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Tempurpedic AlluraBed Review

The Tempurpedic Allura Bed throws out a new twist just when it seemed that Tempurpedic beds couldn't become any more decadent.

The AlluraBed, the middle model in the Tempurpedic HD line, contains advanced comfort features that integrate the latest technological innovations in mattress design.

Tempurpedic made a name for itself approximately twenty years ago when it patented NASA's visco elastic technology and made a consumer grade sleeping system that is still unrivaled for spinal support and comfort.

Tempurpedic, however, has not been content to rest on its laurels. It has continued to innovate and its latest development is the HD, or high density, line.

This line includes a layer of high density visco elastic memory foam with a 7 pound per inch density. This is almost 50% denser than most other foams on the market.

Tempurpedic AlluraBed

In the Tempurpedic AlluraBed this high density foam is combined with heat transferring open cell design and a dual layer of AirFlow foam, all designed to keep you cool while you sleep.

The open cell construction of the foam allows the heat to dissipate through the mattress, rather than radiating up toward the sleeper throughout the course of the night.

Another feature allowing for air flow is the dual layers of egg crate foam in the last eight inches of the mattress. These two layers allow air to flow out of the mattress as well as provide extra support.

Other features of the Tempurpedic AlluraBed include a bamboo-silk cover as well as a completely hypo-allergenic and dust mite free mattress. The density of the foam is uniform all the way to the mattress edges so that the entire bed is usable.

Why People Like the Tempurpedic AlluraBed

Even though many beds with a much lower price tag say that they use memory foam in their construction, many consumers would agree that there is memory foam and then there is authentic Tempurpedic foam.

The high quality materials that go into the Tempurpedic AlluraBed put it a cut above the competition.

Consumers who have slept in the AlluraBed say that they stay cooler than when sleeping on other foam beds. They also say that the bed is more supportive and maintains it shape longer than the competition.

This is because of the layer of high density foam on the top of the bed.

Reasons to Avoid the Tempurpedic AlluraBed

The main reason that many people stay away from the Tempurpedic AlluraBed is because of its high price tag. An XL twin, its smallest size, is $3400 and dual king is $6800.

This does not include a foundation piece, something that can take the price even higher.

Other people don't like the Tempurpedic AlluraBed because it is too firm. The top layer of HD foam is designed to make the bed firm, but this is a preference that is not shared by all consumers.

Know your sleeping preferences prior to making your purchase.

If you have slept on another Tempurpedic mattress and just loved it then you might want to consider upgrading to the Tempurpedic AlluraBed. Otherwise, it is a large gamble to make if you don't personally find comfort on a well designed and high priced bed.

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Your AlluraBed Reviews

Tempur-Pedic AlluraBed Is Money Well Spent

by Jeff R.
(Atlantic Beach, FL)

After years of bad sleep on a variety of sub-par mattresses, I decided to try out the king size AlluraBed by Tempur-Pedic at the recommendation of a friend.

I was skeptical after trying out a variety of mattresses and finding nothing that gave the type of support and comfort that would allow me to have a good nights sleep. This is the first Tempur-Pedic mattress I purchased and I can say that this mattress is a higher quality then any other mattress I've ever owned.

As someone who has suffered from back pain for many years, this mattress provided the perfect kind of support. I was told the bed has a "break-in" period but the first night I slept better then I had in years!

I love the way this mattress cradles my back with a comforting, firm support that I have never experienced before. I also appreciate how it keeps my body cool throughout the night. I couldn't believe the difference from my old mattress! I've had the bed for almost a year and the quality hasn't diminished. I've never slept better! Money well spent!

Tempur-pedic Foam Mattress - Queen Size AlluraBed Pillow Top

by Danny

I bought a Stearn's and Foster queen size pillow top mattress in 2008.

After seven months I noticed it was taking on body indentations.

To turn over you felt like you had to roll uphill.

Plus I started to have back aches from sleeping in "the pits". Had the store come out.

They measured but it did not meet the "sag" criteria.

However you could see it even with the bed made.

In 40 years of mattresses we never had any problems until this one. I finally decided to go back to the store even if they could not take it back because S & F wouldn't cover it.

I went in demanding that I be given the S & F reps phone number because I wasn't going to keep this one no matter what.

The store owner offered us a full store credit which was great. After trying out all kinds of mattresses...I opted for a Tempur-Pedic foam mattress.

It was the best decision I could have made. It did cost us significant more money on top of our credit (the S & F credit was $2200) but was worth every penny.

We have now had the Tempurpedic for over a year...and no kidding...every night I get into bed I say..."I love this mattress".

Some say it takes a while to get used took no time for night and I were hooked.

Good luck in whatever you choose...and read your warranty closely. Only because of the fact that if there is something that you want to know about your mattress and if you need something replaced there will be no problems.

I have seen couples who buy a new bed and it falls apart on them but I have had no problems with that really.

Tempur-Pedic Bed - The "Allura" Queen Size

by Anonymous

Thought this Tempur-Pedic AlluraBed would be an answer to years of uncomfortable mattresses and back pain. Well, I rate it comfortable for the body, the 2 yrs since we've had it, we cannot sleep an entire night on it due to the HEAT.........OMG, it's like sleeping on a heating pad.

We have to sleep on separate couches half of the night! I kid you not. We complained to the store (Banner) and to the company, which fell on deaf ears. Well, some consolation is that we only have $1,900 more to pay on the thing******good grief! We are over 60 and retired and do not have the funds to get a new bed. So disappointed we got taken for over $3,000 on a bed we cannot sleep on a full night w/o being on fire. If we have guests we cannot even offer them our bed! That wouldn't be hospitable.

We are sad we ever heard the word "Tempurpedic". We could have gotten other ones of this type for much less, but we bought into the name I guess.

Others might also have made us HOT, but at least it wouldn't have cost so much money. We were desparate for a good bed....nope. So, to those considering this product ....BEWARE OF THE HOT BED OF TROUBLE you may be in for!

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