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IKEA Futon Mattress Reviews
Why IKEA Futons Are Unique, Well-Respected Choices

An IKEA futon mattress is quite the star. IKEA has always held a recognized position in the world of home furniture including mattresses, sofa beds and futons.

There are IKEA futon mattresses that are worth checking out in case you are searching for a futon.

Many reviews have raved about the futon mattresses offered by IKEA, so they are worth looking into.

IKEA prides itself for its furniture products that are designed in Sweden, so you can trust that their sofa beds and other products are developed carefully and with a lot of thought.

Despite this, however, their products are not shockingly expensive, making IKEA a well trusted brand name when it comes to futon mattresses and other furniture for the practical home.


IKEA was founded back in the 1940s. The story began in southern Sweden. It was established by Ingvar Kamprad, who had a knack for selling just about anything when he was young.

At first, he was selling Christmas tree decorations, pencils, and greeting cards, but soon enough, he turned into a furniture dealer who delved bravely into furniture design. It was in the 60s that the IKEA concept came to life.

In the 80s, IKEA products entered the mainstream in the USA and also became known in Italy, France, and the UK. In the 2000s, IKEA entered the Russian and Japanese markets.

Throughout its history, IKEA blazed a trail with its innovative furniture designs and high quality products. The company maintains a Swedish base to ensure the quality and design of its unique, innovative products.

Designs are influenced by Sweden's fresh and healthy way of life, with the use of colors and space as the focus of the designs. Some furniture and products are also influenced by history in the use of classical styles combined with today's modern and practical trends.

Buying An IKEA Futon Mattress For Your Futon

IKEA futons are especially popular. It seems that IKEA faces a lot of competitors in its other furniture categories, but when it comes to futons, IKEA is one of the most dominant names.

The IKEA futons are affordable and are great options for people who are trying to save money and space in their homes. The futons can be used as beds at night but can be converted into sofas or chairs in the morning.

Although IKEA futons don't come with mattresses, there is a wide collection of futon mattresses that you can buy alongside your IKEA futon.

The Beddinge And Futon Mattresses

IKEA offers the Beddinge futon, which is a very popular futon choice. But to complete the futon, IKEA also offers four different high quality futon mattresses such as the Murbo mattress.

The mattress comes even in a queen size version so you can make the most out of your futon. The mattresses are more firm than soft, so they are recommended for those who prefer sturdier support for the body.

Total mattress composition is 79% cotton and 21% polyester, so your comfort is still paid enough attention to.

These products, like any other, come with some drawbacks, but you simply have to weigh the pros and cons and check if the mattress meets your expectations in the areas that are most important to you.

The Pros

  • Very comfortable even during the first night
  • The cushions used are soft but also very supportive
  • Helps with back problems
  • Stylish European look
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with a non-woven polypropylene quilting with polyester/viscose rayon fiber wadding
  • Comes with fire-retardant liner made of 100% cotton
  • Flexible and easy to bend for easy conversion of your IKEA futon
  • The sofa bed mattress can be washed

The Cons

  • Not ideal for those who prefer softer beds
  • Foam mattresses are made for 1.7 lbs density polyurethane foam, which isn't the most environment friendly foam around
  • Does not come with cover; you'd have to buy a mattress cover separately (IKEA also offers mattress covers)
  • The futon has to be assembled
You will notice that the drawbacks are quite minor compared to all the advantages of the IKEA futon mattresses and the highly credible background of IKEA's name.

Share Your IKEA Futon Mattress Review

Have you slept on an IKEA futon? Please tell us what you think of it!

Your IKEA Futon Reviews

IKEA Beddinge Futon with Murbo Mattress - A Great Piece Of Furniture

by Casey Sahadath
(Toronto, ON. Canada)

I bought an IKEA Beddinge Futon with a Beddinge Murbo mattress. I originally bought this when I switched bedrooms but wanted to keep my new room as a recreational room as well as a place I or a guest could sleep.

The Beddinge futon was a worthwhile buy. It's a steel frame that quickly sets up and equally as quickly converts into a bed. It converts by flipping it up and pressing it, the frame then clicks and flattens into a bed, and when needed it clicks back into a sofa.

