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Hypnos Mattress Reviews

A Hypnos mattress has received the stamp of approval from the Queen of England herself. What better endorsement do you need for a mattress?

However, buying a mattress is a very personal process and what is good for Her Majesty might not be good for you.

It is very important to learn as much as you can about the manufacturer and their line of mattresses before you make your decision.

For starters, Hypnos has been in business for the past one hundred years. They started as a family run business in 1907 and are still a family run business four generations later. Artisans, many who have also been making mattresses for generations, handcraft every single Hypnos mattress.

Hypnos has received the Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth for supplying the royal household with high quality mattresses. The royal warrant has historically been awarded to only a few prestigious manufacturers. Today, Hypnos shares this honor with Aston Martin, Burberry, and Steinway.

Features of Hypnos Beds

Hypnos mattresses are traditional spring coil beds but they take that technology to the next level. Here are some of the features you can expect when you are sleeping on a Hypnos bed:

  • Individually encased pocket springs for additional support
  • Variable height spring system to eliminate partner movement
  • Layers of natural materials like calico, cotton, and lamb's wool to cushion the springs
  • A layer of latex for firm support
  • Hand-crafted woolen tufts to hold all these materials together
  • Outer casing in silk and/or cashmere
  • No flip technology on the springs so you don't have to flip your mattress

Clearly the byword of a Hypnos bed is luxury. They provide both superior mattresses for consumers as well as luxury resorts and spas around the world. Hypnos mattresses can be found in the best hotels from Dubai to Antigua to Moscow.

The consumer Hypnos line is divided by world region. Being a UK-based company, these beds are much more prevalent in England than in Europe or the United States. If you are looking to purchase one online, you'll invariably find it priced in pounds.

Hypnos Mattress Collections

There are five different collections of Hypnos beds offered in the UK and one line offered in America.

In the UK you will find the Regency Collection, the Heritage Collection, the Orthos Support Collection, the Bedstead Mattress Collection, and the Spacesavers Bed Collection. America has the Hampton Court Collection.

The Spacesavers Bed is the most innovative line to come out of Hypnos. It is actually three beds in one. There is a single bed with another trundled underneath it. The second bed can be used as a trundle or raised to make a king sized bed.

The Bedstead Mattress Collection is designed to create mattresses that can fit in any kind of bedstead as long as the slats are less than three inches apart. All other Hypnos mattresses are part of a complete Hypnos bed set.

The Orthos Support Collection is made of traditionally crafted pocket spring mattresses with a higher coil gauge and density to give you a firmer night's sleep. They are paired with wooden divan or box bed supports for an even firmer night's sleep.

The Heritage, Regency, and Hampton Court are all luxurious versions of the traditional Hypnos design. They are made with all natural materials and hand tufted. They use pocket coils and some versions are also certified to be no-flip.

Consumer Reviews of Hypnos Mattresses

If you are thinking about getting a Hypnos mattress, first hear what consumers list as their good points:

  • Handcrafting means it doesn't come with any factory defects
  • Luxurious materials such as damask and cashmere for the cover
  • Little to no disturbance from partner movement
  • Fourth generation family owned company means warranty will be honored
However, US customers have voiced the following complaints:
  • It is difficult to find a place to do in-store testing.
  • Pricing in British pounds artificially inflates the price online.
  • Even the best handcrafted inner spring mattress will not last as long as a high-quality latex or memory foam bed

Hypnos mattresses will run from around five hundred pounds for a single mattress to over two thousand pounds for a king sized mattress. Since the Great Britain pound is one of the strongest worldwide currencies, Americans can expect to pay from one to four thousand dollars for a single mattress, plus the cost of shipping.

Reading our mattress buying guides will help you decide. Think about your pillow and headboard when you choose your mattress, especially if you like to sit up in bed.

You should also think about how susceptible you are to allergies. Mattresses with latex or memory foam layers reduce the change of allergic reactions.

These points are all in addition to bed size, height, and firmness. Do your research. Read as many reviews as you can. Since your bed should last you many years, it is important to take the time to ensure those years are filled with good nights of sleep.

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