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Softside Waterbed Mattress
Understanding the Benefits and Finding Your Best Buy

Softsided waterbed mattresses are waterbeds that look like a regular mattress because they use soft edges made of foam to hold the water inside.

This is opposed to hardside mattresses, which use a hard wooden box on the sides. There are many benefits of using a softside waterbed mattress instead of hardsided waterbeds.

Softsided waterbeds resemble traditional mattresses more, so you can feel like you are lying down on a regular mattress. This is a great option for those who want to try the comfort offered by waterbed mattresses but have been using innerspring mattresses their whole lives.

The softside mattress can help you ease into the bed and not get shocked at the huge difference between innerspring mattresses and waterbeds.

Softside waterbed mattresses also do not have the wood frame on the sides, which can look a bit different and not always aesthetic, especially if it will go against the d├ęcor of your room.

How to Buy A Good Softsided Waterbed

If you are interesting in buying a good softside waterbed mattress, make sure you consider all parts of the mattress so you can have a comfortable sleeping experience on a long lasting water bed.

Here are the factors to pay attention to, and some tips in making your final decision.

1. The Foundation
The foundation of a softsided waterbed mattress, or any water mattress, is very important. Water is definitely heavier and harder to control than foam, especially when contained in a mattress chamber.

Waterbed mattresses can be very heavy, and you need a foundation that can hold the weight. This has to be a very strong foundation.

You cannot use a foundation with springs for a softsided waterbed mattress. All foundations for waterbed mattresses should be made of wood, and the wood should be of good quality.

It would also help, however, that despite the strength, the foundation is still easy to move. A split foundation, which uses two separate boxes that can be joined together to form the main foundation, can be a good choice.

2. The Mattress Cover
You should also consider the mattress cover. The mattress cover has a direct effect on how the waterbed will feel.

You can choose from plush top, pillow top, and visco pillow top. Plush top waterbeds; these often add a 1-inch layer of fiber fill in the top cover of the mattress.

Pillow top waterbeds usually use more than 2 inches of fiber and foam layers. Visco pillow top adds a memory foam layer on top.

3. The Foam Tub
The foam that holds the water in instead of the wooden frame is the main star of the show in a softside waterbed mattress. This should be of high quality, of course, since its role is to hold the water in.

4. Heaters or Temperature Regulators
Waterbed mattresses are easily affected by environmental temperature. If you think it is necessary, make sure to look for softsided water mattresses with temperature regulators.

Best Softsided Water Mattress - The Most Highly Recommended

Strobel Organic Complete Softsided Waterbed Set

Both and agree that the best softsided water mattress out there is the Strobel Organic Complete Softsided Waterbed, which already comes in a whole package including the bed foundation, the mattress, the softside rails, the metal bed frame, and a mattress cover.

The entire package costs around $1000. This softsided water mattress feels like a natural, comfortable water mattress.

Here are some reasons to invest in it:
  • Strobel always makes its mattresses fire resistant even without the use of chemical-based flame retardants
  • The softsided mattress already comes with electronic temperature control - it really is a complete waterbed set and you won't have to look for anything else
  • The water mattress is waveless, so there are no waves to cause too much mattress movement (some people get dizzy with waterbed mattresses that are not waveless)
  • Regular sheets and bedding are already included; since they are like regular sheets and bedding, they'll make you feel right at home
  • The softside rails are made of soy-based foam, a completely organic type of foam
  • The mattress cover is zippered and easily removable

If you want a more advanced softside option, Strobel also offers another popular model, the Futura-3, which uses a 3-inch premium soy-based Polyfilax visco elastic memory foam.

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