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Sterling Waterbed Mattress

Sleep on a Sea of Comfort With Sterling Waterbeds

Sterling waterbed mattresses, and truly all of the Sterling line, are on the forefront of innovation both in materials and manufacturing processes.

Sterling has a full line of sleep systems that include waterbeds, innerspring, latex, and memory foam mattresses.

For the purposes of this article, however, we will concentrate on the features of Sterling waterbeds.

Basic Features of a Sterling Waterbed Mattress

Sterling mattresses come with interchangeable parts. That means that if something happens to the topper or an internal portion you can simply replace the broken component without having to buy an entire waterbed replacement mattress.

This makes Sterling waterbed mattresses environmentally friendly. Most of them are also constructed with reused or innovative materials, such as PVC mattress that contains the lowest levels of heavy metals, such as cadmium, in the business.

You can purchase either a soft side or hard side Sterling waterbeds. There are about ten different soft and hard sided options from which you can choose.

Build Your Own Sterling Waterbed Mattress

Sterling has a very innovative shopping technique called Build Your Own Mattress.

Because everyone sleeps in his or her own personal way, being able to personalize your bed is a great way to ensure a perfect night's sleep.

You can choose waterbed mattress sizes from queen, king, and California king. You can also choose from seven different styles of hard side waterbeds.

Additionally you can choose to put on a latex or memory foam mattress topper. There is even an option for a heavy duty metal bed frame.

The price of these customizable Sterling waterbed mattresses varies greatly. However, expect to pay at least $1300 for the simplest model. Prices increase with additional features such as a foundation.

Recommended Sterling Waterbed Mattress Model

The Sterling 600 Super Waveless is a great combination of features and price. It is a hard side waterbed that has almost the same firmness as a regular mattress.

The 600 Super Waveless Sterling waterbed mattress is completely customizable. You can order it with dual firmness.

One side could be plush and the other extra firm, for instance. You can also adjust the temperature control for each side of the mattress.

Another way that the 600 Super allows a single mattress deliver two separate sleep experiences is with its ultra waveless feature.

The mattress is filled with both fiber and water and that nearly eliminates the waves that one traditionally associates with a waterbed. This waterbed mattress is also quite durable. It is made with 24-mil vinyl, some of the thickest in the industry.

This is to prevent tears and punctures from ordinary activities such as sleeping with your watch on or simply making the bed.

Other features on this Sterling waterbed mattress include edge support on all sides of the mattress. The mattress top has a molded decoration.

All of this is protected by a five year warranty. All these features will cost you less than $500, a great value.

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