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Slumberland Mattress Reviews

A Slumberland mattress holds a certain, very different, very distinct kind of prestige. Perhaps it has to do with the brand's long history in the business, during which it has managed to establish an expertise in what it does.

The company started out in 1919 under a different name, but eventually it transformed into one of the biggest and most trustworthy names in the mattress business. Its market base is expanding by the minute.

Although it was initially established in the UK, the high quality products of Slumberland soon found their way to the international marketplace.

Now, the mattresses from Slumberland's bedding factory reach 35 different countries, and the beds are now being manufactured from 19 different factories in 19 different countries.

Slumberland is particularly well known for its innovative nature; the company is well at ease with developing advanced technologies and mattress science to come up with products that address the real needs of consumers.

To see whether they have succeeded in doing so, you can browse through consumer reviews and mattress ratings so you'll have an idea how the mattress works for consumers.

But for now, let us look at two important technologies that helped make the Slumberland mattress name.

Slumberland Mattress Technologies

Posture Spring

The Posture Spring technology is a special technology used in Slumberland's innerspring mattresses. This featured an especially designed coil spring system that was different from ordinary coil systems in a major way.

So what is the Posture Spring all about?
  • Using three levels of coil springs, a greater number of springs, and a more powerful bounce, the innerspring mattresses with this technology provide enhanced comfort and support for the body.
  • Instead of the usual coil spring formation, Posture Spring coil springs use a triangular formation that prevents distortion and extends the life span of your Slumberland mattress.
  • Each spring is linked to the springs next to it for equal distribution of weight.

Pocketed Posture Springing

Slumberland further enhanced its already unique Posture Springing technology and came up with the Pocketed Posture Springing Technology.

This technology aims to provide unsurpassed comfort and support from head to toe by using a unique composition of coil springs.
  • Springs adjust and respond to the movement of the body and your body posture.
  • The technology helps absorb the movement of the entire body and distribution impact equally.

Mattress Models of Every Type

Danube Pocket Spring Mattress

The Danube is the most popular product in Slumberland's line. This is an innerspring mattress; it's no surprise that Slumberland's bestseller is an innerspring since its best technologies are meant for innerspring mattresses.

It seems Slumberland pays quite a lot of attention to its spring mattresses.

The Danube, for example, comes with 800 high quality individual pocket springs that conforms to your body shape. This system offers personalized comfort for each sleeper.

This makes the Danube an excellent choice for bed-sharers. The coil spring core is topped with:
  • Supportive foam
  • Comfort layers consisting of Luxury pure new Wool as the filling and a micro quilted fabric as the upholstery cover
  • Tufting
This is a two-sided mattress that can be turned, and it comes in various sizes and with a 12 year warranty. Consumers' rating: 8 out of 10

Argent Memory Foam Mattress

Even though Slumberland's specialty is innerspring, it also has a pretty good memory foam offer, the Argent mattress. But still, this memory foam mattress is technically a hybrid mattress, one that combines the benefits of innerspring and memory foam.

Benefits and features include:
  • 800 pocketed springs
  • 6-cm layer of deep visco elastic foam
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Platform top divan
  • 12 year warranty
The visco elastic foam provides the comfort and support memory foam is now famous for. It uses body heat as the main molding base; the bed reacts to the heat of your body then closes in to follow your body's unique contours.

This bed offers excellent orthopedic support and can even help maintain the right posture and spine alignment. Consumers' rating: 6 out of 10

Anjou Latex Mattress

Anjou Slumberland mattresses use latex foam as its core material. Here Slumberland shows us what it can do with latex foam. The winning recipe includes:
  • 800 individual pocket springs
  • Pressure-relieving support layer made of natural Talalay latex
  • Top comfort layer made of Talalay latex
  • Resistance to dust mites, bacteria, and other allergen
  • Pressure point reduction
  • Open cell ventilated design to prevent build up of moisture and heat
  • Micro quilt fabric upholstery
The latex foam helps make the mattress durable, more responsive to your body's curves, and more able to return to its original shape.

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