by Bobbi G.
(Philadelphia, PA)

This past spring, my husband and I made the decision to purchase a new mattress, because our mattress had become uncomfortable to sleep on. This would be the third time we were going to purchase a mattress in the twenty years we’ve been together. We thought we knew exactly where to go, and the steep price we’d be paying, but soon we’d get a suggestion to buy at a place we never even contemplated visiting.

The previous mattresses we’ve owned were other well-known brands which we thought we’d buy again this time around, but upon talking to a close friend we were told to check out IKEA. He’d recently bought a mattress at a location about an hour from our home, and he was very pleased with the quality as well as the price he’d paid. Intrigued by this information, my husband and I decided to check it out.

Upon entering the store, we were pleased to find a wide assortment of mattresses. We were set on buying another King, but we were torn between whether to get a memory foam, latex, or spring mattress. With the help of a sales associate named Kyle, we quickly determined a latex mattress might be just the thing to help provide comfort as well as adequate support to both our compromised backs.

Kyle directed us over to the Matrand, Myrbacka, and Morgongava models. In conversation, I asked him if it was true that people with dust allergies benefit from sleeping on latex mattresses. He said he believed that actually was the case, because latex mattresses are available in all-natural and organic options. That information was something I definitely found to be a plus.

While looking over all three models, Kyle told us the only way to be sure which one was the right one for us would be to lay down on each one. We did as Kyle told us, and as soon as our backs hit the Morgongava model we were sold. The material contoured to our bodies while simultaneously providing incredible support. My husband and I ended up unanimously agreeing on a medium firm, king size Morgongava which was reasonably priced at $999.

Its six months later, and I can say without a doubt I’m still thrilled with our purchase. Before buying the Morgongava, I’d wake up every morning with back pain. Since buying the Morgongava, I haven’t woken up one time in pain. I highly recommend this mattress and give it five stars for comfort, quality, and price.

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Aug 04, 2015
Morgangava Mattress
by: Sean

We purchased 2 Ikea Morgangava mattresses. Unfortunately we never got to see how comfortable they are. When we opened them they smelled awful. After a day in a room with the window open they smelled so bad no one could be in the same room with them. They also had a squishy feel to them, not firm like in the store. Like they were wet or the foam never fully finished setting. I do not recommend these mattresses.

On the flip slide we purchased 2 Keetsa mattresses, non foam pillow tops for about the same price and they are wonderful. Comfortable, able to use them the same day. Couldn't be happier.

Aug 08, 2015
Not a rollpack bed
by: Anonymous

The Morongava does not come in a roll pack. So the description noted about the smell and unpacking cannot be accurate.

Sep 11, 2015
Ikea Morgongava King ... It smells
by: Lucy C

After reading reviews and researching natural latex options, my husband and I decided to purchase the Mogongava Ikea mattress.While all mattresses had some negative reviews, most reviews were positive for this mattress. As soon as it was unpacked, the smell was so bad we had to leave the room. We were told that it will take a couple of weeks. We've had to sleep in our guest room while the new mattress airs out. We have the windows open and an overhead fan to circulate the air. We are now 5 days into this. There is some improvement, but not enough that we'd want to sleep on it yet. The odor reminds me of a barn smell. If we don't close that bedroom door , the odor seeps into the rest of the house. I truly hope this goes away, now that we've invested 1000. and 250. for the delivery!

Feb 24, 2016
As for the barn smell
by: Issac

The smell is called wool. Purchased two twin morgongava's for our sons bunk bed. Unpacked from the cardboard and plastic wrap and smelt slight latex but within minutes it was defiantly wool. We also have a wool rug(Stockholm) in the room that had a smell also which eventually went away within a week. Rather smell a natural organic smell then polypropylene and synthetic foams off gassing. I highly rate this mattress and recommend not stressing out about it because there is far worse. As for mattress and pillow protectors look for lyocell(wood pulp)Cotten blends and not polypropylene. Smell, feel and breath better too.

