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What I Like About My King Koil Normandy Euro Top Mattress

by Nicole S.
(Milford, CT.)

Last September I was in the market for a new bed, and began shopping around for a firm, but soft mattress. I went to several stores and tried out a few different models and brands before finding the King Koil Normandy Euro Top Mattress.

It was firm with a plush layer of padding on top, providing the perfect amount of support for my partner and I, since he loves a firm mattress but I need a plush surface to sleep on. Since purchasing the mattress I have slept better than I have in years, especially while I was pregnant and suffering from extreme back pain and various other discomforts.

I have had the mattress for almost a year. I purchased it in September, during a sale for about $300.00 from Sleepy's since they had the most competitive price for that style of mattress. If it had not been on sale, the standard price of $452.99 is still very reasonable compared to similar mattresses.

I had grown accustomed to sleeping on a futon mattress in previous years and compared to that, the King Koil is like sleeping on a cloud. Most days, I can hardly wait to come home and lay down on my bed. It is the best mattress I have owned thus far, and I would absolutely buy it again.

So far the only issue I have had with this mattress is the fact that it squeaks when I flop down onto the bed after a long day, which sometimes disturbs my baby. Other than that minute detail, I have found no other issues with the mattress.

Additionally, even though it is only a superficial visual bonus, I LOVE the damask print on the top of the mattress. Overall, I would give the King Koil Euro Top Mattress 5 out of 5 stars, since my family and I all sleep like babies when we're in that bed.

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