Bed In A Box PacBamboo Mattress

by Diane G.
(Seattle, WA)

My Bed Came In A Box! When I was looking for a new mattress, there were very few factors that led me to decide on a mattress from a company called Bedinabox.com. The two main deciding factors were that it had to be a king sized mattress, but it also had to somehow fit in my low and narrow staircase that led up to the bedroom. The 13" PacBamboo Memory Foam Mattress fit the bill, with some extra bonus.

First of all, it came with free delivery by FedEx, all folded up in a box. It was a bit heavy, but my husband and I were able to drag it upstairs to the bedroom with minimal drama.

My favorite thing about the mattress is the 2" thick bamboo cover. Natural bamboo claims to have many benefits like being eco-friendly, breathable, and moisture wicking. I can definitely agree to all of that and add it is incredibly comforting to sink into, and unimaginably soft to touch. It is very comfortable to sleep on, although you can get stuck in positions and feel stiff in the morning.

The bamboo cover also unzips on all four sides so that you can remove it for cleaning. I cannot attest to how easy or hard it is to clean it as I've never tried. The top is soft as mentioned before, but the foam layer adds a nice firm support.

However, if you are the type to sweat in bed, you might stay away from foam mattresses all together because as much as they say it prevents heat build up, it really does not. We've had this mattress for about six years now, and other than the bit of staining on the bamboo cover from my wet dogs lying on it, you would think that I bought it yesterday.

For a king sized mattress of this quality and durability, I believe the price of roughly $900 that I paid is more than reasonable. However, note that this was six years ago, and I believe the same model goes for about $1400 now. Furthermore, I bought it during a special promotion so it may have been cheaper than it's usual retail price even back then.

Of all the mattress I've owned, I would rate this as somewhere in the upper half of the middle ground, about 4 out of 5 stars. while it's much more comfortable than the futon type mattresses, it's still not as comfortable as a well made coil mattresses. If I had the same choice, housing situation, and budget, I would not hesitate to buy this mattress again, but if none of those conditions mattered, I probably would not.

I was mainly interested in this particular brand of mattress for the fact that it comes in a box, easy to take along narrow spaces, so my research was not so much on the mattress itself but rather how it is delivered. Having said that, I do recommend this for someone on a budget as it's sort of a poor man's Tempur-Pedic. If money was no object, I would love to try a mattress by Hastens.

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