Sultan Harestua Review - IKEA Sultan Harestua Mattress

by Andy

I’m a junior in college and I bought a Sultan Harestua mattress from IKEA before moving in as a freshman.

I’m not going to lie, there wasn’t really much enthusiasm on my end in terms of deciding on what mattress to buy.

I just wanted something practical and cheap. The Harestua mattress was attractive, both for the price ($99) that it was offered on as well as its practicality.

It is a spring mattress, so it was definitely comfy, and easy to use. I was worried at first about cramps and backaches, but the mattress served me very well.

I’m about average height, so there was no issue of fitting, and the mattress was roll packed, which made it really convenient and easy to move and install in my loft.

One of the best things that I love about the mattress was that it was reversible and that I could switch to the other side.

I did this primarily because I was afraid that I would wear the mattress out too much by compressing it in the same areas for a continuous number of weeks. I really wanted to get the most bang for my buck! I didn’t really need to worry.

The bed has lasted me for two years now, and there is no issue with wear and tear. It has sagged a little bit over the years but that’s because people keep sitting on it in large numbers when my futon gets taken up.

All in all, I think it was a really good purchase, and considering that I spent my own money on it, I’m really happy that it has lasted me so long, and will probably see me through the rest of my college career.

I know a lot of my friends have bought a IKEA mattresses as well, mostly for the economy of it, but the product is definitely quality and you won’t go wrong getting one of these.

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My IKEA Sultan Harestua Spring Mattress Review - Too Firm, But Good If You're On A Budget

by Paulina
(Ontario, Canada)

I sleep on an Ikea Sultan Harestua spring mattress. I bought it at Ikea about 3 years ago. This mattress was extremely cheap, it was around $100.

Overall the mattress wasn't the most comfortable so the price was fair but if I had to buy another mattress I would spend more this time around to ensure that I get a better quality mattress.

I would not buy this same model again because it ended up giving me back problems. I may try out the more expensive Ikea mattresses but because of this purchase it turns me off of Ikea as a mattress destination.

It is not a comfortable mattress at all, it is too firm, it feels like you're sleeping on the ground. What I do like about this mattress is that is cheap and small. It won't hurt your wallet and you can fit it anywhere and you can even stack a mattress on top of it or put one under if you feel like upgrading.

The main major problem was that it hurt my back. It took a while to feel the pain but it was obvious after a couple of months that the mattress had caused this pain.

The rating I would give this mattress is a 3 out of 5. I give it this rating because it is a very average mattress. There are many better choices for mattress but you can also do worse than this one.

I say that if you're on a budget or moving into a tight condo where all the space you can get is important then this could be a good mattress for you. If you are very concerned about comfort and have the money to spend then I would definitely get a more comfortable and more expensive mattress. In this case the cost spoke for the quality.

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IKEA Sultan Harestua Full-size Mattress Review

by James

I bought a Sultan Harestua full-sized mattress at Ikea as my first mattress. The low price was more important to me than almost any other aspect.

The next most important feature was the size; due to the dimensions of my New York City apartment, I could only fit a full. It is a spring mattress, one of the cheaper options at only 149.00.

It is a medium firmness, which provides a good amount of back support. After two years of owning it, I can feel it wearing out a bit, and the coils seem more prominent than they did previously, meaning it was more comfortable when I first bought it than it is now.

Like other Ikea furniture, it seems to be designed as somewhat disposable - a cheap solution to hold you over until you have more money to buy something better. The mattress cover has held up pretty well, but I can feel a bit of the wear and tear in the way the springs feel.

Along those same lines, I would probably not purchase one of Ikea's cheapest mattress options again, though I would probably purchase one of the slightly more upscale models, because they are still less expensive than other brands.

I have not researched mattresses much, but I do know that mattresses bought at stores that specialize in them are typically multiple hundreds of dollars, and I do not have the budget for something like that yet.

One aspect of the Ikea mattress that I really do like is the easy portability. When transporting it home from Ikea, it was tightly wound and wrapped in plastic, like a rug or carpet. This made it easy to get into the apartment. There are also handles on one side, making it easy to pick up and move if necessary, which is great when you live in New York City and move frequently.

I do wish the mattress had more padding, however. I have a mattress pad on top of it, but it does not help as much as I would like. Ikea also offers a pillow top-type, and I think I would prefer that, even though it costs as much as 100.00 to 200.00 more.

The Ikea website does make it easy to look up exact dimensions and specifics, which is an aspect of their business model that makes planning purchases much easier. They also deliver, which made getting my mattress back to Manhattan from Red Hook, Brooklyn much, much easier.

Some items are not available at every location, so it is good to check and make sure that the location near you has the mattress or piece you want in stock. There are samples available in store to lie on and test as well.

Overall, I would give my Ikea mattress a rating of 3 stars. It was a good value for the price I paid, but I know the quality will not last for a very long time. It was a smart purchase when I made it, but I would not choose it for a permanent solution.

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IKEA Beddinge Lovas Mattress

by Susan
(Asheville, NC)

I have purchased a few of these mattresses over the years and have loved them. We just purchased another and the latest smells terrible. The smell is so strong that a friend with asthma visited and had an acute asthma attack. I have had terrible headaches and no one can come near the thing. We have put it outside to air, tried running an air purifier. No luck. Maybe Ikea changed the fire retardant chemicals they use. It smells more like it was used to mop up a chemical spill. All I know is that the thing is a toxic mess.

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