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Spring Air Mattress Reviews

Spring Air mattress reviews were previously occupied by the news of the company's bankruptcy and subsequent factory closings across the country. While things were initially looking bleak for a company that used to be serious competition for brands like Sealy and Serta, they are now starting to look up.

Spring Air was formed in 1926 and has been producing mattresses in the United States for the past eighty years. Because mattresses are difficult to transport, rather than build one factory and spend a lot of money on cross-country transport, Spring Air sold licenses to independent factories that wanted to produce under the Spring Air brand.

Despite consistently positive mattress reviews for the past eighty years, since many consumers have been cutting down on their big-ticket purchases these past few years, the drop in sales forced Spring Air to declare bankruptcy in the summer of 2009.

However, the brand and franchise was quickly bought by Spring Air International. Three factories have reopened since then. Spring Air International is also going to be honor the warranties held by people who bought Spring Air mattresses, garnering them many positive consumer reviews.

Because Spring Air is a licensing firm, despite its tradition of making inner spring mattresses, they have also branched out into latex mattresses. If you want an inner spring mattress, you'll want to look at the Spring Air line. If you're looking for latex mattresses, check out their Nature's Rest or Four Seasons collections.

Spring Air mattresses creates pocket spring mattresses. This type of mattress has been popular for nearly one hundred years. Tight metal coils provide the spring and support of the mattress. The more coils there are per square foot, the firmer the mattress will be. At the same time, the thicker the coil gage the firmer the mattress will be.

Positive Spring Air Mattress Reviews

Spring Air mattresses use pocket spring technology in which each individual spring is encased in its own cloth "pocket." This insures that the coils will remain firmer longer.

Consumers like this product because:

  • A quality king mattress doesn't cost much over one thousand dollars, a significant savings over other types of mattresses.

  • It is lighter than latex and therefore easier to move and flip.

  • It is generally softer than latex.

  • The Back Supporter line of Spring Air mattresses provides an optimum level of support for most people.
One the other hand, some Spring Air mattresses reviews of the Back Supporter pocket spring line have been less than positive.

For instance:

  • Inner spring coil mattresses only last for about ten years.

  • As springs are broken in, the mattress can get softer and softer.

  • Cloth and spring mattresses are more likely to house dust mites and other allergens.
But if you like Spring Air mattresses and are impressed with the brand's smooth transition out of bankruptcy, you can try one of their latex lines: Nature's Rest or Four Seasons. While you should read the reviews to make the decision for yourself, the major difference between the two lines is that Nature's Rest uses more natural latex than Four Seasons.

Latex is a good choice if you:

  • Suffer from allergies to dust mites or mold.

  • Like a firm and springy mattress that molds to your body as you sleep.

  • Don't want to replace your mattress ever again.

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Negative Spring Air Mattress Reviews

However there are also negative Spring Air mattress reviews for their latex line. Some people don't like:

  • The above-mentioned firmness is too firm for some people.

  • Sufferers from latex allergies might have problems.

  • King-sized latex mattresses can reach over two thousand dollars depending on their density.

  • Nature's Rest mattresses have been reported to have durability problems.

Online Spring Air mattress reviews are either amazingly positive or scathingly negative. Rather than let this be a comment on the overall quality of the Spring Air line, this is more indicative of the personal preferences that people have about their sleeping surface.

For instance, some people complained that they felt they were sinking into the Back Supporter brand. Other people said that the same bed felt cozy and compared their sleep with hibernation.

Nature's Rest mattress reviews talked about the elimination of back pain after a week or two on the mattress. However, other people said the firmness of the mattresses exacerbated their problem.

This is why, after you read all the Spring Air mattress reviews - there are a lot of them - you need to go to a store or factory showplace yourself and lie down on the mattress. Only then will you know if a Spring Air mattress is the right choice for the next ten years worth of sleep.

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Consumer Mattress Reviews

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Spring Air Arlington.  Not rated yet
First off I am 6'8" tall and weigh 315lbs so let's just say I have owned many name brand mattresses over my 51 years. I have owned Sealy And Serta and …

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Your Spring Air Reviews

Spring Air Back Supporter Brilliance Pillow Top Mattress

by Candi D.

My bed is the Spring Air Back Supporter Brilliance Pillow top mattress. When my husband and I bought a new house 5 years ago, we wanted to spring for a king size bed. Our old place was too small to accommodate the size. My husband has a slipped disk and pinched nerve in his back, and I had just found out I was pregnant, so we wanted to get the best back supporter we could afford.

