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Air Mattress Topper Reviews

An air mattress topper can refer to two different types of products: an air-filled mattress topper and a mattress topper that works best for an air mattress.

This is your guide for whether you need an air filled topper or a topper for an existing air bed.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mattress Topper

When shopping, you should look for models that offer the following:

Comfort and support - There should always be a balance between the comfort and support provided by your mattress topper. At the very least, you should get a product that matches your personal preference between a softer bed and a firmer one.

If your bed isn't comfortable and does not satisfy you, then your last resort is to get a mattress topper. This is why your topper should definitely give you the comfort and support that you need to rest properly.

Hypoallergenic - Your mattress overlay should protect you from allergies. If your mattress is not hypoallergenic but you use a topper that is, then you still have some protection from allergens and bacteria.

Durability - The industry standard is that a topper should last for at least a couple of years even with minimal maintenance. Other types such as feather, down and wool tend to have a shorter life span because they compress more easily. The more durable an air mattress topper is, the more protection the mattress gets.

Buying An Inflatable Mattress Topper

Now that you know what you should be looking for, let's check whether air mattress toppers fit these characteristics.

Air mattress toppers are known to provide a different level of responsiveness that provides effective pushback support. This means your body gets uncompromised support that does not sag but still offers enough give.

This is particularly helpful in promoting good body posture and relieving your pains and pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders. Inflatable toppers can provide pushback support to compensate for softer mattresses.

They are also very durable and make you feel like you're sleeping on a smooth, clean surface at all times. Also, they require less maintenance than other types.

Air-filled toppers are most helpful for those who have memory foam mattresses. Unlike latex, memory foam material isn't naturally hypoallergenic, so the cleanliness and easy maintenance of air mattress toppers can compensate for this.

They are not vulnerable to bacteria and dust mites. They are also cool and lightweight and can be moved from bed to bed. This is why inflatable toppers are often used in health care settings and diagnostic clinics.

AeroBed Adjustable Mattress Topper

One example of an air-filled mattress topper is the adjustable mattress topper from AeroBed. This model inflates quickly with an attached electric air pump that can also deflate it for storage.

After the initial inflation, you can make minor custom adjustments to the firmness or softness of the mattress.


  • 100% cotton surface
  • One year warranty
  • Dual control for the King and Queen models for isolated motion and different comfort levels for each side of the bed
  • Very affordable but can transform old mattresses
  • Resistant to puncture so can be used for camping
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Exclusive Quadra Coil design for a smoother, supportive feel


  • Some cases of leaking
  • Has a slight plastic smell

Looking For A Topper For An Air Mattress?

What if you already have an air mattress? What kind of mattress topper should you get? Sometimes, consumers are not fully satisfied with air mattresses.

Although they offer excellent support, they do not offer the cozy touch and homey feel that other types of mattresses provide. You can remedy this by using a mattress topper.

The most common combination is an air mattress and a memory foam topper.

Memory Foam Toppers For Air Mattresses

AeroBed products receive high ratings and are some of the most popular air bed mattresses in the business. AeroBed recommends using memory foam with air mattresses.

In fact, AeroBed now has air mattresses that already come packaged with memory foam mattress toppers. Memory foam does not decrease the responsiveness, but provides a softer top and a cradling feel.

Memory foam, like air mattresses, also springs right back to its original shape, which means your mattress and topper will work well together.

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