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What Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain?

Choosing the best mattress for back pain can be a complex decision. You will need to examine the back support provided and consider your personal comfort level and preferences. The right balance is important for support and sleep comfort.

The sleeping position that you use is another factor that will determine the best bed for your situation and specific type of back pain.

Which level of firmness should you choose? Firmness is another consideration when you suffer from back pain or if you want to prevent discomfort in the first place.

It is important to know what to look for before you start shopping for a new mattress. This guide can help you find the best bed for back pain.

Balance Is Essential For Back Support

Balance is essential if you are looking for a mattress for lower back pain or for that matter, just a decent mattress. Back support and comfort must be balanced so that you get a restful sleep and wake up pain free.

The wrong balance between support and comfort can cause pain and back problems, and the right balance can improve the way you sleep and how you feel when you wake up.

If the mattress is not supportive enough then you could end up sleeping in the wrong position and strain delicate muscles. Your spinal alignment during sleep is also important because improper spine alignment often leads to back pain.

Comfort is the other essential factor in your mattress. If you are not comfortable you will not get a restful sleep at night. Every individual is different so the right mattress for you may not be ideal for someone else.

Back Pain And Your Sleeping Position

The sleeping position that you use can contribute to your back pain and make restful sleep harder to achieve. Some sleeping positions will be more effective at preventing any strain and back pain while others may aggravate your condition.

The position that you sleep in is not the only consideration but it is one of the important factors. The sleep positions that you may choose include:

Stomach Sleepers - If you sleep on your stomach your back may not get the necessary support. This position is one of the main causes of back pain and restless sleep. Stomach sleepers can reduce the strain on the back by placing a pillow under the abdomen and hips. This helps align the spine properly to ensure a more comfortable and restful sleep.

Side Sleepers - The most common position for sleep is the side-sleeping position. Sleeping on one's side does not provide the needed support to the upper thigh and leg, and this can cause the spine to become improperly rotated.

Back Sleepers - Low back pain can often be managed by sleeping on the back. Many experts believe that this is the best sleep position for anyone who suffers from back pain. Some back sleepers also use a pillow underneath their knees to promote proper spinal alignment.

What's The Right Mattress Firmness For Good Spine Support?

If you have back pain or just want to prevent this condition then the mattress firmness that you choose can be critical. If a mattress is too firm you will not be comfortable or sleep well. If it is too soft then you will not get the support that you need.

If your spine is not supported properly this can lead to chronic back pain. The ideal firmness is a matter of personal preference but most people will get the best results from a medium firm mattress because of the balance between spinal support and comfort.

Choosing The Best Mattress Type For Back Support

The right mattress should be part of the best bed for back pain. There are a number of types that you can choose from and each will offer certain advantages and benefits. Your personal preferences will play a part in finding the right mattress type and so will the level of support that each type of mattress features.

The best beds for back pain are usually found among the following types:

Shopping For The Best Bed For Back Pain

When you shop for the best mattress for back pain there are many considerations that you need to look at. Even the most expensive mattress will need to be replaced eventually. Instead of using price as the biggest factor you should look at the quality and value.

Before you buy a mattress you will want to try it out. Going to a store known for top quality can help ensure that you get the best mattress at a good value. You will need to evaluate the following features:

  • Expected life of the mattress
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Personal preferences
  • Firmness level

The best mattress for back pain is selected only after carefully taking into consideration your personal comfort preferences, the need for proper spine support, your preferred sleeping position and then choosing the right mattress model that works best for you.

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Reviews Written By Mattress Owners

While memory foam mattresses and Tempur-Pedic beds are lauded for their pressure-relieving properties, a surprisingly wide variety of other mattress types are also recommended by reviewers as being good for your back.

The reviews below are posted by our visitors.

If you want to share your own experience, please join in and write your own review! It's easy to do...

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Your Best Beds For Back Support

Tempurpedic AdvantageBed Really Does Help

by J.B.

I've had my TempurPedic bed for about three years now. I ordered it off of the infomercials you see on late night television. I've slept on it most every night of the past three years, and it's still incredibly comfortable to sleep on.

I used to have back problems all the time when I was younger, being a big guy. A nagging football injury (I won't go into the details here, but let's just say that I don't play anymore) kept me from getting a good night's rest for the longest time, but sleeping on this memory foam bed has helped me with it.

This bed isn't a magical cure or anything, but their claims on the infomercials are right. It really does help if you have trouble sleeping due to back pain. I get better rest every night when I sleep on the bed. When I do travel (allbiet rarely), I try to keep it short unless I can find a hotel that features TempurPedic mattresses. That's how glad I am to have the TempurPedic experience. It definitely beats sleeping on an air mattress, couch, water bed or any of those pricey beds that hold all the dust and germs.

That's another thing - Germs are a big problem for me. I don't know if I would have survived my high school football career (was injured in college) without copious amounts of Lysol to keep my gear germ free. I'm a germophobe, so it's great to have the security that comes with knowing how well my mattress keeps germs out of my life.