Oct 03, 2016
Best of Both
by: Will

Sounds obvious but I'd never considered that a "comfy" mattress must resolve two issues for side sleeping: Be firm enough to keep spine straight yet soft enough to keep pressure points off hips and shoulders. By adding the optional "Mattress Topper" Ikea pulls this off beautifully and for a tremendous price.
But that's not why I give it 5 stars. Took me a lot of research to understand just how toxic non-latex mattresses are ! The foam off gases, as do the flame retardants as do the glues that bind layers.
This mattress is flame retardant by virtue of a wool covering, has no layers and is 85% natural latex. That said it stunk like hell the first 24 hours!! We both started to get the tell-tale headaches and throat and eye irritation of our chemical sensitivities and thought "Oh no!_ But, We left it outside in the sun for a day and it was fine. Really and truly satisfied for both comfort and non-toxicity - combine that with price and IMO 5 stars....

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Morgongava Is My Mattress

by John MacGougan
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

My search is over. I have been looking for so long now and I have found her. She is solid and firm but also very soft. She welcomes me at night when I'm tired, she holds me in the morning and I have a hard time leaving her. I think of her during the day and can't wait to be with her again. I wont give her a name because that would be just too weird; I finally found a great mattress.

I had an opportunity to sleep on a great mattresses at the Rodd Charlottown Hotel on Prince Edward Island, four years ago. It was so comfortable we actually phoned to ask what kind of mattress it was but could not find out at the time. I searched many a store but without sleeping overnight on a mattress it is hard to judge what kind of sleep one will have.

Well when I moved to North Vancouver I needed a new mattress so the search began. I went to Speep Country, Simmons, Sears, The mattress store, Plasmabed, Mr. Mattress, Essentia. I looked online at Novosbed, and Ikea. After five days of searching, five days of reading reviews and five terrible nights of sleep I choose the Ikea "Morgongava Natural Latex' Mattress, for $999.00.

I choose this one because it seemed comfortable in the store and was Natural latex as opposed to synthetic; that is the sap from the rubber tree as opposed to man made latex and other man made memory foams, with all the "VOC's" Volatile Organic Chemicals. Also the other stores were priced from $1000 up to $5000.00 and higher and many not Natural Latex. So now I just had to wait for it to be delivered as it was too big for my SUV and I certainly did not want to look like a Hill Billy with a queens size mattress drooping over the roof of my Jeep, especially moving to North Vancouver.

So two days ago it arrived and I did not realize how heavy it was, after all this thing is 85% Natural latex and a pure cotton exterior. After wrestling with this mattress I finally got a good location for her in my apartment. The first night's sleep was definitely better but something was missing. I mean, it was comfortable and firm and I had a better nights sleep but still not the "OMG I slept good".

Then I remembered the mattress at the Charlottetown Hotel had a pillow top. So I got a plush one inch Latex memory foam topper and it also protects the mattress. That was it, that was the missing part that created the "Pièce De Résistance". The combination of the Latex Memory foam topper and the natural latex mattress, Wow what a sleep last night.

I awoke at 7:30am this morning but since it was Sunday decided to sleep in a little. Well 3 and one half hours later, 11:00 am I finally awoke and felt great. I did not move my sleeping position, I awoke in basically the same position as when I went to sleep. Also I have more energy and feel fully charged. I finally found my mattress.

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Apr 25, 2016
Like sleeping on a barn floor!
by: Anonymous

The mattress really smells like a horse barn, which we laughed about for the first couple nights, but a week later it still smells bad.
It is a very firm mattress, for my husband who is a back-sleeper, this mattress has let him sleep soundly and he has no more hip pain in the mornings. I like to sleep on my side so I wake up uncomfortable and with pins and needles in my hands and feet.

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IKEA Morgongava

by Dennis
(Ontario Canada )

For some of the other posts objecting to the bad odour from the King Size mattress. We have had ours now for one month now and the smell is truly awful. It smells like the mattress was stored in the cow barn I cleaned growing up. So sad IKEA

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