IKEA Myrbacka Memory Foam Mattress Review

by Angel T.
(Toledo, Ohio)

Eight months ago, my husband and I purchased a queen sized Myrbacka mattress from the IKEA in Canton, Michigan. One of the reasons that we purchased the mattress was that we both suffer from back pain and our previous mattress caused both of us to lose sleep due to increased pain.

The Myrbacka mattress was not our first choice mattress, but we could not afford the mattress that we wanted. The Myrbacka was very affordable and definitely worth the price we paid, which was about $500. The mattress is very durable and comfortable. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate this mattress as a 4.

I like that this mattress does not transfer motion, meaning that when my husband moves, I do not feel it on my side of the bed. I like how the mattress is holding up. It still seems new, where previous mattresses that we have owned definitely showed signs of wear by this point.

Since owning the Myrbacka, I have had a significant decrease in back pain and no longer require some of the pain medication that I previously had to take. I wake up well rested from a full night of restful sleep.

Although the Myrbacka was not my first choice of a mattress I only gave it a 4 on a scale of 1-5. Partly, this is my own fault. We purchased a firm mattress, which I have never used before and I found it too firm for me.

We have added a mattress topper to the mattress to soften it up a little bit. This actually might be ideal because as I mentioned before I do like that I don't feel my husband's movements and this might be because of the firmness of the mattress. I also found that the mattress tended to get really warm and I like to sleep on cooler surfaces. The mattress topper has also resolved this issue as well.

The mattress does seem slightly larger than a standard queen sized box spring. The larger size is nice and we have no difficulty finding sheets that fit, but the mattress does seem to slide a little and we have to adjust it every few days. I am sure if we were to purchase a newer box spring that this issue would be resolved.

Overall I consider the Myrbacka to be a really good purchase and I expect it will last us several years before we need to replace it, which makes it a very economical purchase as well. In the same situation, I would definitely purchase this mattress again and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good mattress at the price point of the Myrbacka.

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