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Waterbed Replacement Mattresses

Finding A Good Waterbed Replacement Mattress

It is very important to know where to find a quality waterbed replacement mattress. Many people find sleeping on a waterbed mattress a very restful experience.

However, even the best waterbeds are still very finicky and delicate pieces of furniture. If they get a single rip or hole they can no longer be used.

The Reason for Waterbed Replacement Mattresses

Fortunately, waterbed replacement mattresses are not very expensive. Most models will run somewhere between one and two hundred dollars.

The key finding one that works for you is to keep the original specifications of your first waterbed mattress.

Most waterbed mattresses conform to three different sizes, single, queen, or king.

However, since hard sided waterbed mattresses are usually made to fit in a custom built frame they can vary from the standard sizes by a few inches. Make sure that your waterbed replacement mattress is of the same dimensions as your original.

In order to extend the life of your waterbed mattress and therefore reduce your need to purchase waterbed replacement mattresses you should consider getting a waterbed mattress cover and a safety liner.

This will not only prevent accidental punctures but will also protect you mattress from materials, such as body oils, that can break down the mattress and make it easier to tear.

Once your original waterbed mattress develops a rip or hole, it is important to be able to replace it as soon as possible. You cannot sleep on a punctured waterbed.

You might even want to purchase an extra waterbed replacement mattress to have on hand so you don't have to spend a restless night on the couch.

Waterbed Replacement Mattress From Strobel Waterbed Mattress

Strobel produces a line of soft sided waterbed mattresses that are great for replacements. Regardless of the model or the size you are going to be spending approximately $120 to $180 on a waterbed replacement mattress.

All Strobel waterbed mattresses carry the organic label. That means that they are made from all natural components and manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals.

For instance, the internal layers of a Strobel Sleep Easy Supreme are fused with a thermal process rather than resin. This is better for the environment but also ensures that the layers won't break down over time.

Strobel mattresses are also made in the United States and therefore have to adhere to the strict organic certification. The Easy Supreme, despite its three layers, is made all in one piece, for increased durability as well.

The Strobel Soft Wave is another well-made waterbed replacement mattress that you should check out. It is naturally flame retardant. It also has a fiber waveless system that retards motion transfer between bed partners.

The Strobel Soft Wave is also made with 20 mil vinyl material so that it is extra durable. It also has reinforced corners in order to make it even sturdier. You may never need another replacement after purchasing this mattress.

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