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How To Get Rid Of An Old Mattress

Wondering how to get rid of an old mattress you need to dispose of? Many people just leave their old mattresses outside their home or in some alley.

What they don't know is that an old mattress can contribute to an ecological disaster if it is not properly disposed of.

An old mattress is not something you can simply store away in the attic because of its size and bulk.

But when you send it to the landfill, even the folks there find them exceptionally difficult to handle.

Mattress disposal can be difficult because mattresses do not compress easily.

In some instances, the coil springs of innerspring mattresses even cause problems with the landfill equipment.

Due to this, mattresses are considered as a special type of waste, which is costlier to handle.

So what's the safe and eco-friendly way to dispose of an old mattress?

Three Ways To Dispose Of An Old Mattress

1) Donate to charity

Your first option should be to donate the mattress, although this would depend on the condition of the mattress.

If your bed has become uncomfortable for you but it is still usable and the structure is still fairly intact, a lot of charities and donation agencies would love to have your old mattress instead of sending it to the landfill.

In fact, some of them can even pick it up from your home. If you want, you can even send it to mattress cleaners or conditioners who can sterilize it, remove any stains and refurbish it to make it look and feel more presentable when donated.

The best part is that, you're actually giving someone else something soft to sleep on.

2) Give it to your furniture store

A lot of local furniture shops also offer to take old mattresses off your hands if the consumer buys a new mattress from them. However, these furniture shops might simply send the mattress to the landfill.

So before you surrender an old mattress to a furniture shop, ask around. If that's what they do, then the following way of getting rid of an old mattress is definitely safer for the environment and will give you more peace of mind.

3) Recycle it

Mattresses are designed to last for a long time, but wear and tear does make them eventually unusable. If your mattress is already well worn out and you can't donate it anymore, you still have one option: to recycle.

Yes, there are mattress recycling systems that can reuse about 90% of mattresses and even the box spring system. Usually, mattresses consist of steel, foam, cotton, cloth, and wood. The cloth and cotton can still be used in clothing manufacture and the foam and box springs are recycled.

The wood usually gets chopped up and used for other purposes. Steel also has pretty good recycling options.

There are not that many mattress recycling centers yet, but there are a few that you can easily contact online, such as DR3 Recycling and MattCanada.

If you don't want to be faced with the same roadblock again, keep two things in mind. First, if you maintain your mattress well, you won't have to get rid of it anytime soon. Second, you can also buy organic mattresses so they are less harmful to the environment.

This could make a huge difference to how comfortable and safe you will be and also contribute to your peace of mind when it comes time to dispose of them.

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