Kingsdown Memory Foam Mattress Is a 10+ for Comfort

by Jackie F.

I bought my Kingsdown Memory foam mattress in the Winter of 2014. I had injuried my back at work and needed surgery. My Dr had suggested a waterbed but even a slight wrinkle in the plastic mattress bothered me.So after speaking to my brother in NY, He told me about one he had bought..I told him I was interested so he made a special trip to bring me my Kingsdown mattress.

After I tested it, I was in Heaven.I have never felt anything so soft and comfortable before.It was perfect. It molded to the shape of my body, no wrinkles like a regular mattress..I have no complaints at all about this mattress..I would recommend this product to anyone.

My brother picked it up for me from Sleepy's in Parkxhester NY. Best investment ever. I paid $ 599 Queen size for mine and I would have paid double if needed..It was way worth it and even today, its still holding up as if I just got it new.

I give this mattress a 5 star and a 10+ for comfort..If for any reason I have to replace this mattress, I will replace it with the same thing. Compared to other mattresses, well to be honest, there cant be any comparison..NEVER!

I really cant brag enough on this brand..You have to try it yourself..Find a retailer near you, go lay on it and I bet you'll come home with one too.I was also amazed that my own Dr owned one and I never mentioned it to him but he told me about it. He now is recommending it to all his patiences who has had any type surgery or difficut in sleeping on the old type mattress and box springs type.

And also its easy to clean too..I wanted to throw that in there for anyone who has children, grandbabies or furbabies who like to sleep in the bed.

Seriously I do recommend you search and test a Kingsdown. You will see just exactly what I am bragging about in my long review. Its wonderful, amazing overall one of the best brands I have even found in 53 years.I will never lay my body on the old mattresses.I am going to by all my daughters one for a gift because they love mine and I have to run them out of it often..

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