Denver Mattress Queen Size Plush Doctor's Choice Mattress

by Sara J.
(Colorado Springs)

The mattress I sleep on is called Doctor's Choice, the Plush model. I give this mattress 5 stars. These mattresses are available in Firm, Plush, and Euro Top. I purchased a Queen Size Plush Doctor's Choice mattress because I felt it fell somewhere between sleeping on a padded board and sinking into a bed of feathers.

Obviously a bed that is too firm is no better than sleeping on a concrete floor, but I personally find that a mattress that conforms too much to my body allows my back to curve during the night and causes me to wake up feeling stiff or achey.

I bought this mattress at Denver Mattress in Furniture Row for about $699.00 and it was definitely worth the price. I feel like I have hardly any trouble sleeping on it and I am never sore when I wake up. This is because it is designed specifically to eliminate pressure points.

I have used this mattress for about one year and two months now, and I have had no regrets. I have honestly not experienced any problems with it at all. The only problem I had with the sale is they will want you to purchase a mattress care kit for about $70 which you will be required to use on your mattress right away in order to be sure that you will be granted the warranty should something go wrong with the mattress. This seemed like only a minor inconvenience to me.

There does not seem to be any deterioration to the mattress which indicates a high level of quality and durability. It is just as comfortable as the first day I brought it home and I always find that I am so happy to come home and sleep in my own bed after staying at a hotel. There is no comparison. If I had it to do over again I would certainly buy the Doctor's Choice mattress again.

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Apr 03, 2012
helped me a lot
by: Danielle

thanks for posting, you helped me with my decision!

Feb 24, 2014
Breaking down after only 13 months
by: Anonymous

This was the most comfortable bed that I have ever slept in but only after 13 months it has already started breaking down, for lack of a better word, its sagging in the places that we sleep. We bought the king bed.I hate to know that I would have to spend nearly 1000.00 every year in order have a nice comfortable bed.

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Denver Mattress - Doctor’s Choice H/N Plush

by Ardith E.
(Longmont, Colorado USA)

The mattress that is on my bed came from the Denver Mattress Company in Denver, Colorado and we bought the mattress in Longmont, Colorado at an outlet mall with the same name, Denver Mattress Company. The model is a Doctor’s Choice H/N Plush. It came highly recommended by doctors. I was happy to purchase a mattress that would help my back.

Besides helping with backaches, the mattress remained comfortable in the first couple of years. It did not sag as mattresses usually do, and whenever my husband would get into bed, I did not notice any bouncing as he climbed in. There was no disturbing one another and I slept like a baby. It had the firmness and the softness that my back required.

However, as time went on, the mattress began to lose its shape. About the third year, the mattress began to sag. I put up with the sagging because we could not afford a new mattress. It is going on five years now and the sagging has gotten to the point where it makes it hard to get comfortable. There is an indentation where my husband sleeps and if I roll over toward him, I fall into a crevice; this is not good for my back.

While my back cannot take the constant force of trying to stay on one side of the bed without rolling, I also do not like to try to sleep by hanging onto the edge of the bed and fighting to stay on my side of the bed. The mattress and box springs were about 600 dollars.

At the time, I thought it was a good deal, but now that the mattress and springs are breaking down, I wish I had opted for something a little better. I would definitely not buy this same model again because it did not meet my expectations.

Nevertheless, I would rate this mattress by giving it at least three stars. It was a good mattress for a while, and the price was right, but it was not a five star mattress.

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Our Denver Mattress Doctor's Choice Monarch Supreme Plush Queen-sized Mattress Review

by Jeannie

My husband and I have owned our mattress and box spring set since we first became engaged in 2006; we purchased it from a Denver Mattress Company in Denver, CO, and we hauled it across state lines into New Mexico.

At the time, the experience at the store created an anticipatory excitement within me, in which I was eager to get the bed set up so that I could sleep on it. I imagined that I would be sleeping in luxury, especially since it was called the "Doctor's Choice Monarch Supreme Plush". I mean, the name sounds regal, so who wouldn't want to try it out?

At the time of purchase, both my husband and I tried several different mattresses, and, while this was not my first choice, it seemed to be the only one upon which we could agree. It was fairly comfortable during the first year or so of our marriage; I can recall that, on times during my brief hiatus from graduate school, I would sleep soundly and deeply for about 9+ hours.

This was the most consecutive hours of sleep I had gotten in years, but I'm not sure I could attribute it to the mattress itself or rather to the fact that I actually had some time to rest. I wouldn't say the mattress has provided back support to me; my husband sleeps like a dream on it, but I typically (and lately, more and more) wake up with spinal pain and joint aches. This has caused me to strongly consider other brands and types of mattresses, and I've discussed this with my husband.

