Sultan Hanestad Is Hands Down The Best Mattress I've Ever Owned

by Ava Jo W.
(Versailles KY)

My husband and I decided on the Sultan Hanestad when we bought a new mattress for our platform bed. The bed (and hence the mattress) is a queen sized. So we have ample room. However, He was having back problems from sitting at a desk all day and I was having problems sleeping with a man who tossed and turned all night.

The Hanestad from Ikea has given him much ease in his back pain and I am sleeping so much more sound without his tossing and turning. The back support is awesome. I'm not sinking into my bed like I did with my old mattress. The mattress is very stable, I can get in and out of bed much more comfortably.

We've had this mattress almost a year now, we are careful to do the routine 3 month switch over and it seems the same as the day we bought it.

I'm not sure if the mattress is stain resistant or not but our 3 year old sleeps with us, and as most 3 years olds do, have the occasional accident, rather it's an over full pull up or a leaky sippy cup. I have a mattress pad but not one of the plastic water resistant pads. However, there are no stains from our daughters occasional upsets.

If I were to compare my Ikea mattress to my old mattress, hands down it is the best mattress I've ever owned. And we gave less for the Ikea than we did our old mattress. This one cost us right at 169.00 while the older, two year old very worn out mattress was close to 300.00

For a new family just starting out and on a tight budget this was an ideal price. I still can't get over the difference in price and how much better the Ikea is holding up.

I would definitely recommend my new mattress to all of my family and friends. I don't know how long this one will last, but it has held up better than my old one which we payed almost twice as much for. At the same age as this one we already knew we were going to have to have a new mattress soon. And we took the precautions with that mattress that we do with this one. When it does come time to replace it we will definitely stay with Ikea, though we may look at different inner springs.

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Nov 30, 2015
Worst mattress ever!
by: Anonymous

The Sultan Hanestad is probably the only thing I ever bought at Ikea that I wholeheartedly hate.

Every single morning I wake up with an aching back, not to mention the dozens of times during the night that I wake up trying to find a comfortable spot on that thing.

The mattress has sagged considerably since I bought it 8 months ago, and if I didn't know better I'd say there is not a single spring in that monstrosity. It feels like the mattress is filled with that rigid foamy substance that you find in old cushions.

Ordered a Simmons Beautyrest today, and yes, it cost me 10 times that of the Sultan, but hey! you spend one third of your life on it, so might as well enjoy it.

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IKEA Sultan Hanestad Mattress

by Victoria M.
(Seattle, Washington)

Value, Comfort, and Great Support Rolled into One! My partner and I own the IKEA Sultan Hanestad, an active-response coil mattress. It is an incredibly comfortable mattress that is firm enough to provide great back support while still being plush enough to not feel like a rock like some other firm mattresses.

I wake up refreshed every morning thanks to the excellent back support the Sultan Hanestad provides. I wake up without back or neck pain and sleep comfortably through the night every night. Because of the active-response feature, when my partner rolls over, I don't feel it at all. He gets up much earlier than I do, but he can roll out of bed without me feeling a thing.

It is definitely on the firmer side as far as mattresses go, but for someone like me that enjoys a firm mattress, it is just right. So far, we have not had any problems with the mattress. We bought it only two weeks ago in early May 2012. Because it is so new, it has held up well. It even held up to being strapped on top of our car, falling off of the car (oops!), and being carried up eight flights of stairs. We fumbled it a few times in transport, but it held up to our abuse like a champ.

It cost $249.00, and it was well worth the price-- in fact, it seems like a steal! We own a Queen because of the size of our apartment, but if we could trade up, we'd go for a King just for the extra space. It is certainly the best mattress I've owned and one of the best I've slept on as well. I have owned mattresses that are close to three times the price of the Sultan Hanestad that gave me back pain or wore down way too quickly.

I would give this mattress a solid five out of five stars. I would definitely buy the same model again. If our budget was a little bigger, we may have considered the Sultan Hogla, another active-response coil IKEA brand mattress that we tried.

My partner and I did a little research before buying our mattress. The most important factors to us were back support, comfort, durability, and spring versus foam. We were on a budget, but we didn't want to sacrifice quality, and we felt that IKEA's selection met our needs. We went to the store to test out our mattress before we bought it because we read that testing was the best way to choose a mattress.

We chose a spring mattress over a memory foam mattress because of the "sinking in" factor of a foam mattress. We felt it was difficult to shift position or roll over on a foam mattress, whereas the spring mattresses we tried had the support and comfort we wanted without sacrificing our mobility.

We felt the Sultan Hanestad provided all the features we wanted at a very good price that fit our budget, so that is how we made our choice. The IKEA Sultan Hanestad exceeds all of our expectations as far as price, comfort, and support, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable firm mattress.

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Nov 05, 2012
Question about the hanestead post
by: Anonymous

Your report was great. Just wondering if you have the mattress on a hard platform, on wood slats, or on a box spring? I just bought a Hanestead. The box spring I bought was broken - discovered at home when took off plastic. Am thinking about getting the "platform" instead when I return the broken item to store. Any thoughts on this?

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Sultan Hanestad Queen Sized Mattress Is By Far The Best!

by Anonymous

I sleep on the Sultan Hanestad Queen sized mattress. It's very comfortable, I can knock out almost after five minutes of resting on it. I simply love it. It provides so much back support! I fall asleep nearly instantly. It's soft for my husband, but the softer it is the better it is. It fits me perfectly. I've had no problems, this mattress is the best!

I bought it about one year ago when I moved in to my new apartment, I've used it ever since and will use it to my death. It looks like it's brand new! I've taken very good care of it. If I recall correctly the mattress costed my around $150. It was very well worth my price, for a mattress of this quality I'd spend $500.

Of the other beds I've owned it outranks them all. This one is by far the best! I would give mine 5 Stars. Of course I would buy the same one again, it's perfect. But I don't think I have to, my mattress is holding up just right. Ikea Sultan Hanestad is the right way to go. I just really love this mattress!

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