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The Sleep Number Classic Series C2 Bed Saved Me from Pain the Next Day

by Tracy H.
(Allentown, PA)

I sleep on a Sleep Number Bed mattress. My partner and I went with the sleep number bed classic series C2. The great thing about this mattress is that it is adjustable.

You have the ability to make it as soft or firm as you would like. You do not have to stick with one setting, you have the ability to change it as you see fit. If you want to sleep on a firmer setting one night and find that doesn't work for you, you can simply adjust it using the remote.

I have Fibromyalgia, and many times I am in pain when I lay down to go to sleep. My job consists of working with adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and requires a lot of lifting and physical exertion which makes my Fibromyalgia flare up. This mattress provides the right amount of support that I need on any given day.

My partner and I have had this mattress for about 3 years, and it is holding up nicely. She can adjust her side to where she wants it, and I can adjust my side to where I want it, so we are both happy.

We have a queen size mattress and paid about 1200 dollars for it. It is definitely the best mattress I have ever owned and has a long life expectancy that makes it economical and worth the price.

My partner and I have plenty of room for the two of us, so if we purchased another mattress we would most likely get the queen size again. If we were to get another mattress in the future, we will most likely stay with Sleep Number and just upgrade to a higher quality one.

The only mattresses that I have owned before my mattress were pretty basic. They were never anything too special, so I now have a greater appreciation for a good night's rest with quality sleep. If I could pick a star rating for this mattress I would give it a 4. The only reason I am not giving it a 5 is becomes sometimes it slowly deflates, and I mean very slowly, so you have to readjust it back to how you like it.

My partner and I did a lot of research before making the decision to go with the sleep number bed mattress. We looked into other mattresses and did price comparisons. We also went to the store and tried them out by laying on them and adjusting the firmness. The people at the store were very nice and helpful, and they allowed us to take our time in making the decision without pressuring us into it.

We considered the memory foam mattress briefly before going with the sleep number mattress. We decided against it because we don't like the sinking in feeling of those, but that is just us. We pretty much know what we want in a mattress and were happy to find it with the sleep number bed. We did not purchase the frame that goes with the mattress. Instead we use the box spring that we had which may also be a factor in the quality.

I would recommend getting the whole set. The only reason we didn't is because we did not have enough money for the whole set and could only afford the mattress. Overall, it's a great mattress that's economical, has a long life, and is comfortable to sleep on.

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There is no other bed I can think of that I want other than my c2

by Janice G.

I purchased the Classic series C2 Sleep Number bed from a private party as they couldnt use it as they have MS and had trouble getting in and out of it. It's a queen and cost me $599. It's extremely comfortable and the adjustments really help when I have a back issue or arthritis issue and need a different adjustment than usual.

I sleep alone so the remote is fine and helps alot when you are lazy and dont want to get up and change settings or move things around to accomodate your particular needs that night. It provides excellent support and takes the place of moving pillows around to support whatever area needs help.

It seemed a bit hard at first but now it feels just right with my back finally getting used to a good supportive and flexible mattress. In comparison to my previously owned mattresses this one takes the prize with luxury, comfort, flexibility with all the adjustments, and also appearance.

I have what I want now and learned that a good mattress is like taking a pill. It works and it's the best treatment for what bothers my back. I would give it a rating of 4 as I know now that I can get even a better one if I chose to. Friends have higher models and just rave about them.

I would definitely buy it again and probably upgrade to a nicer one but at the time that is all the money I could afford. I am separated and I didnt get a bed in the deal so I needed a good bed and this is much better than my previous Sealy kingsize pillowtop which didn't suit me at all and didn't support my back nearly as well. Also it didnt hold up and had dents where my body was.

At this time there is no other bed I can think of that I want and am totally satisfied! I've had it a little over a year and it's holding up just fine with just me using it. It was well worth the price even though i have seen it on ebay for less from private sellers. I trusted my friend and know she wanted the best for me as she couldn't use it due to her health condition. I lucked out.

I recommend the sleep number beds to anyone looking for a new bed. It's priced very reasonably for what you are getting and nothing is more important than a good night's rest for your overall health, even if you have no back issues.

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Select Comfort Sleep Number C2 Bed

by JM

Back in about October of 2008 I decided I was in desperate need of a new bed. So I decided to go to my local mall to the Sleep Number store and check out what they had to offer.

Now, I had already been to the regular mattress stores and check out the Sealy’s, the Tempur Pedics, and King Coil. I was determined to find the perfect bed.

Well, I did end up purchasing a Sleep Number C2 bed back. And I have been enthusiastically using the bed for two of the three years since I purchased it. The entire bed cost me roughly $1000.00 and let me just say it was worth every penny.

When and if the time comes that I need a new bed I will most certainly buy another Sleep Number bed. Possibly the same model, but actually I believe I might even upgrade a bit, that’s how much I love this bed. It has to be the most comfortable bed that I have ever slept in.

I have back problems from a car accident many years ago and I really like that I have the ability to make the bed either firmer or softer depending on what my comfort needs are at that time. I find that the more strain I put on my back the more I feel the need to adjust the softness of the bed and I would never be able to do that with a conventional bed.

