Extremely Happy With Our Queen Size Sealy Posture Mattress

by Tammy C.

I have a Queen size Sealy Posture mattress set which my husband and I bought a little over two years ago through our local Sam's club. We paid $550.00 for the complete set and I am extremely happy with our purchase thus far.

We both were experiencing a moderate amount of back pain with our old mattress. Since purchasing our new mattress both our back pain has improved substantially. Our Sealy offers just the right amount of back support that we apparently both needed.

Compared to other mattresses I have owned I tend to sleep much better at night now. This brand is sold as a firm mattress and at first I was apprehensive because I have always preferred a softer sleep, but I was very surprised to find that it is not overly firm.

It's design and comfort far outweigh the competitors. My husband and I both agree that we love it and could not have made a better choice period. I rest better at night and am not woke up often each time he gets out of the bed and vice-verse.

I give this mattress a four star rating because overall, the mattress has been very durable and has held up better than I ever expected it to although it is not very old just yet.

I highly recommend this particular mattress to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective and durable product. If you are suffering from many restless nights or even worse, back pain that just won't quit, go get this mattress.

There is not any other brand that I would rather own and I am definitely going to purchase this same brand again when the time comes that I am looking to buy another one because sleeping on this mattress is a dream!

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