Kingsdown Sleep To Live My Side Series 8

by Natalie Brott
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Shocking product sold using a proprietary computer selection system called 'sleep to live' which locks you into the kings down brand only to the exclusion of all other brands. The 'my side' warranty is worded so it is impossible to get a refund even if the computer system 'chooses' an entirely unsuitable mattress.

We purchased a kings down costing $6000 plus bedding and it has a hump,a slant and smells. It causes back and neck pain and the warranty is useless. We asked the retailer and the manufacturer what is the definition in the warranty of the term 'major defect's they said they only refund if the mattress has a major defect but they won't tell us!

After five months of arm/back/neck pain,sleepless nights, one replacement,countless emails we are sleeping in our kids beds and can't get our money back as they will not honour the warranty.

We tried to reason with the franchisee, which didn't work, tried to communicate with the franchisor but they will not talk or sisten or inspect the mattress.

The retailer will replace it a third time but thats useless as we will end up with another dud and we will not be bullied by the thuggish franchisor and shifty retailer any further.

They will not honour the warranty as it seems their view is that ..being unsatisfactory for the purpose it is purchased for .ie.a good nights sleep...is not a 'mafor defect'..Who decides what is a major defect...the retailer and properly the computer that sold us the dud in the first place...convenient isn't it!

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Sep 15, 2014
Kingsdown Sleep to live 800 Series Grn/red QN box & mat
by: E.M.

3 years & 3 months and my 120 lb wife has an 8 inch depression on her side. We contacted Sleepy's and they said the warranty is void because we didn't have 5 wooden slats. (The frame is all 1.5 inch angle with a center foot and the box is fine) $4000 for a bed that didn't last 4 years ? Don't get taken like we did.

Aug 07, 2015
Kingsdown sleep to live 800 series mattress
by: Nancy

My husband and I loved our 800 series mattress the first year of ownership. After the first year we started noticing sagging. We've owned this mattress since 2009. Each year after the sagging has become worse. We have to roll up hill to get out of bed.
To add to the positioning complaints, the mattress is very hot in summer. For the price, the mattress is not a good value for us. Very disappointing !!!
The complaint department at Kingdown are sending us a "kit" so we can report our findings and hopefully they can help us. I will follow up with another review at that time.

Feb 20, 2016
Poor quality
by: Anonymous

We too loved our new mattress set for a year or so. We loved that the sides were different firmness for our individual preference so we spent the extra money. It was not worth it. Our mattress sags and it feels like you are stuck in a valley. Our sleep quality is awful and we have found we sleep better when we use our guest bed. I would not recommend this product

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