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Eddie Bauer Air Mattress
Reviews Of The Eddie Bauer Air Bed

The Eddie Bauer air mattress is blazing its own trail in the air mattress industry. It has one of the most colorful air bed collections in the industry, both literally and figuratively.

Eddie Bauer's collection is especially varied, which means the company takes pains in providing solutions for the specific needs of specific consumers.

Eddie Bauer focused on four of these needs, with its four different airbed versions, namely:

  • Self-inflating air mattress
  • Indoor insta bed with built in pump
  • Queen raised insta bed
  • Stow N Go airbed

Another strong motivation for consumers to trust Eddie Bauer air mattresses is the company's highly recognized reputation in outdoor clothing and gear.

Due to this, the company is trusted to provide only the most durable, most comfortable products that make outdoor experiences as easy and hassle-free as possible.

As a bonus, Eddie Bauer also offers indoor beds so air bed fans can enjoy the exclusive Eddie Bauer benefits even if they're not exactly the outdoor type.

The Self-Inflating Air Mattress - Added Convenience You'll Love

One of Eddie Bauer's most famous air mattresses is not known as just an air mattress. It is known as the "self-inflating air mattress," which has become one of the more preferred consumer choices because of its extra convenience.

One of the best features about the self-inflating Eddie Bauer air mattress is the pump, which lends it its self-inflation feature. The pump is an integrated pump operated by batteries with a special pump reversal feature that makes both inflation and deflation quick and easy.

A lot of people like the comfort and durability of air mattresses, but one of the greatest hindrances in their getting an air mattress is the hassle it takes to pump the bed before you can jump into it. So Eddie Bauer finally came up with the perfect solution, which opened up the doors for more people wanting to enjoy the benefits of air beds.

Besides, you won't tell the difference since the Eddie Bauer air mattresses are covered with suede top, which feels really nice on the skin. The bottom cover, on the other hand, is made of highly durable PVC to make sure it doesn't get worn out easily.

You may choose from many different mattress colors to fit your home's d├ęcor and your own preferences. The air mattress comes packaged in a nylon carry bag and even comes with a unique built-in pillow.

So who said you can't jump straight to your air bed after a long tiring day at work? With the Eddie Bauer air mattress, you can, and you don't even have to worry about pillows.

The Indoor Insta Bed - The Instant Air Bed

Those who especially like air beds can enjoy the benefits of Eddie Bauer air mattress within the comforts of their own homes. The Eddie Bauer indoor insta bed is made using the company's unique X-coil construction, which helps make the mattress feel like a real one.

The Raised Air Bed - Above and Beyond

Another popular Eddie Bauer air mattress is the raised air bed, which stands above and beyond other air mattresses with its height range of 22 inches. This raises you several more inches off the ground, making you feel more secure that you won't be lying on cold, hard floor anytime.

The raised air bed is also available in queen size. Due to its size and height, it is what most people are most comfortable with.

Consumers were also impressed as to how fast the bed can be filled despite its larger size compared to other airbeds. It is also, unlike some problematic air mattresses, quite easy to rise from.

The Stow N Go Airbed - Your Portable Camping Partner

The best camping airbed in the collection is definitely the Stow N Go, which is extremely easy to pack up and use. This very light, camping-friendly airbed is not exactly pillowy soft with its maximum height of only 9 inches; that's a far cry from the 22 inches of the raised air bed.

But when you're out in the great outdoors, lighter is definitely better. It can also fit easily into limited spaces and is also great as an extra bed.

All Eddie Bauer air beds are available from Eddie Bauer outlets but can also be ordered online. They range in price between $60 and $150.

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