Kingsdown Handley Mattress Is Expensive But Worth It

by Laura J.
(Chapel Hill, NC)

We needed a new mattress, and decided to do research to find the best mattress for our budget. We had never heard of Kingsdown mattresses before so it took a bit of a leap of faith to trust that what we were buying was good quality and would give us a good night’s sleep.

When we looked at the various models our salesperson recommended, it became apparent that we would buy the Handley mattress in king size. We’ve never had a king sized bed so we were excited by the larger bed, but we were also happy to be investing in a mattress that we can potentially use for 15 years or better.

The mattress was not cheap. In fact, used cars could be purchased for what we paid ($10,000), but we felt we were making an investment in our future quality of life. Let me first say that the mattress is very comfortable and provides great back support. The first night of sleeping on the mattress felt like a dream. It’s only gotten better since then.

It's just firm enough, but still plush and delicious! We’ve had our mattress for about 8 months now, and I still can’t believe that we get to sleep in this bed. We’ve had absolutely no problems with the bed, except there was some confusion with the delivery dates. But that’s no mark against the quality of the bed.

There is one thing that I don’t like about the bed, and that’s the way that it actually looks. I do not like the brown sides with the damask. To me it looks very opposite from our contemporary bedroom furnishings. Thank goodness that the mattress protector we purchased covers all of the offending colors up. But seriously, who complains about the color of their mattress? I do.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, don’t hesitate to look into Kingsdown mattresses. While they weren’t on my initial radar (like Sealy or Serta), I found them to be infinitely better than the supposed “luxury” mattresses that other brands were selling.

Yes, it’s an investment, and yes, it’s a lot more than I thought I wanted to spend, but thus far the Handley mattress has been worth every penny. I don’t hesitate to recommend this mattress to anyone who asks, and even let friends and family members lay on the bed when they visit just so they can see how wonderful it is.

Overall, I give the mattress 5 stars on comfort and quality, and 4 stars on value. The price, while worth it, is a turn off for some people and I know that. Which is why I knocked off one star in that category. But if you can swing it, get it. You won’t be sorry!

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