IKEA Sultan HUGLO Queen Mattress Review - Great Mattress, 5 Stars Out Of 5

by Chris

This review is about my Sultan HUGLO queen mattress bought from IKEA about 2 years ago. We wanted a soft spring mattress that can be directly used with most of the IKEA beds without the needs of a box spring or a mattress pad / protector.

This mattress was exactly that and has been serving us very well for the past 2 years. We bought it from the local IKEA store at well less than 400 dollars.

The mattress is about 1 foot in height and is made from good quality springs that never squeak or fail.

What I like most about this mattress is that it is uniformly stiff or soft all over its length and breadth so that one feels equally comfortable in all the areas of the bed.

Also, as with most other mattresses, it was recommended that we change the side and corners every 6 months.

We have done that may be every 7-8 months but not noticed any particular difference. I assume this was to make the mattress live longer, I hope it will.

The mattress comes with two pre-stitched hooks that can be used to move/handle the mattress at the time of moving etc.

I think this is another great feature. I have never found moving easier. Also the mattress is grey is color and that grey cover, as they claimed, is washable.

So there must be something of a cover beneath the grey top. I like to have the ability to wash the cover, although in the last two years I have not done that.

My partner is a rather sensitive sleeper and needs special attention to make sure that their backache doesn’t return due to uneven/extra soft/un-supportive or wrongly tensioned mattress. This mattress has never failed us.

My partner also likes the fact that the mattress is not all too heavy so that bed sheets can be neatly tucked in and the bed looks much cleaner and neat with everything nice and taut.

Overall for a 370 dollar value and with one year warranty, I think this is a great deal to have at the local IKEA store. If you are buying this mattress, I strongly suggest that you buy it with a suitable bed that has bed slats to support the mattress and not a bed that has box spring and a rather slimmer frame.

Particularly, this mattress is good to support and comfort but to bear the weight, I think a wooden slat type of a bed will do much better. Also if you are using this mattress on and off or in a guest room, make sure to change ends at least once a year even if it is rarely used. It also gives a chance to clean the underside of the bed and will keep your mattress performing well over the years.

While moving we had it covered in a single plastic wrap and placed it directly in the truck. There is no problem with the smells as I think this mattress doesn’t catch much of the smells around for short exposures. Also make sure that you always use mild soap (written in the manual that came with the mattress) if you are washing the grey cover.

Overall, a great mattress! Overall rating 5 stars out of 5.

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May 27, 2016
Great Mattress-Off the Market-WHY?
by: Anonymous

I purchased the SULTAN HUGLO in Phila.PA Aug. 2009
when I was working long hours and multiple shifts. I needed to sleep & recover well. The SULTAN HUGLO gave me the best sleep...which continues now that I am retired almost 7 years later! It sits on an IKEA Sultan Aksdal foundation and Slats
I wonder why great products are taken off the market!

Jun 12, 2017
by: Anonymous

best mattress ever if you don't like to be too hot. Best sleeps ever for me.

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My Ikea Sultan Huglo Mattress

by Kathleen P.
(Portland, OR.)

My mattress is the Ikea Sultan Huglo. I bought it at Ikea almost a year ago. It cost 149 USD, and it was absolutely a good deal.

It's not the best mattress around, but I'm a college student and couldn't afford a super high end mattress. This one is great quality for the price!

Hopefully not! I'm hoping this mattress will last until after I'm graduated, can get a real job and hopefully have enough money to get a fancy memory foam mattress.

The Ikea Huglo is very comfortable! It's not very thick, only like six inches, but it's surprisingly supportive and I sleep very well on it. There's no springs or anything, so there's nothing pokey or uncomfortable, but there's also no give to it.

No jumping on this bed, but it's still comfortable. Sometimes I feel like it's a little thin, but it works very well for me. It's not too soft and not too hard.

There's no problems really, except that I have some dark blue sheets and the sheets have pilled all over the mattress. It's not silky like most mattresses, so the fuzzies from the sheets stick to it, so it's kinda funky on one side. I should get a mattress cover for it for sure, I would recommend putting one on from the beginning if you get this mattress.

Also, like I said before, sometimes it feels a little thin and I feel like I need a mattress topper. Oh, one other thing is that it's really hard to move around because it's floppy! Most mattresses will stand up sort of if you're holding them, but this one is super floppy and is hard to maneuver through doorways and such. 4.5 stars!

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Ikea Sultan Huglo Spring Mattress

by Julius P.
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada )

I sleep on a Sultan Huglo spring mattress that I bought from Ikea. The matress was just over 150 dollars CDN with tax. I have had this matress for about 4 years and I think the matress overall was a good price for the sleep I get on it.

It actually seems a little bit small but other than that it sleeps comfortable. Not that there is anything wrong with this particular matress but if I were to buy a new one now, I think I would invest a bit more money to get a better matress.

I don't necessarily dislike the matress itself but these days there is better advanced technology such as the memory foam or air-beds. I also read at Ikea that the springs inside are designed a certain way to let the air flow better so that it stays fresh. The bed is a Twin size bed, but I think if I were to buy another bed it would be a bit bigger size bed and I am 5 9'.

If I had to rate this matress I would probably give it a 3 out of 5. Even though the matress itself is decently comfortable it is a bit small in size and it needs a bit more padding on the top surface where you sleep on it.

For the same money I spent I would buy the same model but if I had a bit more money then I would move onto investing a bit more to get more. One complaints against this particular matress is that it has started to squeak about 4 months ago in the right upper corner where I lay my head.

Other than the minor annoyance, I do not have any major issues with my matress. I hope my review on the Sultan Huglo has been helpful.

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