Sultan Hultsvik

by Sue

This is a plush pillow top model. It was soft in the store,but when I had it delivered ,it felt like a completely different bed,very firm! Instructions came with the bed that said give it a month for your body to get use to it!. I've never heard of such a thing!! Meanwhile my body from the waist down ,has almost no feeling! And I've got 3weeks to go before I have it a month! I feel like throwing my mattress over the balcony into the woods!

It's 12:00 midnight and I'm sitting on my bed writing this and already my bum is asleep! I can't believe ths company gets away with this ! I wish I had done some research! But I have bought many mattresses during my lifetime and have never had this problem.the beds always felt the same as they did in the showroom. Well, buyer beware! Do not buy a mattress from this store! Just don't take the chance! Oh, and they don't give refunds, you can swap for another 30 day break in mattress ! Loosing sleep!

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Jan 15, 2017
I agree 100%
by: SK

5 star rating for THIS REVIEW PAGE- NOT the mattress!

We bought the Ikea Sultan Hultsvik and it has been HORRIBLE! If you go to facebook IKEA USA (Renton WA) you can read our story and see the pics of this horid thing :( I'm not a suing person, but I fully believe they should be sued for this garbage! If it was $200 I would think different, but this was a big purchase for us and would NEVER suggest an IKEA mattress)

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There's No Mattress I Would Rather Own Than My IKEA Sultan Hultsvik

by Ginger H.
(Atlanta, Georgia)

I purchased the queen sized Sultan Hultsvik when I moved to my new home several months ago. I have had several mattresses that have curved in the middle after being slept on over time. Additionally, I have had mattresses that do not fit sheets well and I find myself constantly having to pull them up. I have not any of these problems with my Sultan Hultsvik mattress. I currently suffer from hip problems. This mattress provides excellent back support – even during my most uncomfortable evenings I feel like I can sleep like a baby.

The mattress is just right for me… It is not too hard or firm and it is not too soft for me to sleep on. The mattress provides just the right amount of support for my low back and my hips during the night – which delivers a restful night of sleep night after night. The bonus of this mattress…after using this mattress for several weeks, my low back pain diminished greatly! My orthopedist was excited to learn about this mattress.

I have had this mattress for 6 months now and purchased it at the Atlanta location. I use this mattress every night and could not think about using another mattress - there is NOTHING that I dislike about this mattress!

As far as durability, the seams are tightly woven and have not been fraying at all. The padding is perfect and there are no signs of wear where I typically sleep. Sultan Hultsvik is soft to the touch and fits my sheets perfectly – no more tugging and pulling in the middle of the night to keep them on. It is most definitely worth the price of the mattress.

My daughter is coming home from college and needs a new mattress. I will be purchasing the same mattress for her, as she has knee problems and suffers from migraines. I think it will be the perfect fit for her – providing just the right support where she needs it.

Overall, I would give my queen sized Sultan Hultsvik a 5 star rating – excellent in the areas of comfort, quality and in price. In my opinion, there are no other mattresses I would rather own. If I need to replace this mattress (say, in about 10 years), I would hope to be able to purchase the same mattress again.

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