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Down Mattress Topper Reviews - Pros and Cons of Down Mattress Pads

A down mattress topper is one of the comfort-focused types of mattress toppers.

Feather and down toppers are known for their superior softness and cozy feel.

Different feather or down blends are used to create down mattress pads. Some use feather and/or down from ducks or geese.

Down mattress toppers come in many different softness levels and brands. These toppers are known for their softness, but you also have to find the right level of softness that's perfect for you and can be perfectly combined with your existing mattress.

Too soft toppers can also be quite a disadvantage and a danger to sleep in.

Benefits of a Down Mattress Topper


The soft feel and texture of a down mattress topper makes it the perfect solution for when you find your mattress to be a bit too firm for your taste. If you already get far too much support from your mattress so that it has become uncomfortably rigid, a down mattress topper can make you feel like you're sleeping on a bed again instead of on the hard ground.

This adds a great additional cushioning layer to your mattress, but the down does not affect the support offered by the mattress.


Since the down is soft, the mattress topper will envelop you and make you feel all snug and cozy. This also ensures that tossing and turning is minimized, causing you to sleep better every night.

Body temperature regulation

Down mattress toppers are not as popular as memory foam mattress toppers, but down toppers do have one major advantage over the memory foam models. Down mattress toppers can help regulate your body temperature.

Down does not react to temperature and does not retain heat, unlike memory foam. Therefore, the topper will maintain a cool and comfortable temperature level at all times. If you have a memory foam mattress that's too firm, a down topper would counteract the heat retaining quality of memory foam.

Easy to clean by washing

A down mattress topper is also very easy to clean. In fact, it is one of the mattress topper types that's easiest to clean. Most people have their down toppers dry cleaned. This is the standard safe way of cleaning the topper.

However, depending on the brand you choose, some down toppers also allow machine-washing.


Some models of down mattress toppers have hypoallergenic properties to help protect you and your family members from allergens, dust mites, bacteria, and so on. Take note, however, that not all down toppers are designed with hypoallergenic properties.

Down is not a naturally hypoallergenic material; some brands simply put them in a secure hypoallergenic cotton cover. This ultimately depends on the brand and type that you choose.


Down mattress toppers are so much more affordable than foam mattress toppers.

The Disadvantages of a Down Mattress Topper


A down mattress topper is not a source of support. It is, in every aspect, geared towards creating a soft, cushiony feel. It does not provide any support at all for the body.

This cannot be used with a soft and plush mattress, because the effect is a sagging bed that won't push up your body where needed. As a result, your soft mattress and down mattress topper combination can promote poor posture.


When it comes to durability, a down mattress topper is definitely not on top of the list. The topper is not very durable. Since it is made of down, it can easily flatten out.

At first, you can bring it to its original shape by shaking and fluffing it up. But eventually, the down mattress topper would definitely get matted and the down would bunch up, leaving some areas unfilled and causing an uneven sleep surface.

Some down toppers come in a unique design that uses boxes or compartments for the feather/down. This helps prevent the contents of the topper from shifting around, so the sleep surface is always smooth and equally filled.

Its best to consider these styles when choosing a down mattress topper.

Reviewer's Best: All Season Down Alternative Mattress Topper

All Season Down Alternative down mattress topper
The All Season Down Alternative Mattress Topper is an affordable down mattress topper that gets excellent ratings from top reviewers and also from consumers. The cotton and down mattress topper construction provides a soft and cushioned feel.

It contains 50 oz. down alternative filling encased in a plush box design. There is double needle stitching to ensure the quality and longevity of the mattress topper.

The All Season down mattress topper is also one of the best hypoallergenic down toppers around. It can also be easily washed by machine and air dried without any negative effects on its quality and performance. It does not collect dirt with its Easy-Care Microfiber filling.

Even after long term use, consumers happily report that their topper has not yet bunched up or shifted.

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