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Kingsdown Body System Mattress - Kingsdown Beds Designed To Fit Your Body

After sleeping on a Kingsdown Body System mattress you'll see that good mattresses start from the bottom up.

Most people only think about their mattress when they go out purchase a bed.

However, the makers of Kingsdown beds have taught consumers to look at the entire sleep system before making a purchase.

What You'll Get In a Kingsdown Body System Mattress
The Kingsdown Body System mattress is much more than just a mattress. As the name says, it is an entire body system. It starts with the inner spring foundation piece and moves up into the mattress.

This means that you are getting two pieces of a sleep system instead of just one. Consumers who buy a Kingsdown bed say it makes all the difference.

The Kingsdown Bed Difference

The distinguishing feature of a Kingsdown bed is its softness. People either love or hate this bed depending on their individual sleep preferences.

If you think that sleeping directly on the ground or on a thin mat is comfortable, then the Kingsdown Body System mattress might not be for you.

The philosophy behind a Kingsdown mattress is that you should not feel any pressure points on your body while you sleeping. This translates to an ultra-soft mattress that surrounds you much like a feather bed would.

The BodyDiagnostics system uses a computer to determine exactly which Kingsdown model is the best match for your body shape and sleep preferences.

Consumers say that they do feel a difference when sleeping on a Kingsdown bed. Some people say that they sleep very comfortably on the soft Kingsdown surface.

Other people are even more uncomfortable because they would rather sleep on a firmer surface.

The Construction of Kingsdown Beds

One of the unique features of a Kingsdown Body System mattress is the coil on coil foundation piece. The box spring, or foundation piece, of this sleep system is made with inner spring coils.

This is not something you'll find very often; most foundation pieces are solid.

The Kingsdown bed also has a feature they call Full Body Surround. This essentially means that the mattress has support at every corner of the bed.

They support the edges so that you can sleep all the way to the edge of the bed without it sagging.

The mattress is a combination of inner spring and foam. The Kingsdown foam is called Flexatron.

It is ventilating, non-absorbent, and naturally hypo-allergenic. It is the combination of foam and spring that makes the mattress so soft.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Kingsdown Body System Mattress

In general, if a person likes a soft mattress, they really liked the Kingsdown models. They say that back and joint pain is almost completely relieved.

At the same time, this mattress is less expensive because Kingsdown isn't a household name that spends a lot on advertising.

However, Kingsdown beds can be very heavy and hard to move. They can also be hard to make because they are so large. You may not be able to rotate the mattress on your own.

If you prefer a softer bed, computer customized to your body, then you should consider a Kingsdown Body System mattress.

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