Kingsdown Rapture Limited EuroTop Plush Mattress, $4600 and Worth Every Penny!

by Eric V.
(Fort Lauderdale)

My mattress is a Kingsdown Rapture Limited Euro Top Plush. I bought it from mattress giant, close to 6 months ago. I paid $4600 for it, and it is worth every penny! It is simply the most comfortable mattress that i have ever laid on!

I feel as it I am laying on a cloud. It is truly magnificent. I would absolutely buy the same model again, and would recommend it to anyone who can afford to buy it.

The surface is made of silk, so it is really soft to the touch. It is made to keep your body perfectly aligned. I tend to suffer from back pain whenever I perform any strenuous tasks. My mattress completely eliminates any back pain that I have had, which I love. It is really soft, but supportive at the same time. It is also very breathable.

Some mattresses that I have owned almost make me sweat, but the kings down stays very cool. It absorbs motion very well, so when my girlfriend moves, or gets out of bed, I don’t wake up. The only thing that I have noticed that is bad about it is it indents a little where you sleep. What I mean by that is it is lower where I sleep then at the foot, because the weight from my body makes it indent.

That is not that big of a deal in my eyes, and I am sure that if I didn’t sleep on the mattress for a week, it would pop back up. And the indent is really small, and is barely noticeable. Other than that I can’t think of any other bad things about this mattress.

It is wonderfully put together, and made from extremely high quality materials. Like I said, this mattress is not for everyone. A lot of people don’t want to spend $4600 on a mattress, and even more people can’t afford to, but if you want to buy a mattress that is extremely high quality and comfortable, I would recommend the kings down in a heartbeat.

I fall sleep almost as soon as I lay down, and I almost never wake up in the middle of the night, unless I have a bad dream, of need to use the water closet. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars, because it is simply the best mattress I have ever experienced.

Everyone who has slept on my mattress agrees that it is absolutely wonderful, and they all tell me that they want one. I feel refreshed in the morning, like I have been asleep for days, and my back feels great. Morning back pain has been a big problem for me, and is, for the most part, why I purchased this mattress. It keeps your body and your spine aligned throughout the night.

Overall, this mattress is a dream, and anyone who has one will love it. I would recommend going to your local mattress store, and just lay on it, and see for yourself just how amazing it is.

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