Ikea Jaren Spring Mattress Review

by Stephanie B.

Just this last fall I got a whole new bed set at Ikea in Oakbrook IL, while I was there I found a twin size foam mattress on display that was super comfy. It’s called the Jaren Spring Mattress bought at Ikea, price is around $80.00.

It was super easy to get home, it came all rolled up in a package which was nice because I had a small truck. I thought it was going to be a steal, to find a foam mattress for under a $100.00 I thought I was getting away with a wonderful deal. Well I thought too soon.

The mattress was great I love it; it was like I was sleeping on a cloud for the first couple months. Then when I had the mattress for about 4 months before I started to notice my own body indent marks, so naturally I flipped the mattress over to the other side. It was all good until 10 months passed by and I couldn’t flip the mattress over anymore without getting a spot without any indents.

I don’t weigh at much ether; I weigh about 120, so weight doesn’t have much to do with the poor quality of this mattress. Honestly the mattress was good for about 7 months, now its giving me back pains, and not comfortable anymore.

I would recommend spending a couple hundred dollars and getting something that will last more than 10 months. By the end of those 10 months I felt like I could feel the wooden slots underneath me going into my back.

I do recommend this Ikea mattress for any college kids who are going away and need a easy portable mattress for their bed in their dorm room. Just be aware that anyone who buys this mattress will not get more than a year of use out of it.

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