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Waterbed Mattress Cover Reviews
Protecting Your Bed With a Waterbed Cover

A waterbed mattress cover can help you to sleep peacefully on your waterbed without worrying about a single drop of liquid spilling from your bed. While many more people might enjoy sleeping on a waterbed, they stay away because they are afraid of punctures and leaks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Waterbed Mattress

Many people really like to sleep on waterbeds. The main reason is because the mattress is able to completely conform to the shape of their body while sleeping.

The bed is very squishy, just like sleeping in water. However, while a watery surface may be comfortable, a waterbed can also spring a leak that could ruin the furniture and floors in your bedroom.

Most waterbeds, especially hard side models that come in a specially designed box, are somewhat leak proof. This is not a big enough guarantee for many people.

What a Waterbed Mattress Cover Can Do

The purpose of a waterbed cover is twofold. First of all, it acts as a puncture-proof barrier between yourself and the mattress. This means an extra layer of protection should a leak develop.

A waterbed mattress cover can also protect the mattress and extend its life. That results in saving money on waterbed replacement mattresses.

The oils and sweat that you produce while you are sleeping can seep through your sheets and eat away at the rubber lining of your mattress. A waterbed cover can eliminate that problem.

Some Different Styles of Waterbed Mattress Covers

There are many different waterbed covers on the market. Many of them are custom made to fit a certain size and shape of waterbed.

However, all the good ones possess similar qualities. Read on to learn more about some recommended waterbed mattress cover models.

Salem Protective Waterbed Mattress Cover

This mattress cover has a padded top for added comfort. The cover itself does not have a built in liner, so the manufacturers have included a stand up safety liner free of cost.

The cover is therefore softer and five of the six sides of the mattress are protected from leaks.

The cover zips on around the top. It makes changing your sheets easier because you don't have to worry about stretching the waterbed mattress. It comes in twin, queen, and king waterbed sizes.

Blueridge Waterbed Mattress Cover

This waterbed cover has a protective 10mil safety liner made of vinyl on all six of its sides. It is then covered by a damask top from Burlington.

The fabric is supposed to help your bedding breathe better. This means that you won't get as hot when you sleep.

The Blueridge comes with a three year warranty. It also guarantees to extend the life of your mattress as well as make changing your sheets easier.

Legacy: Lilly Hard Side Waterbed Mattress Cover

There are also waterbed covers for waterbed mattresses that are hard sided, meaning that the mattress is contained by a wooden box.

The Legacy model still protects from leaks with a liner. It also can be removed so that you can wash it.

Additionally this waterbed mattress cover has anti-microbial treatment. It is also flame retardant. The top cover is specially designed to eliminate body indentations caused by uneven use.

A quality waterbed mattress cover can go a long way to protect your bed and relieve your concerns about a leaking waterbed.

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