One last thing - the bed retains heat well for those cold winter nights, but can be a bit problematic when it gets too hot. That's probably the only thing I don't like about the bed - it gets too warm. Nothing the air conditioner can't fix, though! I highly recommend this bed!

Sealy Horizon Firm Mattress

by Michael Meshey
(Bridgeport, PA)

5 Stars for the Sealy Horizon Firm mattress!

I recently purchased a Sealy Horizon firm mattress set. I can't say enough about it. My first night sleeping on it was the first night I actually slept all through the night in months.

I also have lower back pain which has now been slowly diminishing over time. I don't know if it's the fact that I got a new mattress, or that Sealy mattresses are such a good brand of mattress. Either way, I would not change my new bed for anything in the world.

I got a Queen size, which is perfect for me. From what I've seen so far, I'm sure any size would be just the same. Overall, one of the best mattresses I've ever had.

TempurPedic Classic Bed

by Alexander C.
(Silver Spring, Maryland)

I purchased this Tempurpedic Classic mattress a few months ago after receiving bad back pains from use of my old mattress once the springs broke and started prodding into my back.

The first night on this bed was amazing, the extra inch of mattress support that this bed has makes a huge difference. When you lay down on the bed, rather then feeling supported only once you find that 'sweet spot' in the bed where you are comfortable, the entire bed feels as such.

I am floored with the quality of the materials that are used in this mattress as well. The bed comes with a very comfortable covering that breathes very well so you don't wake up in the middle of the night sweating from the heat or anything like that.

I have found that back problems are a thing of the past after using this bed as the support is far greater then anything else that I have tried searching for a new mattress.

The material inside of the bed is included in a sample that can be received for free by calling Tempur-Pedic's 1-800 phone number and they overnight it for no extra charge so you can get a feel of what you would be purchasing if you do decide to take the plunge and purchase this bed.

One of the advantages that I have found using this bed is the lack of any materials that attract and make a good home for bed bugs. The material feels as it did on the day I received it and there are no 'dents' where I usually fall asleep and every time I lay down, the bed feels completely fresh and the material eases its way around your body as always.

If anyone is looking for a new mattress and can put up with the slightly steep price, it is definitely worth it. I also included a picture of my mattress to show you that you can even have drinks on the bed because of the lack of motion transfer on the mattress that is caused by the type of material that is used.

Tempurpedic AlluraBed

by Joshua
(Fort Scott, Kansas)

I'm 29 years old, and after years of working in the construction field my back felt about as bad as it could get.

I had seen these Tempurpedic commercials on the television for years and heard rumors of how great they were. Well a few years back my parents made the move over to Tempurpedic mattresses.

One weekend when they traveled out of state and asked if I would watch the house I decided I was going to sleep in the bed one night.

Immediately I was impressed with the comfort and how the bed molded to my body. I didn't wake up through the night as I usually do and the next morning when I woke up, I was wide awake! It was quite obvious that I had gotten much higher quality sleep. I knew that morning that I had to own one of these. They were a little more than I initially wanted to spend but I knew this was well worth the investment.

I saved up for a few months, purchased my Temperpedic AlluraBed and I will never sleep on anything else as long as I live. Thank you Temperpedic for freeing me from my back pain. Five out of Five Stars for sure!

Sealy Tranquil Sea Latex Mattress

by Marie Peyton

I purchased a Sealy Tranquil Sea latex mattress in early 2010. It was my first new mattress in over 10 years.

I purchased the mattress at a local Art Van store and was excited to start getting a good night's rest after years of back pain from my metal-spring old mattress.

After reading about all the types of mattresses available, I decided on a latex mattress due to bad allergies. From what I had read, the latex was supposed to cut down on dust mites and other allergy-inducing organisms.

I loved the mattress-it is very comfortable and for the first time in years I woke up with no back pain! But as the weather has gotten warmer, I've noticed that I wake up sweating. I'm not sure if the mattress is causing this or not, but I never used to get night sweats with my metal-spring mattress.

I didn't notice in the winter as I keep the temp very cool in my house. But with the warmer nights and higher temps, I am consistently waking up overheated - and the only change is the mattress.

Other than that, I really love the mattress. I'm going to try different sheets to see if that helps the heat problem. I'll gladly trade the warmth for the comfort and no more back pain!

Sealy Foam Mattress King Size / Quilted Padded Top

by Melissa Lakes

I have the Sealy foam mattress in king size and I must say that I absolutely love this mattress.

It is well supported and firm enough that I do not wake up with any back pain and I cannot feel my husband or baby rolling around. I unfortunately do not have the model number of the mattress as it is a couple years old.

I had switched from 4 different mattresses over a 2 year period due to extreme pain while sleeping but once I moved to this brand (quilted padded mattress top as well) all my pain went away.

