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DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Evolution Of Memory Foam

We humans are always looking out for the next best thing. We want to be happier, cozier, richer and smarter. Memory foam was one of those miracle products that entered the mainstream back in the 90s and we never really looked back. It fulfilled our most basic need for a good night's rest.

Did you know that the Swedes were the first to test out a new generation of mattresses made from this visco-elastic wonder? They wondered, "Could it really offer relief from pressure point aches and pains?" Beta testers agreed the stuff was pretty awesome and news spread fast to the USA.

Memory foam was here to stay. But just when things couldn't get any better, an even sexier generation of memory foam came along infused with cooling gel beads. Soon our beds were getting the spa treatment…and we were in heaven. The Cool Breeze Gel memory foam mattress from DynastyMattress is that kind of bed.

Design and Materials

Looking at a cross section of this mattress is like examining an archaeological site. Let's begin digging down through its 4 layers of bliss. The first layer is a fire barrier which is a big safety advantage. I haven't seen this feature in too many mattresses. The next layer is a 3 inch HD (that's "high density" not "high definition") Gel memory foam that contains Sleep Cool Technology Foam. Dig deeper and you'll find a dual 2 inch Cool Airflow Foam (so 2 layers of foam, each 2 inches thick).

The final layer is the 5 inch high density foam base that provides the main support. The mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified, so allergen free, and has a comfort rating of medium firm. (Note that "medium" is debatable. More on that later.) If you're waffling between the 10 inch and 12 inch models, good to know that the 12 inch offers 2 extra inches of memory foam so it contours the body a little more.

A word of warning: Don't be surprised if your Cool Breeze Gel memory foam mattress arrives looking like a giant fruit roll up, compressed and rolled tight. That's part of the fun. The great thing is that you've got two complimentary matching gel pillows ($100 value) and a washable, very designer mattress cover included. (Other companies sell boring covers that are spot-clean only, so this is a big plus). When you open it, preferably where you'll be sleeping, be prepared to wait up to 72 hours as it fully expands. Some buyers slept on it sooner, but this isn't recommended.

Expert tip: Since there is no frame supplied with this bed, you'll need a bed frame preferably with a hard flat bottom and no slats. Memory foam can bulge through slats. Dynasty Mattress also makes a reasonably-priced wood box brown foundation to match.

Who Makes It?

Dynasty Mattress is an established mattress retailer offering mid-range pricing. Their mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US and offer a good economical alternative to Tempur-Pedic.

High density foam for super support

"High density" is music to your ears when it comes to memory foam. Higher density means more responsive and faster recovery, so greater contouring and reshaping of the foam after pressure is applied. 4 inch Cool Airflow Foam Support for temperature control If you overheat at night (we know who we are!) this is a godsend. This layer works like a thermostat so that the mattress responds to your body temperature.

Infused gel beads that turn memory foam into magic foam

Why gel beads? Speaking from personal experience, you won't miss these little gems until you've actually slept on them. Imagine going to sleep on a hot summer night and waking up to a cool mattress. Trust me, you'll be glad you tossed your bedsprings! Expert tip: if you want a warmer mattress in the winter, heat up your room 30 minutes before bedtime. The mattress will retain the heat.

Chic velour-feel mattress cover with suede corners

As I said, this is not your average mattress cover. Check out the cotton covered zipper and stylish corners. It's removable and washable too. No harsh chemicals are used to coat the fabric. What's not to love? Hypo-allergenic and dust mite free.

Most of us have heard of those nasty things that can grow in our mattress, like mold and bacteria. Dynasty Mattress adheres to the highest purity standards.

Sleep Comfort

The debate between what's too soft and what's too firm continues. Overall, current owners were surprised to discover how firm the 12-Inch gel memory foam mattress was. But I suspect many of us are just hanging on to our preconceived ideas of what "foam" should feel like. On the other hand, those buyers who compare this product to classic Tempur-Pedic say it feels way more comfy. Hmmm….this mattress scores big points for temperature control. Women rave about how it helps keep them cool all night. Those a little heavier may find the bed a bit difficult to move around in. It's easy to sink in a bit too deep at night.


  • Gel memory foam offers great built-in temperature control
  • Sturdy 5 inch HD base foam offers great support
  • The value for quality is hands-down a huge advantage
  • Bonus! Complimentary 2 gel pillows plus a stylish washable mattress cover
  • No lumps and bumps down the road. High density (HD) foam is the key reason.
  • That stinky new mattress smell doesn't last. Your room will be fresh within days.


Avoid moving this mattress from room to room. Don't be fooled by the word "foam". This mattress is heavy and bulky (although shipping weight is lower than most). It can be hard to find some wiggle room. Current owners report that "sinking feeling" of not moving around freely like they used to in bed. Soft mattress edges are a pain. I speak from experience when I say you might be tucking those corners in every day. Get the deepest fitting sheets you can find to make sure they stay put, or grab some sheet clips.


This is one of the best mattress warranties out there. 20-year limited warranty plus a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means you can return the mattress for any reason within 120 days.

What Are People Saying?

According to my research, just over 93% of current owners are satisfied with this mattress. They also unanimously agree that this mattress offers great value overall. There are virtually no complaints about cost or shipping. While not a well-known brand like Serta or Tempur-Pedic, at the end of the day this mattress offers as much comfort and durability for a super competitive price. Many owners also claim this mattress has solved their sore back issues. And while some mattresses have you falling off soft edges, owners report they can sit comfortably and tie their shoes. If keeping cool is a priority, gel memory foam seems to be a better choice over regular memory foam. The extra cost is worth it.

Any Complaints?

You may experience a lingering foam smell in the pillows. Keep them near ventilation and that should do the trick. If this mattress is too firm, don't panic. Purchase a soft mattress topper and it will still be worth the risk and investment.

Good to know that over 70% of reviewers on Amazon give this mattress a 5-star rating. Classy extras such as a high-end cover with suede features and two gel pillows are a nice touch. While there are other cool sense memory foam mattresses out there, they can cost up to $2,500. As I said, this mattress seems to offer great value. There's even an optional bedframe that matches. I think it's fair to say that gel memory foam is a one way ticket; you'll likely not go back to paying more and getting the same old results with a classic box spring set.

Prices & Best Place To Buy

I'd suggest ordering through the Dynasty Mattress storefront on Amazon because it's really fast and they currently have the best price. You can even request gift wrapping! As I write this, the price is well under $500 for a queen size - definitely a great deal.

You can get the Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress at Amazon.com.

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