I was not only buying the new bedroom suite and mattress, but living room furniture as well. I asked the very helpful saleswoman to point me in the direction of the best mattress she had in the store for back support. She showed me the Spring Air Back Supporter Brilliance Pillow top.

I laid on it and was in love. I knew my husband would love it, too, and did not balk at the $1500 price tag. I ordered it that same day.

Six long weeks later, the mattress had arrived. The rest of my furniture had also arrived. The amount I spent merited free delivery to my home an hour north of their location. We moved into our new house, and immediately slept better on our back supporter mattress. At the time, I gave it 5 stars.

We had been sleeping on a queen size bed for several years, so we also enjoyed the extra space in the bed to stretch out. The first 6 months, the bed was fantastic. The firmness was great enough that it allowed us to sink into the bed’s softness, but still supported my pregnancy-induced backaches and my husband’s injured back.

Then, I began to notice that when I made the bed, there were indentations where my husband and I slept. After a few more weeks, not even my fluffy duvet cover could hide the sinking mattress.

My husband began to complain of his back hurting in the morning, and I noticed that if I wanted to sleep in the middle of the bed to get a little more firmness from the mattress, I would find myself falling back into the “hole” where I had been sleeping for the past 7 months. Now I give it 0 stars.

I called the store and talked to the woman who sold us our furniture. I politely explained to her our complaints about the mattress and asked her if she could order us another one. She said that she would have to check and that she would get back to us. I waited a few weeks; no response.

By this time, I was livid and very pregnant. I called back. The saleswoman said that she could take it back if I could arrange to get it back down to them. This was a big problem. My husband works 60 hours a week, and I am 8 months pregnant. There is no way I can get a king sized mattress into my car and drive it an hour to their store.

So I tell her I will have to talk to my husband and call her back. When I call back several days later, she informs me that they actually cannot take the bed back because the company has gone out of business! Now I’m more than livid. I tell her that I am going to bring the mattress back anyway. She says that I am welcome to bring the mattress back, but that she cannot refund my money because she won’t be able to get her money back from the company. So now I am stuck with a $1500 mattress that offers no back support and has giant indentations where my husband and I sleep.

My biggest recommendation for anyone looking to buy a mattress is to research customer reviews, company policies on returns, and shopping around. My fault was going to the first store and taking their word for it without doing the aforementioned things. I have since done my research, and our next mattress will be a memory foam bed.

Spring Air - Luxuriance Collection, Queen Size Mattress

Purchased in 2007 for approx. $1500 CAD. Three years later, it sags horribly on both sides and has a large hump down the middle.

Complete and utter piece of garbage. I have had futon mattresses which lasted longer and were more comfortable.

Mattress has failed after 5 years

by Anonymous

We purchased a Luxuriance King Size mattress from the Brick in 2009.

After just over 5 years we are replacing it due the extremely poor condition. Although my wife and I are relatively light - I am 175 and she is only 105 - the sides of the mattress have sagged so badly that we feel as if we are rolling out of it. There is a huge hump in the middle.

We followed the manufacturers recommendations for rotation and have kept it clean.

The Brick states that the warranty does not cover body indentations only spring failure.

Rubbish product from Spring Air and The Brick.

Spring Air Grand Award Legend Mattress Review

by Kimberely B.

I have a Spring Air mattress its a grand award legend. this bed is amazing ive have the bed for about 4 yrs now. It still sleeps great.

i paid about 800$ for my king mattresses, i would have paid more thats how great they are.it fits me, my two kids, and my husband on it and we all love it.

I bought it from Farmers Home Furniture . Its feather top , which makes it super soft to sleep on but yet its easy to clean because it has a spill proof top thats great for the kids cause they bring everything in the bed with them.

I would rate this bed 5 stars all the way. The only dislike i have is that sometimes pieces of feather come out but thats all . Compared to beds i have had before this bed is made for a king. My other beds before were small or had problems getting comfortable because of the springs in them and they got dirty very easily.

None of my other beds lasted near as long as this bed has lasted me . The bed was well worth the money and when this one finally meets its end you bet i will be right there to buy another one of the same.

Spring Air Back Supporter Chateau Silk Mattress

by Ryan

My husband and I purchased a Spring Air Back Supporter Chateau Silk king size mattress from Home Place Furniture 4 years ago.

We still have the mattress only because we cannot afford to replace it yet.