I do not like the material it is made of as it quickly absorbs any liquids spilt on it and without a mattress pad this is a problem (espeically with a baby) but this could be of various mattresses.

I also do not like the weight of the mattress as it is very heavy and hard for myself to rotate I do require it to be done by my husband and if he isnt around have to wait for him to come home.

I paid 799.99 for this mattress set and it was well worth every penny that I did pay and would even pay more for this mattress. I firmly believe you do pay for what you get.

I bought this at Sleep Country with financing option (who knew this was available because I didnt). I must say i wake up very refreshed and without back pain every day now.

I couldn't be happier with the choice that I made in switching to this. I would never go back to a medium support mattress after trying this specific firm one.

When it is time for my young one to go to a real bed and not a crib I will be purchasing this specific mattress for him as well. Great product with very few downsides!

Tempurpedic Celebrity Bed

by Sarah Maslanka

I bought the Tempurpedic Celebrity Bed while in a mattress store looking for a less expensive bed. We went with a budget and laid on every bed in the store.

We tried out about 20 beds. They were all nice mattresses but once we laid down on the Celebrity bed, we knew that this was the bed we wanted and we more than doubled our budget. It was worth the money, there was nothing better in the whole store.

The Celebrity bed is firm with a mattress topper that you sink into. The first two weeks were an adjustment but after that all my back pain went away and I got the best sleep. I look forward to getting into bed every night and wake up well rested. Even our dog loves to sleep on the Tempurpedic.

I was proud of our new bed when I got it, so I let everyone that came over sit on it and tell me what they thought. Everyone said it was the most comfortable bed they had ever slept on! I will definitely never go back to a regular spring mattress again. Our bedroom is now the favorite place in the house and lazing around on a Sunday morning has become even more enjoyable.

The mattress was easy to buy with 0% financing and came with a 20 year warranty which eased our nerves at spending so much money. It was the right decision for us, we love the bed, we don't miss the money and we are glad to own the most comfortable bed of anyone we know!

Sealy Posturepedic Verdi Square firm Reserve

by Emily

Since, I started experiencing chronic back pain, I have been searching for a new mattress that will give my back good support while being soft and comfortable. I found the Verdi Square Ultra Plush Reserve Sealy Posturepedic mattress to be of great quality considering the reasonable price.

I strongly recommend this mattress to anyone with back pain. This mattress has coils and a 3 tier pressure relief in-lay made of memory foam. The coil and memory foam serve as dual back support. Also, the plush is a nice touch.

Since recently switching to this mattress I notice a considerable difference in how rested I feel, this is because I no longer toss and turn during sleep. I also really appreciate the shock absorbing box spring because I don't wake up whenever my significant other is tossing and turning at night time.

Over all I give this mattress a 10/10 because I liked the mattress so much that I even bought a second for my guest room, because guests have to be comfortable too, you know! It is so important for people to have a very comfortable bed because If you spend on average 8 hours a night in bed, that's a third of your life! I don't want to spend a third of my life sleeping in an uncomfortable bed that could be damaging to my back, do you?

I am a person who loves to be warm, I enjoy memory foam for a few different reasons ie. comfort, shock absorbency, back support, my favorite part of memory foam though, is the fact that it warms up when you're sleeping and keeps you toasty all night long.

The mattress has the right amount firmness versus softness for my particular taste and it is good for my back. I look forward to laying down on my mattress every single night!

Sealy Posturepedic Cordova

by Mark
(Canton, GA, USA)

I have been sleeping on this mattress for three years. I really enjoy the pillow top. It makes for a great nights sleep, and I have a pinched nerve, that I used to have to take a lot of pain medication and visits to the doctor all the time.

The prescriptions and health care were expensive. I have since saved a lot of money thanks to the Sealy Posturepedic mattress.

Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme

by V.
(Olympia, Wa)

My husband and I both have bad backs. The Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme bed proved to be too soft. It feels wonderful at first, but ultimately allows the heavier parts to sink lower than others which makes me baffled as to how they can say the bed promotes proper spinal alignment.

We are trying to sell the bed on Craigslist and will likely try a Sealy Posturepedic innerspring. While there are so many people with bad backs, it is easy to see why innerspring mattresses still hold 80% of the market. I don't see how a foam mattress of any manufacturer can be good for a bad back. Take advantage of the trial period - we let ours lapse.

Tempur-Pedic Good For Back But Too Hot

by Tom
(Iowa City )

I bought a Tempur Pedic mattress and found that it was comfortable when I first went to sleep and helped relieve my back pain. But after three weeks of sleeping on it I sent it back to the store.

After a few hours of sleeping I woke up hot and sweaty because the memory foam mattress retained heat and made it too hot to sleep. I am now trying an inner spring mattress that has a couple of layer of ventilated memory foam. So far I have not woken up hot.


Spine-Health.com: Choosing A Mattress For Lower Back Pain Problems

WebMD.com: Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain

Please Note: The content on this website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional.

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