Kingsdown Rapture Bed Mattress

by Mel Sharp

A few months ago I decided to upgrade from my twenty one year old double mattress to a brand new king size Still II Rapture mattress. I can say that this rather vast mattress is nothing short of fabulous!

It provides a level of support and comfort I have yet to experience in even the high end hotel models.

The mattress itself seems to wrap around you; for this reason I would highly recommend it for the pillow top. At the same time the mattress is extremely supportive.

I used to wake up with many aches and pains that I finally realized were due to my rather vintage mattress. With the new bed, however, all aches pains have vanished.

Should I, on the rare occasion, have a restless night, my partner never notices. He remains sleeping peacefully beside me, even if I decide to get up, leave the room, and crawl back into bed. He remains blissfully unaware, which could come in handy for the guilty midnight snacker!

When I bought the mattress I was told that the first few nights may be a little uncomfortable due to the typical break in period of a brand new mattress. There was no break in period; not even the slightest indication that this mattress had not belonged to me for awhile.

Long story short, I am so impressed with this mattress that I have a hard time imagining replacing it with anything else on the market. The only recommendation I have is to take the delivery option. It's in the name; it's a huge mattress which is why they nickname it the Rupture! So just leave that part to the delivery men.

The depth of 17 inches also makes finding sheets for it a bit of a chore. But if you are looking to have the best sleep of your life, this is the one. It simply does not get any better than the Rapture.

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Jan 28, 2011
Its on its way!!!
by: Chris

We are having ours delivered tonight. I have been waiting for 3 weeks to take delivery. I can't wait to see how it performs. The 30 minute trial I gave it in the store sadly ended when I got up to leave. It will be ours in a matter of a few hours. I look forward to updating my comments in a couple weeks.
~ C

Apr 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

We are considering spending the $6700 to buy the rapture in a king but I have ready some comments on the kings down mattresses having a hump in the middle and sagging. Have you had this problem with yours? I did not want to leave it in the store.

It was awesome! We have a 14" tempur pedic and have for 7 years. We paid $4000 and from day #1 I have hated that bed so I am a little hesitant to jump into another expensive mattress.

Normally my saying is that you get what you pay for but that was not the case then so I just want to make sure that is the case with the kingsdown. It is also a beautiful bed!

Jan 05, 2012
Kingsdown Mattress
by: Anonymous

We purchased the kingsdown Still and after 8 months it has a hump in the middle and body indentations on either side, I weigh 130 lbs and hubby weighs 220 lbs, very disappointed in the mattress. Bought 1 spring air full size for one son - great mattress no issues and also bought 2 sealys twin size and no issues. The most expensive kingsdown is very uncomfortable with the hump - we'll have to see if we get a warranty replacement, but leary of owning another kingsdown mattress.

Jan 05, 2012
Majestic Dream "Still"
by: Anonymous

I am concerned with the mixed reviews on Kingsdown. Looking to purchase the Majestic Dream "Still", but wondered if the last post is the only one with negative issues?

Jan 06, 2012
After 11 months we still love it.
by: Chris

I started this started this string bak in April 2011. After almost 1 year we absolutely love this bed. I am 210, 6'. My wife is 5' 3' and 12_?... There Is a difference between our sides but we spin the bed or switch sides from time to time. Obviously there is body impressions but nothing to complain about. It will happen wiTh any bed. We are happier with this be than another we have ever had.
I would never paid full price for this bed or any other. There is crazy markups on beds! I only bought the mattress and we have a platform frame. We paid $3400.00 at Mattress Giant.

Jan 09, 2012
Love my rapture
by: Trina

I took my husband in to the mattress giant after doing lots of mattress research first and my own comfort testing. We had the tempur pedic with the adjustable base, $5900, and hated it from day #1. The kings down was not a name that's well known so I really needed to find out why. I spent lots of time going to different mattress giants looking for the best price on the rapture. I got a king mattress, box spring, protective cover, and the low profile, because I'm short, very duty steel frame for a grand total of $4100. We've had our bed for 6 months and every night I look forward to a great nights rest. It did take about a month to adjust and if you do sleep in one place there will be an impression. We also turn our mattress. It does make a difference. I would do it every 6 months.

Jan 16, 2012
Kingsdown Celestial Still II Mattress hump
by: Anonymous

We have the Kingsdown Celestial II and after a short while there were body impressions and a noticable hump in the middle. We rotate the mattress every 2 months, I weight 125 lb and my husband weighs 200 lbs. The hump in the middle is so bad that you can not roll from side to side,and feels very hard as you try to roll over it. It is so bad that our children will not sleep in the bed.
When I talked to the store where we purchased it from they said that it would not be warrantied unless the body impressions were more than 1.5 inches. The mattress inspector would not even lie on the bed to determine if materials or springs had shifted. We have had several other mattresses in the family and extended family and have never had a hump in the middle...so we know this is not what they call "normal". Do your research so you don't waste your money, I would recommend avoiding a Kingsdown pillow top mattress.

Feb 15, 2012
The finest mattress I have ever owned
by: Anonymous

I bought a Kingsdown Rapture II from Mattress Giant in early December 2011. I have the king size and soft mattress. I will tell you this is the finest bedding I have ever slept on. I thank my choice in mattresses every morning when I slide out of bed. No more back pain in the mornings, and no more back pain from those extended sleep-in days where I have been in bed for 10 plus hours.

Mar 22, 2012
Kingsdown Bach Duet Mattress
by: Anonymous

We have had our Bach Duet mattress for around 8 months, the mattress felt wonderful in the store, but at home we have not had a night without lower back aches. The middle section of the mattress has a lumbar support, but it feels like it is pushing up and not providing the required support. We have been trying to give the mattress time to break in, but are now considering looking for a new mattress.
We also noticed that there is a hump in the middle. (when either of us has the bed to ourselves we sleep in the middle hoping to eliminate the hump) The bed had been rotated regularly, we are both average weight and height.

Sep 20, 2014
Kingsdown Delmonico
by: Anonymous

Just bought the kingsdown delmonico, worst bed ever!! Like sleeping on a brick! Fighting with the store to take it back! Had it two weeks and can't sleep the night. Wake up every couple hours to take pain medicine, it's awful. Glad we kept our old bed so at least we can sleep on it! A waste of 3 grand!

Feb 18, 2015
Kingsdown Mattress failed after eight months!
by: Diane

We bought a Kingsdown mattress from Sleepys eight months ago and we have a hard hump in the middle and saggy, mushy depressions on each side. If you try to move in the middle, you feel like your sleeping on the side of a hill. It sags so badly, I wake up and have slid off my pillow. This mattress was next to the top of the line, Kingsdown ... and felt the best when we tried it at the store. Just came from Sleepys to see about our warranty. Our warranty involved us calling the 800 number. I must have misunderstood at the store because I thought they were going to send out a "mattress professional!" Instead, they mail you a piece of paper to lay over the mattress and YOU take pictures! Kingsdown mattress company, you should be ashamed of your selves!

Feb 18, 2015
Less than 8 months
by: Diane

I said eight months...........My husband is retired military and he keeps a journal.....it was August 3rd of 2014 we purchased. Kingsdown...every site on the internet is going to know and I'm not threatening, because I believe it's less than a year and Sleepy's should make it right immediately.

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