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Stearns & Foster Forest Hills Pillow Top Mattress Is The Perfect Combination Of Soft And Supportive

by Bella Maria
(Chicago, IL)

I have been suffering from back pain for about 3 years. In a last ditch effort to ease my pain, I decided to purchase a new mattress.

I was previously sleeping on a hand-me-down mattress from my parents and it was definitely time for me to get a new bed. I tried about 30 mattresses during my shopping spree.

I found that many mattresses were too soft to support my back/spine properly or too firm to be comfortable.

After seeing it at two stores, I settled on the Forrest Hills Pillowtop Stearns and Foster mattress.

The king sized mattress was around $3000 at Macy's on sale and it was worth every single penny. I believe the regular price was around $5800, however better prices can be found by shopping around.

The mattress is the perfect combination of soft and supportive. The pillowtop allows for great comfort, but the firmness keeps you from sinking too far in and it keeps your spine aligned, easing back pain.

I haven't slept in a more comfortable bed in many, many years.

After about 2 weeks with this mattress, I no longer had any back pain. I definitely recommend this mattress to anyone suffering from back pain or insomnia - try it out in the store and see if it might work for you!

One (small) drawback is that I did have to purchase a new headboard and bedding due to the height of the mattress. This won't affect many people, but if you are coming from a non-pillowtop mattress, be aware of the height difference.

The deep set sheets fit perfectly and stay tucked in during the night due to the proper fit. Again, this isn't going to affect many people and doesn't in any way detract from how much I love this mattress - my room was due for a make-over anyway!

I haven't seen many reviews online for this bed and I wanted to write to share my experience in hopes that someone else can find the peace that I have found with this bed.

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Sep 27, 2011
Unhappy with this expensive bed
by: kokoemo

I bought this in the Queen size from Macy's over the phone. I had looked at the mattress at Macy's, and after looking at many mattresses, especially Stearns & Foster ones, I decided on the Forest Hills, figuring the more money (the most I ever spent) would make a difference. However, there was a sale and there was no salesman in the mattress area, so as not to miss out on the sale, I felt safe ordering it online. I give it two stars only because it is a nice looking mattress and it is firm for those who want a very firm mattress. It is not the plush, and not the firm, the middle one, semi-plush and firm with pillow top. It has been six months now, and I hate it. It is like a rock and I do not sleep well in it at all constantly tossing and turning and wake up with a stiff back and hip area. It does not feel anything like in the store, and does not seem the least bit soft like a pillow top, which I had. I went with Stearns & Foster as my daughter owns two of them, and I and my husband have slept on them and it was like a dream. This mattress is a nightmare, and I am sick that I spent so much money, over the phone, for this mattress, which I might as well sleep on the floor. Because of a family illness, I was unable to keep track of the time frame to return it if I was unhappy with it, and now I am stuck with it and sleep in my spare room more on my old mattress for a a decent night's sleep. Unless you want a really firm mattress, this is not what it is supposed to be in my opinion which is soft on top though firm to support your back. Very unhappy with this purchase and miserable.

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