months we didn't notice much difference in the bed still feeling like new.

Once the 5th month came around we couldn't sleep! I was always up most of the night trying to get to sleep, so I could get to work the next day, but I had very little luck. My husband's back got worse, we flipped the bed at least 10-15 times in the next couple of weeks. Still that didn't do the trick.

The bed turned out to be so hard and I could feel the strings. When you got up off the bed it felt like you were trying to get out of a hole. In the end we started falling asleep on the sofa, let me add we didn't fit on it together so the comfort of me laying with my husband was out the door.

Finally we threw out the bed and decided to spend an extra hundred for ourselves. My advise to all of you is please take your time and purchase a mattress that has reviews and ask around before going shopping, I'm I sure will.

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