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Banner Mattress Reviews - Custom Made Mattresses And Winning Models

A Banner mattress is one of the special types and brands of mattresses around. We say both "type" and "brand" because the Banner company made several different forays into the world of mattresses.

First, Banner is a brand of ready-made mattresses of high quality materials and advanced production technologies, especially in the design they use for their mattress coil systems.

The Banner brand produces products sold at really reasonable prices and in sizes ranging from twin to king size.

Second, the company also operates a shop where you can buy different mattresses. The Banner mattress shop carries mattresses from different brands including Sealy, Serta, and so on, including mattresses from the Banner brand. Banner mattress company also markets the Scorziell brand of mattresses.

Third, Banner also offers custom mattresses. They can make mattresses the way you want them; you choose your mattress shape, size, and material.

Banner has been in this business since the late 1920s, and they maintain a Southern California base. Aside from being known for its custom-made mattresses, Banner Mattress also became closely associated with orthopedic mattresses as their mattresses hit the right spot in providing orthopedic support for consumers.

The Banner Advantage

  • 60-night Comfort Guarantee - Banner Mattress will exchange your current bed with a new one if you are not comfortable with the one you have
  • Low Price Guarantee - Banner will match the price of any bed you see advertised and offers 10% refund for the price difference
  • Factory pricing - No need to pay mid-line distributors anymore so you get factory prices
  • Personal approach to business - You can rely on warm and friendly customer service at all times

Two Banner Collections

Banner Value

The Banner Value collection offers beds priced between $199 and $759. The beds offer durable performance with excellent comfort and support levels, but come in great value prices.

Banner also uses only the finest, most resilient materials in its beds. You can choose from firm, plus, Euro top or pillow top, but still enjoy the same top-quality craftsmanship.
  • Extra firm steel-edge supports
  • High-density foam-encased edges
  • Soft but durable foams

NuZone Collection

Banner also offers the NuZone mattress collection; prices of the mattresses in this collection range from $699 to $1,499. This collection uses a special technology, a Tri-zoned innovative coil system.

This unique coil system uses three zones for personalized, body conforming comfort and support.

The mattresses use the same high density foam edge support and foam padding as the Banner Value mattresses. The same comfort levels are available.

Popular Banner Models

Banner Dynasty Plush

One of the most popular Banner models is the Banner Dynasty Plush. This model comes with a high density base that works to prevent the transfer of motion from one side of the bed to the other.

Then it uses 12.5 gauge coils that provide the main firmness of the mattress. This is topped with stitched cotton padding and densely packed fiber, which provide the main softness of the mattress.

Then this is, in turn, topped with a plush sleep surface consisting of a memory foam layer and a poly topper. The sides are then supported by 6-gauge steel to keep the mattress stable.

Consumers rave about its plush sleep surface and the added benefits of the memory foam layer. But they complain about some sagging in the middle of the bed and warmness or lack of breathability of the bed.

Banner Serenity

The Banner Serenity Plush is a great seller from the Banner Mattress shop. The mattress comes with an offer of a 30-day in home lowest price guarantee. Banner Mattress is extremely confident of the construction of this mattress, which uses 357 13.75 gauge Verti-Coil as the main support core.

The comfort layer is made up of 7 lbs. density stitched cotton padding, 2.25 inches of convoluted foam, and a 1.75 oz. insulator pad as the base of the comfort layer. The top is made of 1.5 inches of quilting with polyester fiber fill that reinforces the comfort of the mattress.

Consumers love the unique two-sided design, the lack of motion transfer, and the prevention of body impressions and sagging even with long term use.

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Your Banner Mattress Reviews

Love My Banner Tuscany Plush Mattress, But It Is Too Hot

by Sharlene
(San Bernardino, CA)

I love the way it feels. It is the most comforting mattress I have ever owned. Only one problem...it's HOT. I find myself moving all over to find a cool place. It's as if it has a heater in the mattress.

I cannot use my down comforter or any bedspread over me when I sleep. I use blankets that can be kicked off. Anyone else have this problem? I have had friends try it out and they also say it is HOT! -Sharlene

Banner's Scorziell Amalfi Pillow Top

by Jim
(Palm Springs, CA)

I have experienced my Scorziell Amalfi Pillow Top mattress for 5 weeks and I'm very happy with it. It's a medium-soft plush level that I nestle into, but feel well supported at the pressure points.

I really look forward to crawling in each night and, with the adjustable base, Sunday mornings are bonus for watching the news shows with breakfast in bed. The votes are still out regarding the memory-foam pillows. I don't find the mattress sleeps any hotter than any other mattress, but it's not any cooler, either.

I want to say that Mike, in the Cathedral City store, was most helpful & very informative. After weeks of research & trial, I knew precisely what I wanted & he led me to the mattress that matched all my requirements. There was no pressure and I left feeling I'd made a good President's Day deal. BTW, I was pleasantly surprised when the delivery truck arrived precisely when Mike said it would.

The transaction & the mattress experience is positive enough that the friend who accompanied me to Banner that day bought the same mattress yesterday that I bought 5 weeks ago. Mike was absent, but Aaron was equaly as pleasant & informative as Mike. He also matched the deal. However, the delivery was not as timely.

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