Kingsdown Sleep To Live 700 Series Mattress

by Debbie
(Freeland, MI, USA)

I went to our local mattress store and tried out all the mattresses, even did their computerized sleep analysis, and I loved the way the Kings Down mattress felt in the store.

I thought we had picked out a good mattress..little did I know I had stumbled into a nightmare!

Within a few weeks the mattress had developed a nice "hole" where I normally sleep and it was becoming difficult to turn over and get comfortable so I called the store and they sent a guy right over.

Then we found out the truth about Kings Down. According to the warranty it is perfectly acceptable for this mattress to have up to a 1 1/2 inch depressiion where you sleep.

Which results in a Real nice hump in the middle. You can't even snuggle without feeling like you are on top of Old Smokey!!!

I now have neck and low back pain and tingling in my fingers, I went to the doctor and the doctor said... buy a new mattress!!!

We had just spent $2,500 on this Kings Down!!! This mattress is not even a year old and it is the most lumpiest thing I have Ever seen.

So now I am sleeping on the couch. Great. Lesson learned: buy a cheap mattress and when it wears out, go buy another...spending alot of money does not work, and this memory foam crap...is not comfortable.

The mattress guy from the store told us...all of the big mattress makers have gone over to it. Now I am...tired and without a good place to sleep. (by the way I weigh 199 lbs)

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Feb 16, 2011
Thanks - Worth a Thousand Words!
by: Anonymous

Was considering buying this. Not Anymore!!!

Oct 10, 2012
they are kidding
by: Anonymous

It sounds like they are Royalty,, I am in Heaven when I go to sleep I am in awe every time i get to lay on it. My Sales person Reginald D at the great Lakes Art Van Knows his stuffm Money well spent

Oct 15, 2012
series 700
by: Anonymous

Too soft you fall into it,can't turn over. wake up with neck and back pain. I feel so bad I can't stand up without holding on to something...I would rater sleep on the floor...

Dec 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

we bought the step below 700 first. within one year, it had the dreaded holes where we slept. The store convinced us to spend additional money on the 700 series. this is as bad or worse. don't waste any money on kings down garbage.

Jun 15, 2013
I hate this mattress!
by: Anonymous

We bought the 700 series and the model was not on a foundation but had a box around it. I was able to sit down comfortably on it. We bought it and they also sold us the adjustable foundation. I had just had ovarian cancer and chemo and was looking forward to this new mattress. When they set it up I could not even get into bed it was so high. None of our bedding fit it because it is so deep. My husband and I both have to make the bed. I am unable to lift the end of the mattress up to tuck anything in. I learned to roll on the bed and pull myself into bed. Now we are both sleeping in a hole and if you turn over you have to stay in the hole. I called Art Van but they always have some excuse and can't take it back. We paid $2700.00 just for the mattress alone. We have bought lots of furniture from Art Van over the years but they won't scam us again! Now we have lots of neck pain and back pain and hip pain. We wish we could talk to the company that makes this mattress and maybe they would try to do right by the people that have had so much trouble with it. I don't even think they should have sold us the adjustable foundation because the thing is so stiff and thick it doesn't even fold
up right at the head or the foot of the bed.

Jan 09, 2014
Dont sit on the sides
by: Jim Heiliger

Purchased this mattress 1/1/10. It is 1/9/14 today. Both sides have been breaking down and now they are so bad you can fall out of bed. Sit on it and it almost goes to the floor. I called Kingsdown C/S and they said they must send a company in to take pictures and fill out the claim form.

Listen to this....if the bed bounces back when you get off then it is FINE...NO ITS NOT...but she said if it bounces back then NOTHING is wrong with the mattress....try sleeping on it you roll over and you fall off !!!!! I will NEVER buy another one. Back hurts and neck as well...very poor mattress.

Sep 21, 2016
Very comfortable, would definitely buy again.
by: Adam H

I've had a series 700 for 4 or so years. Yes it developed a little bit of a divot where I normally sleep, but only about an inch. I bought this after someone ordered it and then canceled their order after it showed up at Art Van in saginaw. Yes, it's a deeper mattress too, so my old and worn out sheets needed an upgrade. But it's a standard deep size mattress. I'm 235 ish lb and got the red firmness, been fantastic for me.

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