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Sultan Hallen Mattress Was Not Bad Just Underwhelming

by Jack E.
(Dothan, AL.)

We owned the Ikea Sultan Hallen mattress for a while; it was a queen sized spring mattress instead of the memory foam type stuff they use in other mattresses. Overall I would give the mattress a rating somewhere around three stars. While this might sound bad, I will say that it's not a "BAD" mattress, but our experience with it was rather underwhelming.

Again, it's a decent mattress, but for the price paid (roughly $350) we would shop around more. It's a very firm mattress, which is good if you're a back sleeper like my wife, but bad if you're a side sleeper like me; it was very hard for me to get comfortable on it, and sometimes it took me a couple of hours before I could fall asleep. I ended up buying a foam egg carton-type pad to put on it, and that largely solved my problem.

The durability of the mattress is very good; it outlasted the original frame; I don't remember what type of frame it was called, but it I thought it was a nightmare to put together. Also, the frame didn't last very long; it was starting to wiggle loose less than a year after we bought it, no matter how much Loc-Tite I used; the screws for the brackets were really too small for what they were used for. We finally tossed the frame, but kept the mattress.

That mattress survived a couple of Permanent Change of Station moves when I was in the Army. It lasted a for three years, but it was in dire need of replacement by the time we got back to Alabama; it was sagging pretty badly in a couple of spots by the time we had replaced it and neither my wife nor I could get comfortable on it anymore; towards the end, you could look at it with the blankets and sheets off and tell who slept where.

We didn't think of it at the time, but we found the warranty card in a box recently and remembered that Ikea mattresses have a pretty good warranty (around 20 years), so this would be a plus, but I wouldn't expect the mattress to last that long (also, we don't have it anymore).

We looked around and it seemed like Ikea has better mattresses than the one we had now, but we ended up getting a different brand because my wife developed a back problem that put a spring mattress out of the equation (and no, it was not due to the Ikea mattress, this is something that is hereditary in her family).

For what it's worth, we also got the kids' mattresses from Ikea and they have stood up well so far; don't remember what style they are offhand, but they are the foam mattresses, not the spring.

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Sultan Hallen Is Quite Comfortable To Sleep On

by Siddharth S.
(Upstate NY)

All my student life, I have slept on sub-standard mattresses. So as soon as I found myself a full-time job, I decided to buy a reliable mattress that would rid me of occasional back pains! I decided to visit IKEA on my friend's recommendation who had previously purchased a mattress from the store and was quite happy with it. I decided to purchase the Sultan Hallen mattress after due consideration.

I find it quite comfortable to sleep on. It isn't too firm nor is it too soft which is the way I like it. I think it provides good back support since my back doesn't hurt anymore like it used to occasionally in the mornings. I think it is just right. The only issue I have is its length. I am quite tall and I couldn't find a mattress that would be suitable for my height.

I bought it 7 months back and I've been using it since then. So far it seems pretty durable. I bought it for 220$ which I think was a fair price. This was a Queen mattress. So far, I like it better than the other mattresses I've previously owned. I would give it 4/5 rating. The IKEA branch I used for the purchase was in New Jersey.

While I write this review, there is something else that comes to my mind. I wish the service at the store was better. I had to wait for a considerable time before a customer rep came to help us. Usually at IKEA, this is not an issue. But on that day, the store was quite crowded as there were quite a few items on sale. But I have no complaints about the rep. He was very cordial and was able to help us decide which mattress would suit us rather quickly.

Considering that this mattress is comfortable, I wouldn't mind continuing to use it till it lasts which I hope is at least 5 years. After that, I want to try using the Tempurpedic mattress. I have heard a lot of things about it - specially being one of the most comfortable ones to sleep on. Maybe that would compare well with my current mattress. The only difference would be in price. My guess is I would be happier with the one I have now since it would be worth its price.

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Sep 27, 2015
Not happy with the bed or service
by: Anonymous

I bought the bed and it was the stupidest thing I ever did the bed is like sleeping on a floor it's so hard . And when I tryed the bed out at the store it was soft and oh yea nice to lay on and when I got it home omg it's been a week I can't sleep so I spend my time trying to find a way to fall asleep and the service is very poor had to wait over a hour to get help then I had to go and find the rest of the frame by my self with no help and I did not no what I was looking for after 4 hours of walking and looking and being lost there was 5 different boxes that I needed to set up the frame . So they need to hire more ppl for that big place and that won't be a place I'll ever shop at again and the bed can go to garbage cause I'm not happy

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Five Stars For Ikea Sultan Hallen

by William

About one year ago I purchased a Sultan Hallen, queen-sized mattress from Ikea. The price was right for me, it was actually a little less expensive than the other options I had been looking at as options. Also, I was really impressed by the 25 year warranty. A warranty of that length of time tells me a company is sure of their product, and also that they respect my business by standing behind their product so strongly.

As with every new mattress I have ever bought it took me about a week to really get used and get a true feel for my new mattress. But, by the end of my first week sleeping on this Sultan Hallen mattress I was very, very impressed and happy with my choice. The support was perfect for me, the mattress seemed to have just the right amount of give and support. I am guessing that is a result of the response-coils in the mattress, they seem designed to lightly cradle your body. I know this may sound corny, but I actually felt a lot more refreshed in the morning after a nights sleep.

As I mentioned I have had this mattress now for about a year and I have experienced no degradation in the support, in fact if anything it is more comfortable now after using it for this amount of time. If I were to rate this product it would get 5 out of 5 stars for me in every category from value and quality to comfort and durability. Great company, great products. If I ever need another mattress after this, you can be sure I will be turning to Ikea to take care of my needs.

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