Kingsdown Sleep to Live 900 Series Mattress

by Barbara
(Manakin Sabot, VA)

Don't waste your money! We bought this mattress, box springs, and frame in March 2011 for $3100. My husband has the blue and I have the green side.

My side is like sleeping in a loose hammock with my lower back sinking in until I feel like a U. My husband's side sinks toward the head and he sleeps at a 15 degree angle. Also his side leans towards the outer edge and he feels like he is rolling out of bed.

There is a huge ridge down the middle of the bed and no way to meet. We called Sleepys and they sent out an inspector. When he was here he agreed that the mattress was breaking down.

Now Sleepys has called us and said the mattress has to sink 1-1/2 inches without anyone lying on it! It needs to sink another 1/2 inch for them to do anything.

I doubt that we can try to sleep on it any longer to achieve the 1/2 inch. Our backs won't be able to take this torture long enough for that to happen.

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Sep 15, 2011
your frusrations
by: Anonymous

Green is one up from the softest money can buy, blue is mid firm, red is firmer, you were sold the wrong mattress, it is doing what it's supposed to do, it is just not YOUR mattress. That stinks that sleepys wasnt willing to put you into the right bed, before you blame kingsdown, try contacting them directly with your concerns.

Dec 30, 2011
Disappointed with Sleep to Live
by: Anonymous

I bought a 900 Series Kingsdown bed last year. I was able to go into the store and be tested. I tested into a Red mattress and my partner was classified as a Green. We ordered the bed based on the salesman's recommendation. Shortly after receiving the bed my partner complained that it hurt his back. His side of the bed slopes down. I also noticed that there is a hard division down the middle of our bed. The slaesman indicated that there was nothing that he could do to remedy the problem. I am satified with my side but it is a shame that my partner has to suffer after we spent so much money on the bed. I have spoke to people in other stores who said that they would have never placed us in a Red/Green. There seems to be a problem with the beds were you have a firm side and a soft side. I wish that I could get this fixed but instead I am trying to buy a solid Red which means that I will end up spending over $6000 for the mattress and I am the one out not Kingsdown/Sleep to Live.

Feb 27, 2012
Waste of money

Me and my wife had also purchased this bed in February 2011 and 6 months later we are having horrible lower back and hip problems waking up every morning. We have the blue color firmness on both sides as recommended by the machine that tested us. Seems like a lot of negative comments on this bed. I will be making a big stink about this until sleepys or kingsdown corrects this problem. I sleep better on my sofa thsn this bed.

Sep 19, 2012
Horrible experience with this mattress
by: Anonymous

Looks like that there are a lot of negative comments here for that mattress. What is the next step we should do? We could not just stop here. It is a very expensive mattress. Did anyone could share with us finally where we could go to the next step to try to get the money back. Need help here!

Apr 28, 2013
900 series red/blue
by: Anonymous

My husband and I got the red/blue king size mattress in August 2010. My side, the blue started to sag within a few months where it felt as if i was sleeping in a hole. The middle of the bed was firm and straight and felt great on my back but I could not sleep right in the middle bcause i kept rolling onto my side that was now like a ditch.

My husband liked his side. Since kingsdown had a lifetime warranty, we had the bed inspected and there was at least 1 and 1/2 inch dip and it was declared defective. We were given a full credit of the mattress (over$3,000) and replaced the defective mattress with a new one that was delivered today.... Kingsdown sleeping beauty Ariana.

I hope we have better luck with this one! I am tired of painful and uncomfortable sleep each night! But Sleepys was great and stood by the warranty. I just wish I didn't wait so long to replace! I was also told they don't make the 900 series anymore as well. I am not surprised !

Mar 05, 2018
Sleep To Live 9 series
by: Tommy

I have had it for 6 months and it is wonderful. Soft yet supportive. Sleep to live somehow makes a great bed. Mine is red and my wife’s is green. She says she has never slept so good. Way better than our old select air bed. I let my friends try it out when they are there.

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