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Englander Mattress Reviews
Experience Luxury Without The High Cost

An Englander mattress is a popular choice among mattress buyers, although it has a specific segment where it sells best.

Englander is known for the effective orthopedic relief offered by its mattress offerings, as well as for their use of innovative technologies.

Although Englander does not belong in the group of leading mattress providers, such as Sealy and Serta, it has blazed its own trail so far.

This lack of popularity, however, works to a consumer's advantage too. Since Englander does not spend too much on maintaining its leading position in the market, the company charges lower prices for their products.

Let us look at the different models of Englander mattresses and what Englander offers to consumers through them.

Englander Mattresses

Nature's Finest

Englander's Nature's Finest is the company's collection of mattresses that use only natural materials, or, more specifically, 100 percent Talalay latex.

The core and the comfort layers are both made of Talalay latex. This is a great option for those who are very sensitive to allergens.

Since the mattress does not use any chemicals, the mattresses are perfectly safe and healthy.

Other benefits, according to consumers, include:
  • Impressive relief from pressure points
  • Recommended by chiropractors
  • Reasonably priced compared to other brands
  • The use of latex allows free movement unlike memory foam beds where you seem to sink in
  • 100% hypoallergenic cotton quilting feels soft and comfortable
  • Not sensitive to temperature
Although Englander has always had issues with durability, most consumers who bought the Nature's Finest had their problems resolved by the offered warranty.


The Synergy mattress from Englander is often found in hotel rooms, thanks to its superior level of comfort and support. The Synergy mattress uses an advanced Body Mapping technology.

The mattresses are equipped with seven-zoned visco elastic memory foam combined with a 100% natural Talalay latex core.

It has four different features and main benefits:
  • ZeroMotion motion isolation
  • Unique Airstream Circulation for better temperature when sleeping at night
  • Relief from pressure points
  • Proper spinal alignment by offering greater levels of support than other visco and latex hybrid mattresses

Tension Ease

The Tension Ease is the innerspring collection from Englander Mattress. As the name implies, the Tension Ease is the most effective Englander mattress in relieving pressure points, resulting in comfortable sleep without all the tossing and turning.

The mattress was also found to isolate motion between the two sides of the bed, making it an excellent choice for people who share beds. These are made possible through the Pocketed Coil Technology, made up of tempered coil springs that are individually wrapped.

Consumers loved:
  • The nice aesthetics of the product
  • Good construction and use of high quality materials
  • Motion isolation
  • Relief from pressure points
  • More affordable than other products, but just as effective and beneficial
  • Your choice of three different firmness levels (pillow top, plush, ultra firm)
Consumers didn't like:
  • Mattress longevity
  • May develop body impressions after a couple of years

Two Favorite Englander Mattress Models

The Lady Englander

A lot of consumers and experts have reviewed the Lady Englander, which just goes to show what impact it has had on the market.

According to consumers, there are things they liked and didn't like about the model.

What they liked:
  • Use of quality materials
  • Reasonably priced compared to other products of the same class
What they didn't like:
  • This mattress is not for everyone, so be careful in choosing your mattress model
  • Not the most durable mattress around
  • May develop sags after two years or so

Englander Stylex

The Englander Stylex is the choice for those looking for proper spine alignment and breathability. The bed has a very resilient and responsive inner core that helps it provide more support for the back.

The Stylex also uses materials that do not retain heat so that they can easily cool your body while sleeping.

But just as it was in other reviewed models, the Stylex also didn't meet consumer and market expectations in terms of durability. The longest that the mattress can last without getting body impressions or signs or sagging is about two years.

Englander Memory Foam Mattresses

An Englander memory foam mattress is quite unique compared to other memory foam beds from the industry. Englander mattresses are easily recognized in the industry due to their many unique qualities.

The name is highly revered in the industry and is often mentioned alongside other top memory foam products. Englander offers two specific types of memory foam mattresses: the pure memory foam models and those with a combination of memory foam and latex.

Both collections feature winning mattress models and come with a 20-year warranty - the same length of time Englander itself notes to be the mattresses' standard longevity.

Englander ViscoPedic Memory Foam Collection

  • Patented visco-elastic memory foam production process called VPF
The ViscoPedic memory foam collection is Englander's collection of mattresses made from 100% memory foam. The memory foam used is made using a patented process called Variable Pressure Foaming or VPF.

Although these mattresses do not use latex, the memory foam itself is made to be hypoallergenic so that the memory foam mattress will be safe and healthy even for allergy sufferers. The visco-elastic memory foam is also soy-based and made of several other eco-friendly materials, all sourced from renewable or managed forests.

The memory foam is mainly responsive to temperature, but also takes into consideration your body shape and weight. By taking all these factors into account, the memory foam more accurately yields to the custom shape of different bodies.

This not only relieves pressure points for a single sleeper but also ensures a quiet, undisturbed sleep even for those with sleeping partners.
  • Exclusive AirTech design
The Englander memory foam also uses an exclusive AirTech design. It has seven zones and features a posturized foam sleep technology. This helps create a more customized response of the mattress to each individual body part.

This means there are different levels of support given to the different parts of a single individual's body. Thanks to this feature and the other construction secrets of Englander, the Visco-Pedic line has been said to also provide aligning support for the spine, so your body settles into its most natural position while sleeping.

What consumers love most

  • High rate of responsiveness
  • No tossing and turning at night thanks to pressure point-free sleep

Some limitations

  • Some initial odor
  • Not breathable enough

Synergy Fusion Foam Collection - Englander Memory Foam and Latex Hybrid Mattresses

The use of the combination material means that the unparalleled body-conforming comfort of memory foam is channeled as well as the excellent, responsive support of latex foam.

Englander uses its own memory foam and Nature's Finest latex foam to ensure the mattresses' maximum quality.

To better understand the huge difference that an Englander memory foam mattress makes, here's a quick summary of the benefits of memory foam and of latex foam, which are combined in Englander's unique products.

The benefits of memory foam
  • Temperature-sensitive
  • Conforms to the individual shape of the body
  • Unsurpassed comfort and support
The benefits of latex foam
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Does not retain body heat; keeps you comfortable
  • More resilient and returns to original shape better
  • More durable
What consumers love most
  • good temperature regulation can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • motion transfer is effectively limited
Some downsides
  • uses Dunlop latex instead of Talalay, but only natural materials are used
  • no return policy (unless specifically offered by retailers)

By combining the two types of foam, Englander was able to create a memory foam mattress without the common disadvantages linked to memory foam including heat retention and lack of allergen resistant properties. Both are resolved by the addition of latex foam.

Although Englander is not the only brand to offer such a hybrid product, it uses the finest materials in the industry and sells its well-designed mattresses at reasonable prices.

All in all, Englander memory foam mattresses use unique technologies to make them effective memory foam body-contouring mattresses. The best thing about Englander mattresses, however, is that the brand works hard to provide solutions for the many complaints people usually make about memory foam products.

Price-wise, the Englander mattresses are still reasonable, though they definitely come with some prestige. Other brands offer lower prices, but not the same unique package offered by Englander's advanced sleep science.

Final Note

For those looking for mattresses and whose top priority is comfort and price, not brand popularity nor luxury, the Englander mattress is an excellent choice. Englander only has to improve the durability of its products.

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