Comfortaire Cerulean HP Adjustable Air Bed Mattress Review

by Gayle Hirschberger
(Northern Michigan, USA)

I purchased the Cerulean HP by Comfortaire mattress after the two standard mattresses I bought lost every bit of support and shape within 2 months from continuous use.

I am bedridden so I spend all but about an hour or two each month in bed. The air mattresses provided good support, soft or firm, kept their shape and felt good to lay on but needed replacement twice in 6 months because they began leaking around the seams nearly immediately.

Wrestling with the pump each time I needed to adjust the firmness (I change this several times a day) was a total pain.

Since, I wasn't ready to give up the idea of the air mattress because of the comfort I got from them, I expanded my search to include different kinds of air mattresses and I found the Cerulean HP by Comfortaire.

It looks exactly like a standard mattress minus the zipper on the top cover and over a year later I am still 100% pleased with it. The side foam panels are still square and solid. It fills and empties via electric pump so changing the firmness is very simple.

The pump stays plugged in and includes a wired remote so you do not have to wrestle finding or hooking up the pump.

With my injury, I am very sensitive to any pressure so I change the firmness several times each day. One additional advantage is that the cover to the mattress can be removed and cleaned in your washing machine. I line dry mine outdoors and enjoy the fresh scent.

Mine still looks as if I just took it out of the package which I believe is excellent because of its constant use. You do have to assemble the mattress but that (really) takes less than 20 minutes to do and requires no tools other than fingers as you can see by the picture, or a box cutter to open the boxes (two) in which it is shipped!

I would certainly recommend this Comfortaire mattress to anyone looking for an adjustable mattress. I have a queen size and it is true to size. You can get the mattress with either single or dual controls.

The price is comparable to a good foundation and mattress set and much more inexpensive, but just as good (I find it better), than other popular adjustable mattresses because you are not required to purchase the matching foundation along with it (does not void the warranty like the others do). I use my old box springs with a thin, covered board (1/2" plywood works well) between mattress and box springs (mine are very old and beginning to show some warping and sagging). I covered the board with a nice cotton blanket simply for aesthetic reasons.

I would rate it 5 stars and to sum it up in just a few words, I love my Cerulean HP by Comfortaire mattress! When we go RVing, my mattress goes too!

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