The best mattress ever : Bassett Dream Maker Plush Mattress

by Britnee
(Pratt, Kansas)

I am very glad I bought this mattress it’s a Dream Maker plush mattress bought from Bassett.

It comes with a ten year warranty and as for the bed well it conforms to your body shape so it’s as comfortable as you can get.

My old bed I had for about 16 years before I decided to get this bed and I can see a world of difference in comfort.

It was a little on the spendy side which is why I was patient before purchasing a new one but I am glad I did.

I always thought about buying a waterbed or something unique but then I thought would I really be comfortable would I be ok with the bed pretty much always moving.

Well the answer is no when it comes down to it comfort or uniqueness I have to say comfort wins.

I remember moving it into my room right after delivery and it had handles on the sides which made it a breeze. My old bed you had to physically carry the entire bed which was a pain.

I would highly recommend this bed as I have not had any problems I would give it at least a 5 star rating.

Oh and one other thing I just remembered when I bought the bed they even included shipping now with gas prices these days that’s a deal right there.

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Basset Spinal Care Mattress Is Perfect For Me

by Marie P.

I purchased a queen sized Basset Spinal Care mattress around 5 years ago and haven't looked back!

I bought it at a local mattress store for around $500 or so, and it's been with me ever since. I have spinal problems caused by inflammation, so sleeping has always been a hassle when it came to back pain.

My old spring mattress was very low quality, making my spinal pain worse! After getting fed up by my daily back pains, I decided to go on a search for a good, firm therapeutic mattress.

Luckily, I found the perfect one for me. The Basset Spinal Care mattress is the best mattress for back pain and has helped me recover from many sleepless nights caused by annoying back pain.

It has a pillow top feature that feels great! Sleeping has never been this comfortable. The quality of the materials are very good, keeping dust or allergen problems away. Since the material is white, I recommend to always keep the bed dressed to avoid any sort of stains in the material.

I recommend this mattress for anyone who has back pain or any other sort of back problems. It really is a fine mattress.

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What I Think Of My Bassett Mattress

This review Is going to be about my Bassett bed mattress. First, Just for the record Ive had this Mattress for almost a year now. This is a Bassett mattress, and it’s been so long, I’m not quite sure the model of the Mattress. This mattress isn’t very comfortable and I wake up constantly during the nights and it’s a big pain.

There aren’t really any problems with this Mattress, but I REALLY dislike how uncomfortable it is to sleep on. My wife seems content with it, but my back just can’t take it anymore. My wife and I bought this mattress (a year ago) at sears, in the local mall. We have used the mattress and slept on it every day almost for a year, and it’s just not doing the job anymore.

This Model Mattress was three hundred and ninety nine dollars plus sales tax. At the time the wife and I thought YES it was worth it, but as iv stated I’ve been complaining for over a year now. At this point in time, I would almost say that our past beds were better, this has probably been the worst mattress my family has ever owned, such a waste of money.

If I had to rate this mattress on a scale 1-5 it would be a 1 because it’s horrible. I will never in my life, nor will I ever advice someone to buy this mattress; all it is, is a waste of money and a lot of pain and suffering. I think the Newer memory foam is in my future (near future.)

Whatever you guys do I strongly discourage you from buying a Basset mattress. I know im only one person with one voice, but please just spend a few hundred dollars and go the right way. Go the memory foam way.

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So Glad I Got A Bassett Mattress

Bassett is the best company that I have ever experienced that provides one of the best mattresses.

As the word mattress comes to my mind I remember my favorite mattress. I would like to buy the same one again as it was very comfortable and very soft also which is the reason I like it.

When compared to other mattresses it is more soft and also gives good service which means it lasts long.

I am always recommending the same one to all my friends and family members. It was so soft that you will feel as if you are sleeping with an animal who covered in fur which is very soft.

The price (cost) of this mattress had cost me $1200 and was a queen sized bed. I had used the same one for about 4 years which is not a short duration.

I would like to share one of my experience with all of you. Once I was placing a box of documents above my bed suddenly my foot slipped and I fell on my bed and to my astonishment I didnt get even a single scratch and I just sank into the bed and raised back up, felt so glad that I got one of the best things.

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