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Dreamfoam Bedding Queen Dreams Latex Mattress Review

Your 21st Century Mattress Has Arrived

October 27, 2017

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a revolution in the mattress world? Seems we're moving full speed ahead, ditching our heavy and clunky mattresses for plush and oh so eco-friendly ones. We're saying goodbye to nasty coiled springs and hello to layers of heavenly foam.

We're exploring custom sleep solutions. And why shouldn't we? Good riddance I say to getting poked by metal springs. Au revoir to lumps that sabotage our precious sleeping hours. But there's more. We're also starting to think about our carbon footprint. Where will that mattress end up?

The Dreamfoam Bedding Queen Dreams Latex mattress is what I'd call a 21st century sleep product: bio-degradable, soft bamboo, healthy latex materials and totally customizable. You just know you've entered the new age when "Chuck" your designated sleep expert will consult with you to determine the right level of "plush" for your sleeping style. Can you say spoiled?

Design and Materials

This Made in the USA anti-bacterial mattress is designed to be really sturdy and really cozy all at once. (Six sizes are available from Twin to California King). If you were to cut the mattress and see the profile, the layers would like this: 6 inches of high density foam base, 3 inches of talalay latex, 1.5 of hyper flex foam, and topped with a 4-way stretch bamboo cover. The total height of this ultra-plush latex mattress measures 10 inches (give or take an inch). As for weight, the Queen size weighs about 74 pounds.

The real comfort factor here is the latex which is a natural product known to hug the curves of your body. And unlike other foams, latex also helps control moisture and temperature. This is a huge plus if you're a woman who suffers from night sweats (or a late night eater who turns into a human furnace after midnight). So while the mattress core itself gives support, it's actually the 3 inches of talalay (comfort layer) that are really what you feel on your body and what you can totally customize. Get the softness or firmness that makes your sleep awesome.

Queen dreams latex mattress layers

The quilted natural bamboo cover is made from 100% biodegradable fibers and has a 1.5 inch HD PolyFoam soft hyperflex foam. (Don't be fooled-it's a fancy way of saying really cozy). This topper is actually softer than cotton with greater absorbency so you can feel drier and cooler.

Ever done a little research on mattresses? (I know, silly question). Dig a little deeper and you'll be horrified by all the info on mattresses and dust mites. Did you know that dust mites are a leading source of allergens in your home? If you wake up sneezing or congested, the problem could be right underneath you. Getting a hypoallergenic mattress is always a good thing. This mattress is CertiPur-US Certified which a top rating for health.

Who Makes It?

Dreamfoam Bedding is a reputable company that has been making mattresses in the USA for the past decade. They have over 2000 five-star reviews on Amazon for their whole line of mattresses. So why choose this company? Price is a big factor. You can basically get this top rated mattress at factory direct pricing for half the price of what you'd pay at a mattress retailer. Good to know too that your mattress is made "fresh" to order so to speak, not manufactured thousands of miles away across the ocean before placed on a slow freight.

Personalized Coziness

Sleep on your stomach? No problem. Choose from the 4 Comfort Scale options or you can phone "Chuck" to get advice. He can help you figure out what level of firmness fits your sleeping style. This is definitely not the one-size-fits all approach!

Natural Latex

Latex is a naturally derived product that comes from the rubber tree. The benefit is that it contours to your shape and cradles your body while also controlling heat and moisture. This helps alleviate pressure points and gives support.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Opting for latex helps steer clear of those nasty allergens that grow in mattresses. These include dust mites, mold and mildew.


I think you'll agree that natural latex sounds a lot better than plastic! In my opinion, I'd like to invest my dollars in something that is sustainable and good for the planet.

Sleep Comfort

Overall, current owners rate the comfort level really high for this mattress. Whether you're a back sleeper or like to be curled up in fetal position, this body hugging latex will be a good choice. As a tip, the medium comfort offers a good compromise: lots of plush but still the support you need in the mattress itself.


The core latex foam of the mattress helps control temperature and aid airflow. Say goodbye to overheating at night! Expect the comfort topper to be 4 times the absorbency of cotton. If you have concerns about tossing your mattress down the road, feel good about the biodegradable bamboo fibers and natural latex. Do you toss and turn at night? Select the firmness or softness you need.


If you're a control freak, you might be put off by the slight inconsistencies in sizing. A 10 inch thick mattress measured at 9.5" or 11". Compared to so-called standard queen size, the mattress fell a bit short. There have been some complaints about off-gassing, but most agree the smell disappears pretty fast, unlike many mattresses that stink for months or years!


Dreamfoam offers a 20 year warranty and a 45 day comfort guarantee. If the mattress is defective, you can expect a full refund and they'll haul away the mattress. Just be forewarned of the administrative and re-stock fees that can set you back about $100. Visit their website for details on what is considered a defect.

What Are People Saying?

According to my research, just over 91% of current owners are happy with their purchase. I think it's fair to say that the Queen Dreams Latex mattress boasts pretty incredible reviews overall. A big reason for this is price comparing with the far more expensive Tempur-Pedic beds. Buyers pay a fraction of the cost for latex and claim the same comfort. With over 650 Amazon reviews of this specific mattress with top ratings, there's not a lot of whiners out there. Quick set up is a big plus. One person describes the whoosh of air that filled her mattress when she cut open the plastic. 30 seconds it was full sized, ready to go.

There is also good feedback from those who suffer with back problems and sleep apnea. Because it contours to the shape of the body, you feel held in place. No more rolling around. One concern though; if you and your partner have significant weight differences, you might notice a slight hill forming in the middle over time. Flattening of the head rest area was also reported. A good tip to solve this: rotate the mattress around once a month or so to even things out. The mattress will reshape itself. Finally, remember to hang on tight! Sit on the edge of the bed and you might slide right off! Not meant for heavy weight in one spot.

Bottom line is this mattress gets darn great reviews and delivers awesome value for the quality. Those of us who have ever invested in more traditional mattresses, or purchased through retail storefronts, will be relieved by the huge price difference. Natural materials are a big plus. We spend half our lives in bed. Why not go with something organic? Think about your face buried in your mattress. Who wants to breathe plastic? And at the end of the day, your mattress has less impact on the environment. Expert tip: If high compression resistance (aka "mattress give") is important, go for Comfort Level 3. If you want semi-soft without disappearing into your mattress, Level 6 is your best choice.

Prices & Best Place To Buy

It's no secret that buying direct can save you thousands. Dreamfoam has largely avoided the classic bricks and mortar selling model and instead encourages purchasing through Amazon. The good news is that you can expect upwards of 60% savings and free shipping. As I write this, you can buy the Queen Dreams mattress in Queen size for under $700. That's gotta make you sleep better!

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