I would also like to add that this bed has given me no problems at all. It is extremely easy to assemble and take down and for a period of about a year during the time I owned the bed I needed to store it. It breaks down into pieces that are small enough to store in an average sized closet if not in use.

And if that isn’t enough, the fact that it tears down so incredibly easy and small it also makes it incredibly easy to transport when moving. We have moved the entire bed in both a Chevy Malibu and a small GMC Jimmy. You can’t do that with a traditional bed for sure.

I would give the Sleep Number line of beds even their base line model a 5 out of 5 stars with no hesitation.

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Sleep Number Classic Series Model C2

by Andrew

I bought a Select Comfort C2 about a month ago. The bed was well priced and it was well worth what I paid. My wife and I always had trouble finding the right mattress. She wanted a firm mattress while I needed a soft one. We tried pillow toppers and all sorts of pillows from memory foam to feather. None of them helped me or her.

It wasn't until we got our C2 that I had a good night's sleep since we got married. My sleep number is 20 and her number is all the way at 68. I tried it on ten and it was too soft. I then moved it to 100 and its like a rock. The bed is amazing. The only problem I have ever had is when I lay towards the middle.

The two sides are separated by some type of material that is a bit too hard for my side. I hardly sleep on it, but I notice it when I go too far in the middle.

I love this bed and I would recommend it to anyone. We are actually going to buy another one for our guest bedroom. Try it out and you'll know right away that it is worth every penny.

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My Sleep Number Bed C2 Model - An Easy 5 Stars

by Greg

In todays world it seems that the consumer rarely gets their moneys worth when purchasing just about anything on the open market. When it comes to mattresses I can honestly and whole hardly state that the Sleep Number mattress is not one of those items.

Having bought many beds over the years Ive purchased nearly ever name brand available. Having seen a mattress dissected I decided that they are all made the same. The Sleep number is totally different. The C2 is the basic model and its without a doubt the most comfortable unit Ive ever owned.

I rate the mattress an easy five stars . The cost was just over 1650.00 and worth every penny. The unit has been in my home for several years and shows no signs of wear and tear . The mattress has no sag what so ever. The firmness is 100% adjustable so on any given night its a completely different feel.

Ive actually owned a Stearns and Foster high dollar bed before and it wasnt even close to the comfort and quality of my Sleep Number bed.

One of the best features of the bed is the ease of changing from a soft feel to a firm feel with just the push of a button. Each side of the bed is individually controlled which comes in handy. After a hard days work my back tends to ache.

Once you jump into the Sleep Number bed you can dial in a firm mattress which feels great on a sore back. I not only get better sleep I get longer uninterrupted sleep. I tend to wake up in the same position as went to bed in. There is little to no, tossing and turning throughout the night.

After sleeping on this bed for a few nights my back always feels better. My children love to jump up and down on this bed even though I tell them not to. The bed is so well constructed it is no damaged at all. My bed seems indestructible.

The only down side of the bed is that the bed is shipped in several parts which are not hard to assemble but a little tough to take upstairs.

The unit has a very long warranty which Im sure i'll never have to use. Most large shopping malls have a sleep number store. If anyone thinks all mattresses are the same should stop by an take one minute to lie on one of these modern day miracles.

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Sleep Number c2 Plush-style Bed: Best I've Ever Owned

by Mark
(Olympia,WA, USA)

I bought my bed from a store in the mall called Sleep Number. I have been interested in their beds for a long time but never would get myself to spend a thousand bucks but my wife finally talked me into it after always complaining about back problems.

But the salesman he recommended that we go with the Sleep Number c2 plush-style bed which they say is their "original model that launched a sleep revolution".

The best part about this bed is you can change the firmness with a simple touch of the button and the bed is also enhanced with some special knit-like fabric which is very nice.

My wife and I decided to purchase it the very day if they would give us a small discount and they shockingly agreed. I am so happy with this bed it’s out of this world and so far I have not heard my wife complain even once about her back hurting.

Although it is a fairly expensive bed if you plan on keeping this bed for a long time it is well worth it. Forget traditional mattresses, this is the day in age when technology is available so you should use it.

For a rating I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars because the price is a little high but other than that it's by far the best bed I have ever owned.

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Sleep Number Bed C2

This is probably the worst bed I have ever purchased. The motor is too loud, and it doesn't retain air pressure. It retains heat and can get very hot.

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Apr 14, 2014
Some things to consider about Sleep Number mattresses
by: jannvan

So you go into the sleep number store and they show you your perfect setting and you're sold.

Here is something I didn't consider at the time. I'm generally satisfied with my king sleep number bed. After a year, it doesn't have big "dents" in it like our previous innerspring mattresses after 6 months. I like that you can "firm it back up" every morning, and if my back hurts, I like that I can make it quite firm. The motor is not overly noisy and the remote works fine. So what's the issue?

Well, I'm GENERALLY a side sleeper. For me to be comfortable on my side, I choose a pretty low 35 setting on the bed. It fits me just right and I'm comfortable. The problem is that the position I GO to sleep in is often not the position I wake up in. I often shift to my back overnight, and the soft setting that works so well for side sleeping leaves me horribly stiff or even causes me to wake with discomfort after sleeping on my back.