The Murbo memory foam futon mattress is firm, which was a welcome change from the soft mattress I have in my bedroom. It comes rolled up and when taken out of the packaging expands immediately into a queen sized mattress. However it comes in two parts which are joined by a zipper. It's a bit of a pain, and I ended up shearing off one of the metal parts that feeds into the zipper. The mattress is comfortable and cost about two hundred bucks.

After setting up the mattress and the actual bed frame there comes the mattress cover. The covers vary in price from fifty to upwards of two hundred dollars, and vary in colour (the more expensive covers hiding the steel legs and lower part of the futons frame). They're quite large to fit over the mattress and are machine wash friendly.

However if you have a small washer you might need to find a friend with a larger one or go to Laundromat. Also when the instructions say do not tumble try, don't tumble dry; the cover will shrink and won't entirely cover the mattress.

Overall the whole Beddinge setup (futon, cover, and mattress) ran me around four hundred and fifty bucks. Some of the stuff was on-sale so I got it for cheaper, but expect to pay more or less depending on when you pick it up (check the as-is section of IKEA, always).

The mattress is pretty comfortable but I find it runs slightly smaller, I have a full queen in my master bedroom and I fit on it just fine however with the IKEA futon mattress I find my feet going over the edge (I'm six foot one). It's a great piece of furniture though, a great bed, and a nice big couch for company.

My Ikea Futon Bed Review

by Dustin
(Nevada City, CA)

I've had my Ikea bed for a few years and I can honestly say without a doubt, it has made sleeping very comfortable for me. The type of mattress I am talking about is an Ikea futon mattress.

I've had many terrible beds in my lifetime and it seemed for a long time that I couldn't find the perfect type of bed that fit for me. Ikea has gotten rave reviews for their furniture, so I decided to check them out for beds specifically.

The first time I tried out the futon, I knew right away that this was very comfortable. The cushions of the futon really supported my back muscles. I have some problems with my back, so this is something I look for when purchasing a bed.

With beds, it seems that sloppy design goes into the box springs and material. Since Ikea designs most of their furniture in Sweden, much thought goes into the design of their products. Not to mention, I also like the look of the futon. It gives off sort of a sleek, European style that I really enjoy.

I am pleased to tell you that once this futon wears out, I will shop at Ikea again for another bed. I have become a long time customer because of this futon. Most of friends and family have had the same types of problems with beds as well. I can easily direct them to purchase a bed or other items at Ikea.

Sleeping is something that is very important and shouldn't be taken lightly. Ikea understands this and really puts it's customers first. Ikea realizes that with good design, comes great products. The fact that futons and beds from Ikea aren't made in China really says something. If you want a good night sleep, I would totally recommend Ikea futons and beds.

I Loved My Ikea Evolution 1 Futon Mattress

by Alida

I absolutely loved my Ikea Evolution 1 futon - at one time in my life. I had a futon all through my mid twenties and that is the way to go if you are like me and have to move around a lot. On top of that, at that time in my life I had just started having lower back problems for what seemed like no reason.

When I tried out a friend's futon and liked it, I tossed my mattress and sprung for one of my own. I don't know if it was because futons are always kind of firm and my mattress had been soft or what happened, but my back slowly began feeling better and I could also drag that futon mattress into the living room to lay on it propped up on its wood frame to comfortably watch movies.

Most nights like those I would end up falling asleep watching movies and the next day being too lazy to drag it back out of the living room, I'd just fold the rest of it up onto the wood frame and that was that. It looked like a little couch. Perfect disguise for a lazy 20 something's place.

However, after a few years, the mattress started seeming like it would lose its shape or like the stuffing on the inside was getting matted down and after I soon started having back problems again. either that or I was just finding that I couldn't get comfortable on the darn thing but I attribute a lot of that to getting older since it was things like suddenly my shoulders would hurt if I slept on my side or my back would hurt if I slept on my stomach.

Or maybe it is just the fact that there is less alcohol involved. Either way, I knew I was coming to terms with having to grow up and get a real bed. So the futon has been retired to the corner as a guest bed or couch.

Consumer Reviews
Read IKEA Futon Reviews written by current IKEA Futon owners. You can share your review or read what others wrote about their IKEA futon.

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