You see, we have owned this mattress for nearly 6 years, and, from what I have heard, it's about 6 to 7 years before a mattress really loses its "life" and "vitality," so to speak. My husband would say the mattress is perfect, in the sense that he prefers a softer cushion, while I would prefer to sleep on something just a bit less firm than the solid ground.

I must say that it has held up quite nicely over the years, however. I mean, if one were to view the mattress, it looks brand new. But I think that is because my husband flips and rotates it religiously every six months.

And, at the time in 2006, I thought that paying $1,000 for a mattress was a pretty good deal, although I admit the amount of money seemed exorbitant for me as a poor graduate student. My husband assured me, however, that "good" mattresses cost more money. I would say that, because of that statement, we have definitely gotten our money's worth out of this mattress, so it was a good deal.

Now that I am a bit older and am suffering more back pain in the morning, as well as increasing insomnia, my husband and I have tossed around the idea of switching to a king sized mattress and bed. The only problem is getting it up the narrow stairway of our late 19th century home.

I've slept on very few beds in my lifetime, but most of them were honestly not given much thought. I have never been a good sleeper, in the sense that I have always tossed and turned, no matter where I have slept, even as a child.

I had a daybed from the time I was a tween until college, and at that point my parents gave it away. I would say I slept comfortably on it - the same as my current mattress - and yet I also didn't have a sleeping partner at that point in my life, so I didn't realize how much my sleeping habits would affect someone else.

I've also slept on a very firm mattress that once belonged to my parents, and I slept like a baby. But, again, it was a queen-sized bed, and I had it all to myself at the time.

Overall, I would give our current mattress a rating of 3 stars; it's been a trusty, durable, reliable mattress. It certainly has seen better days, but we have gotten much use from it and have slept hundreds of nights on it without horrible problems. It was a good value for what we paid, and I just feel that it may be time to say goodbye and move on. I suppose everything in life wears out and has an end, but Denver Mattress was good to us, and we got a great mattress as a result.

I honestly don't believe I would purchase this same model and size of mattress again, though. For my husband's and my current needs, we truly both feel it is important that we don't compromise on a mattress. We need a king sized bed to accommodate my restlessness, and we both feel that we need to do more research and test out more beds before purchasing.

We didn't honestly do any research ahead of time when we purchased our current mattress, and I think that is because we knew we needed something - anything - to sleep on in the house, so out of desperation, we went to the nearest mattress company in Denver and tested what they had, with the full intention of making a purchase before we left that day.

Right now, my husband and I are strongly considering a Sleep Number bed; they are about four times more expensive than the Monarch Supreme that we currently own, but it would be like having two mattresses in one for us so that we are both sleeping soundly. It just seems like a logical move, considering my husband prefers sleeping on a cloud and I on a rock.

All-in-all, I would say our mattress sort of tells a story about my husband and me, about our journey and life experience. Our first mattress together says that we were young and hasty in a way, inexperienced, and purchased it on a whim. It panned out to be a decent gamble, but where we are in our lives now shows that we certainly believe in giving something like this much more thought.

We are now considering our health and preventive care; we both believe that sleep is crucial to overall health, and we take our sleep very seriously. It's life, a journey, and it was well worth spending most of our nights on this mattress, because we were together through every sleepless, restless and peaceful night's rest!

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Aug 06, 2018
Bought Queen Size 2009; Still Very Good Sleep~
by: Sue

Our mattress is still in great shape from summer, 2009 until now, summer 2018 and I probably haven't flipped it as often as I should.
Did get rid of the box spring part. Just put us up too high and so far no ill effects from that. The structure of plywood underneath working fine.
I'd give this mattress a 5 star rating.

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Doctors Choice Mattress from Denver Mattress

by Gene

Five years ago I purchased a queen size Doctors Choice mattress from Denver Mattress. It is the most comfortable mattress i have ever had. It is a no-flip, however it still has the pillow top on both sides. It is firm, yet soft and it almost hugs you when you get into bed. I seriously don't want to get out of bed in the morning because it is so comfortable.

Before i purchased this mattress, i used to wake up in the morning with sore hips and back - that no longer happens. I had researched lots of makes and models before deciding on the Doctors Choice by Denver mattress - -it just seemed like they were all way to expense for what you got.

The mattress i purchased was less than $500 for the queen size mattress and box springs. I would, without a doubt, purchase this bed again. It has help up so well, and shows no signs of wear and tear that i may not ever have to buy another one. I would recommend this mattress to anyone.

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