So, to me, the one and only flaw to the concept is the assumption that once you lay down, you stay in the same position all night, or that the bed will make you so comfortable that you won't toss and turn during sleep. That just doesn't happen for me. So as I said, it has a lot of plusses in my book, No dust mites, stays in original shape, works fine, is light and easy to move etc. Just don't think that it will solve all your aches and pains. It will help with some, but might aggravate others.

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Sleep Number c2 Mattress Is The Best Decision We Ever Made

by Ron

My wife and I bought the sleep number c2 mattress without the base as we already had a base. We bought a new mattress about two years ago because our backs were hurting and it was a nightmare we spent 350.00 on it and we loved it the first night and after that it was terrible we tried sleeping on different ends of the bed nothing helped.

I heard an ad on the radio about sleep number bed but when I checked them out we thought they cost too much,so we continued suffering through. I am 59 she is 58,she has a bad hip,I have a bad back and am also a bk amputee. Near the middle of October our sleeping and pain had gotten so bad we decided maybe sleep number was worth a try.So we ordered on around October,31,2014. The best decision we have ever made.

It took a couple of nights to get the number that felt best for us.It is so comfortable,I actually slept through the night on the first night we had it,I am so thankful.I can adjust it to give more or less back support as I need.Not only back support but this bed is so comfortable.We set it up and it was very easy to set up,we have not found any problems with it.

We paid 699.99 and we had a 50 dollars off coupon from sleep number website.It is so worth the price,Now that I know what it can do I realize the price is very good,you cant put a price on back pain.WE bought a queen sized mattress because that was what our base was made for.

I give this mattress five stars.We both actually sleep sound and comfortable now.We checked out other beds but we both agree sleep number is the best for us.I have told my kids and friends about sleep number.I would suggest if you are reading this and like us you are not getting a good nights sleep that you go to a sleep number store and check them out.

My daughter came to visit and we told her about our bed (my daughter has back pain also) she was a bit skeptical,she laid down in our bed and adjusted it to her liking and now she wants to buy one.Our next goal is to by a more advanced sleep number bed.We just haven't decided which one we are going to get when we are ready,so many cool choices.

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c2 Is The Most Comfortable

by John P.
(Portland, Oregon)

I have the c2 sleep number bed and I am a proud owner and have been for over a year. I am not exaggerating when I say that this bed is the most comfortable bed I have ever encountered. It is just about the perfect firmness and I love being able to have full control over how firm it is.

It provides me with perfect back support. I will say that there is a bit of a dent but it really isn't that bad. The repairs would be too expensive and it doesn't affect my sleep and the comfort level is barely any different. It is a tiny bit less firm than when I first bought it, though that is barely noticeable. I just have a hypersensitive back since my surgery so I notice these sorts of things.

The bed is holding up well, considering all things. I have three kids who have jumped on it a ton, despite my directions to NEVER jump on Daddy and Mommy's fancy bed. Early on a dent appeared but it hasn't gotten worse, and even after the dent appeared I caught the kids jumping on it at least ten times.

I got my bed for about $850 on sale and I felt extremely lucky at the time and I honestly still do. I am so used to really cheap mattresses that were hand-me-down's from the neighbors and friends from church. They always would leave my back tense and with so many knots. It became unbearable and things needed to change after I got back surgery. I feel that this bed has been vital in my back's healing experience, giving me the comfort level necessary for my back to properly rest and recover.

It is incomparable to other mattresses I have owned and even used as a guest. I give it a four star rating for Comfort, quality, and price. Really, my only issue is the fact that this slight dent appeared on both sides of the bed somehow, and the fact that fixing it would be super expensive.

Next time I purchase a mattress, I would get the King size--but right now I use a happily queen size bed. I wouldn't want any other brand and I am unable to even consider that. Truly, buying a sleep number bed has been a conversion experience for me.

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Best Mattress I've Ever Owned

by Anon.

In my opinion, the Classic Series - C2 Sleep Number mattress is the best mattress I've ever owned. I think its very comfortable to sleep on; its nice that both sides adjust so couples can both use it and have different settings so they're both comfortable. Its not too firm or too soft for me, and I have serious back issues - spinal fusion surgery for severe scoliosis and had a car accident and broke 2 vertebrae in my back, so my back usually hurts if I sleep on a bad mattress, sometimes to the point where I can hardly move without being in excruciating pain.

I bought this queen sized bed last year from the hotel I work at. We replaced all the Sleep Number beds with newer, non-Sleep Number mattresses in the entire hotel, and had about 100 beds that ended up selling to employees for an incredibly cheap price, $500. It was definitely worth the price, in my opinion. Despite the fact that some of these beds were at least 5 to 7 years old, mine is still in great condition and is holding up pretty well.

I had trouble sleeping for years, partly because I was sleeping on an inferior mattress, and after I bought this one I saw a definite improvement in my sleep quality and how I felt when I woke up, after about a month of using it. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars I can easily say I'd give it a 4, for sure. The next time I buy a mattress I'm almost definitely going to get something else from the Sleep Number line.

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