Sealy Horizon Firm Mattress

by C Quiggles

My Sealy Horizon Firm mattress was so nice when I first bought it.

The bed looked so plush and wasn't as heavy as I had originally expected.

The box springs were one whole box instead of the two separate and the bed was queen size.

The firmness was just right. I slept like a baby.

There was enough cushion I didn't feel any springs poking me in the back, and I was even able to get it on sale!

At the time I was eight months pregnant so the cushion of the bed really helped relieve the back pain I was experiencing.

Also, when I first bought the mattress I was worried the height of the bed and box springs were going to be to high when placed on my bed frame but that was mot a problem.

But then after a year, I realized that a mattress cover was pretty much required. I think having a little baby sleeping next to me and peeing through her diaper has made spots on the bed.

I did my best to keep it from staining but to no luck. There are horrible looking stains that have turned a rusty color. I can't get them out.

And so here I think I can just flip the mattress and not have the bad looking side be on top. Not an option.

For some reason the makers of the bed decided that a person only needed one side of the bed to be cushioned the other was unusable? I've never seen that before and I really dislike that aspect of my bed.

So like normal people do, flip their bed mattress so it doesn't wear to much on one side and you end up with lumps, I don't have the option to flip.

In retrospect I most likely wouldn't have purchased this mattress because of that very issue. Other than that, the customer service was friendly, the product was quality and the price was right.

I just wish I could have read some reviews before purchasing which they didn't have.

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SealyTech 338 Zoned Innerspring Mattress

by Lauren

I bought my current Sealy mattress from a local Macy's department store. I bought it two years ago when I was moving houses and still have it. As it is still in good condition, I will probably keep it for a few more years.

I like the overall feel of the mattress, although it is a spring mattress which some people do not like, the mattress itself is very plush and there is a lot of cushioning, making it seem like there are no springs at all.

It is very comfortable and I have never woken up with back or neck pain. The comparison to my very old and worn mattress and this one is extraordinary.

Laying down for less than a minute allowed me to feel the vast difference between the two and how comfortable my current mattress is. Overall, I would give the mattress a 4 out of 5 stars.

I have had no problems with it and am very pleased with the price, durability, and comfort. The only reason I wouldn’t give it a five is because it is a little more firm than some would like and it may not be the most versatile mattress, as some people like a very cushy bed.

I would definitely recommend to others who want a reasonably priced mattress that is very durable and comfortable.

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Sealy Bright Days Mattress From Sears

by Chris

I'm currently sleeping on a Sealy Bright Days mattress that I purchased from Sears roughly three years ago. The mattress itself isn't the greatest after a few years of use, but that's almost to be expected.

When I started using it, it was the epitome of comfortable and I genuinely thought that I found the perfect bed for a good long while, but now I see that a good thing can only last so long. Let's face it, you can only flip a mattress so many times.

It's more like sleeping on a pine tree, only it doesn't smell as nice. On the positive side of things, this is really only a recent event. The mattress itself used to be perfectly comfortable and I've only seen a decline in personal comfort in the past three or so months.

No longer do I feel a balance between firm in soft. Instead, it feels like someone's driving a screwdriver into my lower back every night. Then again, I also only paid somewhere in the $400 range at the time, so it does equate to a pretty good buy. After all, I had only intended to use it until I could afford to buy a better one, but then I found it to have the perfect balance of firmness and softness, so I ended up keeping it for a few years.

For the price that you pay and for as long as it stays in good shape, the mattress is a five star mattress, and something that I would consider buying again if I happened to be in a bind and were unable to purchase a higher quality one. For what you pay for, this bed racks up a solid four out of five stars. Everything said, this thing does beat the last bed slept in. Dorm beds just do nothing for the back.

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