Ikea Malfors Foam Mattress Review

by Julia S.

I own a Malfors Ikea mattress. It is the only mattress I have found of recent to be comfortable to sleep on and is easy on my back. I like the firmness that this mattress provides me and the texture of the foam. I have been very pleased with this mattress as of yet and my own disliking is taking the cover off for washing as it can be hard to put back on, especially by ones self.

I've only had it for about 6 months now, but I've seen a big difference in my sleep and relief in my back. This mattress seems to be holding up really well, but sometimes I wonder how long the foam will last under weight. I spent close to $250 before taxes on it, and I'd have to say it is work it.

My previous foam mattress cost me around the same and was nowhere near the quality of this one. I have the full size and I find it is perfect for me and my chihuahua companion. If I had to choose between this mattress and other foam mattresses of like or higher quality I feel pretty confident I would go with this model again.

I look forward to coming home to my mattress and sometimes truly regret having to leave it, if my chihuahua could talk he'd tell you just how much he loves this mattress. I have to fight him off of it to get the sheet washed. I give my mattress a high 4 stars. After all this talk about my mattress I need to go join my chihuahua in my luxurious bed.

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Apr 05, 2015
middle firm of firm
by: Anonymous

thanks for your review! do you have a middle firm of firm model?

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