Once You Go Ikea Sultan Hagavik, You Never Go Back

by Kelly R.
(Boston, MA)

My Queen-sized Ikea Sultan Hagavik mattress (purchased at the Ikea in Stoughton, MA) is very comfortable and has held up very well so far - no problems at all. It provides good enough back support for me, but I have no back problems so I don’t know how good it would be for someone who needs more back support. It’s on the softer side, but it still feels like it’s holding you up.

I sleep on both sides, my back, my stomach – it changes with my mood – and this mattress is comfortable all around. Ikea even has a guide for choosing a mattress based on how you sleep, which would be helpful if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for. The only issue I have with it is that is a bit hard to clean, but I imagine that’s true of all mattresses.

My mattress is queen size, comprised mainly of foam and requires no box spring (I use it with an Ikea bed frame with their cheapest wooden slats) and I paid about 200 dollars for it. I would say it has definitely been worth the cost to me. My previous bed was in sorry shape and this was a huge upgrade. My job is 10 hours of physical labor a day and so I needed a mattress that was going to feel good at the end of the day and would help me sleep and this one has definitely met those requirements.

Overall I would rate this mattress a 4.5. I’m sure there are fancier mattresses out there that are way more expensive, but as far as IKEA goes, this is really terrific. Upgrading to this mattress made a huge improvement in my sleeping and I feel like I have more energy since I’m getting more restful sleep. I purchased the mattress about 2 years ago and I haven’t noticed any changes or problems. I have flipped it around a few times so it wears evenly, but there really isn’t a noticeable difference.

I would definitely buy another one of these or something equivalent (Ikea tends to change their stock around on these kind of things) when the time came to replace it. The queen size seems sufficient for my needs but my boyfriend is 6’2 and might petition for getting a king size, but I’d happy buy the same mattress again. I’ve already gotten more than my money’s worth for it. Before buying it, I knew I was going to purchase a mattress from Ikea and so I tried out all of the mattresses they had available on the display floor and this one was a clear choice for me.

In addition to the comfort, it’s not excessively heavy or bulky, so I was able to move it around well and set it up all by myself. Compared to my previous beds this is by far the most comfortable one I have had.

When my boyfriend moved in with me in August, he decided to throw out his (much more expensive) mattress to keep this one in the master bedroom for us since he liked it so much. This mattress is definitely one of the smartest purchases I have made in the last several years.

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Ikea Sultan Hagavik Mattress

by Ramiro
(Millbrae, CA)

I recently bought the queen size Sultan Hagavik Ikea mattress, mostly driven for the good prices compared with other mattresses sold out there, but it was kind of a disappointment.

The mattress is a bit too hard, if I remember correctly I was told by the sales representative this was specially designed for people who sleep on their side, which as opposed to back sleepers, need more of a soft cushion.

After a few nights sleep in my brand new mattress my shoulders were sour and hurting, it was too late to bring the item back to the store, and I didn’t want to go through the pain and suffering of re-ship it back, so I endured the really hard surface of it, eventually getting used to it, but not without a good amount of discomfort.

My wife had pretty much the same problems with it.

After reading a bit about this specific mattress in Ikea's website I've seen that this is classified as "Firm", and boy they were not kidding!!

So it was probably my mistake to not double-check what the Ikea employee was telling me at the floor.

In the positive side, the mattress seems to deal especially good with hot weather.

There was a couple of really hot nights this year, but the mattress felt fresh throughout the night, allowing me to sleep better than I was sleeping before with my old mattress.

I also like the surface, which seem really easy to clean up. The mattress is also reversible, and easy to handle.

I would not recommend it, especially if you are a side sleeper, and you can't stand hard surfaces.

But if you are into form mattresses, and you are looking for a durable, economic alternative, that deals great with hot weather, this may be the mattress you are looking for.

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