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A Good Mix Of Features And Affordability, My USA Discounters Mattress

by Cheryl
(Fort Hood, TX)

My mattress is from USA discounters. There was only one model available at the store, but it is a queen sized pillow top mattress.

Our previous mattress was a Select Comfort that did not hold up very well, but we kept it for a long time. Select comfort even agreed to replace the worn out parts of our mattress at a discount, but it was still more than we would probably pay for a new mattress.

At the time, Select Comfort with adjustable support was still a novelty. We had an old model, the one before the sleep number system. We bought it as a replacement for a futon.

This time around, we had a hard time finding a reasonably priced new mattress. This one was $600 for just the mattress. Our old box spring was fine so we decided to continue to use it.

It provides very good support especially for my back. It is firm but not so firm that my husband wakes up stiff. I am able to sleep through the night on it. It is thicker than some of the other mattresses we tried.

We bought it at USA Discounters in Killeen, Texas. It is a place that caters to military families. I would like it better if the cover were cotton, or something more breathable. It tends to trap heat sometimes which is good in winter, but not so good for a summer in Texas. We did some research at mattress stores in Austin like Furniture Zone and Mattress City, but most were priced outside of our budget.

We also went to department stores like Sears and Macy's during their annual mattress sale. We also went to IKEA, but found that their mattresses were to thin for our needs. My son has an IKEA mattress and it works well for him. I really like the Simmons Beautyrest and the Serta mattresses. Serta even throws in that cute stuffed sheep.

This one was a good mix of features and affordability though. I prefer the queen size. It works for my husband and me. We have had this mattress for about a year and always use a mattress cover. It is still in very good condition.

For an overall rating, I would give it four stars. When we were shopping for our new mattress, we found that it was best to lie down on it. That way you can rule out whether or not it is too firm or too soft. I like a very firm mattress and my husband likes something not so firm, but definitely not soft. We had to find one that we could both live with comfortably.

Most mattresses are sold as sets so we had to find someone willing to just sell us the mattress and not the box spring. We will eventually replace the box spring but not now. It is important, but most box springs are pretty basic so we won't need to shop around for it.

This mattress has a 10 year warranty. We are planning to keep our mattress for quite a few years so have decided to take good care of it.It was worth the price and I would consider a mattress from the same company for future purchases.

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