It was very comfortable and supportive for the first six months, but it began to sag very quickly.

The pillow-top was so supportive and soft at the same time. It was the most comfortable bed we had ever laid on.

We were sold on this mattress because of the comfortable pillow-top and the recommendation of the sales person.

He told us that it was very highly rated, and it had great customer reviews. I would not recommend this mattress to anyone.

Now it has two huge intentions in it where we sleep and a huge hill in the middle. It is very uncomfortable now. It feels like you are sleeping in a giant hole.

We have even tried turning the mattress sideways to get some relief, but it isn't square so it looks silly and doesn't help that much. It was our first mattress purchase so I have nothing to compare it to, but I am very disappointed that we spent over $1200 on this mattress.

Next time I hope to buy one of the Tempur-Pedic mattresses, because I will never own another pillow-top again. I highly recommend avoiding Spring-Air mattresses.

Spring Air Mattress- Arlington

by Dan Pavek
(Tonasket, WA USA)

I purchases a king sized Arlington mattress from Spring Air about 5 years ago.

i had just a cheap no frill mattress before and I have to say that I love my mattress.

it is a no flip type which is really nice, the store told me to turn it around every so often and I do, i can tell the difference and it does help to do this.

there is quite a bit of memory foam in the top, this is a little warm in the summer but it makes it really comfortable to sleep on.

We don't get body impressions in the mattress or dents. It is a little on the thick side so you have to buy deep pocket sheets but it is nice to have a tall bed. The mattress has foam encased sides so when you sit on the edge of the bed all the time, to put shoes on etc.... the side of the mattress doesn't fall down or get bent.

the mattress isn't an overly cushy one but it isn't hard either. I did purchase a mattress pad for it so that it wouldn't get stained and one time something got spilled on it, I had a carpet cleaner come to clean it and the stain came right out.

I didn't know you could do that to a mattress but it was like brand new again. I do vacuum it sometimes too, we have dogs and sometimes there hair gets onto it in the tufts where the top is put together.

I tried other brands of spring air in the showroom and this is the one that I found to be most comfortable to me. There were others that were really firm and some that were really cushy, the arlington was a happy medium that satisfied my wife and myself with our different sleeping needs.

I purchased my mattress in Omak washington and I am fairly certain that my mattress came out of a factory in the seattle area. I have tried sealy and serta mattresses and I found that they didnt compare to this one. I don't know if the arlington brand still exists it may have been changed to another name.

I would highly reccomend this to other people especially to couple who prefer different softness or firmness. we paid about $1000.00 with box springs for the set.

Why I Love My Full Size Spring Air Sovereign Mattress - Model 6PC46120 PC Sovereign TT Mat 08202

by Elizabeth Brennan
(Bozeman, Montana, USA)

This Spring Air Sovereign mattress is really comfortable. it is thick and provides a bit more lift off the ground than a regular mattress. It's easy to sink into and even easier to relax on.

I love the fact that it is light and easy to move, which for a college student is AWESOME! Being a Full size it allows for enough room to sleep two people comfortably, but not to much room for one person. Also, being just a full it is easier to fit into storage units and moving vans if needed, and the standard full size mattress bags for moving are a great fit with no need for extra pinning and taping of the bag.

The mattress is also really easy to hold onto when moving, and fits through all doors, even if they are 3/4 the standard size like you would find in a New York apartment. The matching box spring provides the same sort of maneuverability and storage abilities.

If there was one thing I had to change about the mattress would be that it is really loud and squeeky.

It can be somewhat awkward at times if you have a roommate. Ha Ha, but as for all the things I like, only having one thing I dislike I guess it is a pretty good mattress.

I would recommend it for any college student, but as for a permanent resident I would maybe get a bit heavier more solid bed.

Due to the fact that this one is really light it tends to shift around, so if I were to ever settle down I would probably get something heavier so I don't have to re-adjust it a little every month or so.

Which right now isn't a problem because it works for my lifestyle due to the fact that it is so light.

Therefore, this is a really awesome mattress for a college student. Easy to move, comfy, sturdy, a bit squeeky, but it's not to bad, and it's really relaxing.

Usually when I get a new bed it takes a little getting used to, but this one was really easy to sleep in and didn't make me loose a single night of sleep or get any sore muscles.

This bed would probably be pretty good for a kid, particularly a teenage boy because it seems a bit longer than normal beds so it'll fit a taller person.

Also it is extra comfy if it is put up on bed blocks because it is really fun to sleep in with the extra height.

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