Crown Visco Foam Mattress: The Most Comfortable Thing I Have Ever Owned!

by Melissa

We bought our TT Crown Visco Memory Foam mattress at at a bedroom furniture store a few months ago when we moved into our new house. This particular store is usually pretty pricey but they were supposedly had a lot of quality mattresses and were having a huge clearance sale that week. It was the last thing on our list leaving us around $500 for a bed.

We wanted something comfortable, preferably memory foam, but with a $500 budget, a spring mattress was the most likely purchase. We found several floor models on clearance that day. Immediately we spotted the foam mattresses, and found a floor model of a Visco Memory Foam Mattress.

When we laid down on it was like sleeping on a cloud. My back immediately felt relieved of pressure, and I almost wanted to take a nap. It was a queen TT Crown Visco Memory Foam mattress. It was the most comfortable mattress I had ever laid on. It retailed at $1349 and we purchased it on clearance for $350. What a steal! We did only get the mattress in the deal, and while I would have liked to get the box spring included, it was still worth the $350 with nothing included.

I have owned it for about 2 months now and I sleep better and have fewer back problems. It used to take me around an hour to fall asleep and now it takes me minutes! The mattress contours to my body, it feels like your sleeping at a luxury resort, honestly. I would pay full price for this exact mattress in the future when I need another one!

Its a soft mattress and is still just as comfortable when I purchased it. If anything it's more comfortable now than it was when we first purchased it now that the mattress has begun to contour to the way we sleep and our bodies. I have always owned spring mattresses and didn't realize how uncomfortable they were until I bought a memory foam one.

Years of sleeping on a spring mattress made my back ache and my sleep was always restless. Mornings were stressful and I was constantly tossing and turning all night. Now I sleep through night and wake up feeling rested. My body feels amazing in the morning, thanks to the contours of the mattress.

I didn't put any actual research into our purchase besides physical stimuli. My boyfriend and I used our knowledge of the previous mattresses that we owned to give us an idea of what we wanted. We both has always owned spring mattresses and were hoping to make a switch. We never thought we could afford to purchase memory foam.

We laid down on about 25 mattresses, and this one immediately got our attention. Nothing compared to the comfortability of this mattress. We laid down on a Serta memory foam mattress that didn't even come close to comparing. I would give it a five star rating, it has everything, its comforable, durable, and worth the price. It is the most comfortable thing I have ever owned.

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