Coastal Bedding Monarch Mattress

by Louise
(Milton, Florida)

My husband and I just moved in to a new house here in Pensacola and my mother-in-law bought us a new bed for our guest room.

We got a Monarch model full mattress and box spring set from Coastal Bedding.

Apparently, Coastal Bedding has these made just for them in a local factory.

What we found really surprising was how really great this bed felt.

We (and my mother-in-law) were looking for something inexpensive, but nice for occasional guest use.

The new set was about $325 total. And, I think we got the inexpensive bed parts thrown in for free.

This bed is more comfortable that the $900 fancy schmancy channeled water bed mattress we got a few years ago.

And, my hubby and I have ended up sleeping in the guest room when there are no guests until we replace our mattress with a larger version of this one.

We loved the channeled water bed when we first got it. It has these large foam-filled tubes inside it that you fill individually with water and a normal pillow top.

We found that it gave us a nice, soothing “sinking into bed” feel that we thought would be relaxing.

What I like about the Monarch is that is provides just plain and simple support with a really nice pillow top. We started sleeping on it because my back was really flaring up one week and sleeping on the Monarch for 3 days cleared that up.

Since we have not bought yet, we are still also considering a Select Comfort bed-- the complete opposite from Monarch on the price.

I am thinking that part of why my back stopped hurting was that it needed a change in firmness, and the Select Comfort mattresses give you that option.

The other thing I am interested to see is how well this pillow top on the Monarch holds up. It is made from inexpensive materials and it looks great right now.

But, we have not tried to clean a spill from it yet and sometimes that can be the real test of quality.

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